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Art dump time! Here are a handful of little things from the last month or two that I've drawn for various people's birthdays (and if I've missed yours, I am most sorry! Doing these regularly now has been very enjoyable but also made me paranoid about accidentally offending someone, so you should tell me and I can make it up to you next year). Under the cut: Star Wars, Nolanverse Batman and Inception fanart (NSFW).

For the_little_owl: a Gaulish/(Celtish?) Qui-Gon - a rather drab one considering their love of garish colours, but I wanted his outfit to mimic the Jedi uniform a little.

For pronker: Obi-Wan having a well-deserved drink after another week of successfully not Force-pushing his whiny apprentice off the highest tower in the Jedi Temple. Obviously this drawing is set a few minutes before he gets chatted up by the extremely charming and fit tentacled alien next to him at the bar.

For marourin: TDKR's John Blake, looking tremendously judgemental. He's not impressed with anything you're saying.

For lezzerlee: Arthur in stockings and heels, the little minx. I dearly love all my friends who are interested in such things and thus give me an excuse to draw it over and over again. :D

For citrinesunset: Cobb and Arthur being adorable. Now I have given myself all sorts of Arthur/Cobb feelings, whoops.

For beili: Girl!Eames, Girl!Arthur and a grenade launcher. I love beili's genderswapped art and wanted to see if I could do something similar, but my self-imposed challenge was to make them as similar to how their original selves looked in that "mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling" scene. Turned into a lot of agonising about balancing making them pretty (because as men they're both terribly pretty, so figures they'd be very good-looking women too, no?) and keeping their faces recognisable. You would think that the slender, delicately-boned guy would be easier to draw as female than the one with huge shoulders and stubble, right? Nope. JGL, you have a very difficult face to turn female, and that scowl on your face in this scene is adorable but really not helping.

And finally, a photo study I did last weekend to get me out of my grumpy mood after reading one too many stories where poor Cobb's written as a dim-witted liability and Arthur secretly can't stand him, grumble grumble no shut up you are all wrong. ILU, Cobb, and so does Arthur.

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