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I've been having great fun with that palette meme going around Tumblr where you get people to pick a character and a palette number and then have to make some kind of sense out of them. I consider myself quite unadventurous when it comes to colour schemes so being forced to use combinations that I'd usually never consider was quite an adventure, and I rather like the results, even the ones with excessive amounts of retina-searing vivid colours. Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts, I've really enjoyed coming up with these!

#14, prompted by [ profile] wagnetic: Centurion Marcus Aquila and so much fluorescent pink, far more than I'd ever thought I'd draw Channing Tatum in.

#5, prompted by [personal profile] chantefable: Hilarion lounging and smirking as is his wont, who I based a bit on Laurence Fox after seeing [ profile] sineala mention he'd be a good fit.

#16, promted by [ profile] fififolle: Lucius Vorenus, decked out in flowers and in the mood to stab someone party.

#13, prompted by [ profile] kateison: Ariadne - first time I've finished a drawing with her in! Now I can at last say that I've drawn every single main Inception character.

#9, prompted by [ profile] beili: Arthur and what were supposed to be penrose stairs until I realised how difficult they were, so it's just Arthur and stairs.

#8, prompted by [ profile] bauble: My OTP forever, Saito/Carpet.

#11, prompted by [ profile] beili: A younger Eames, going for the popular military background fanon. No, I still don't know how to draw guns, do I?

#1, prompted by [ profile] bauble: For the final one I thought I'd try something different to my usual style(s?). [ profile] bauble introduced me to Shag art and so this is my attempt to draw Robert Fischer waiting in the Sydney airport lounge for his flight in that kind of style. Kind of tricky at first given how wobbly my drawing hand is (I gave up and used shapes for the background), but fun!

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