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1. Post to LJ more!

2. Write and finish the thesis. Yes, this is the end! My funding runs out around September, so I'd like to submit around then and have the viva before the end of the year. I am approaching this with a mixture of terror about all that writing/the viva and eagerness to have it finished, finally, and then deal with what to do afterwards (I don't know, but it's not going to be fucking academia anymore).

3. Get a bit of fanart done. I'm not expecting to have much time to do a lot because of 2., but I'd like to keep drawing regularly, even if it's just simple things.

On the whole, 2014 wasn't too shabby, and certainly better than the year before it (number of times I cried in the lab toilets = 0! I am successful adult!). Some of the highlights were: having [ profile] bauble come visit and getting to know her while trying not to drive into a loch, and then going to NYC to see her and eating lots of delicious pie, driving up California and Oregon while the rain failed to ruin the scenery, and seeing Cillian Murphy run around on stage clad in nothing but wet white Y-fronts. When I'm on my deathbed I'm going to think of that last one and die with a huge smile on my face.

I saw that Fic Year in Review going around and thought I'd tweak it for fanart, so under the cut, questionsssss:

Looking back, did you draw more art than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Less, I think, but then the year before last was incredibly productive and I couldn't sustain that because of increasing PhD work. I did do quite a lot of smaller, quicker drawings though, and I really enjoyed those.

What's your favourite art of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?

Probably I'm a Mighty Pirate! - I had a terrible time figuring out colours and I think I redrew Arthur at least three times because I couldn't tell whether his head was too big/small for his body, but I love how playful and charming it turned out. I got a very pleasing number of comments on LJ but it didn't get much attention on Tumblr, and is probably one of my least popular Arthur/Eames drawings there (my most popular are simple, uncreative ones I churned out in a few hours, grr), but whatever, I love it.

Did you take any drawing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

Well, I drew a motorcycle and promptly learned that I should never draw any kind of automobile again, ever. I tried my hand at a threesome, which was terrifying because I had to juggle 12 limbs and explicit nudity while trying not to make it look hilarious and cringe-worthy. I am, uh, not so convinced I entirely succeeded. I also tried that Tumblr palette meme, which was in equal parts fun and frustrating, but I think I learned a lot about colours from it, and I think some of the bolder palettes produced some rather lovely results, like the Arthur and Fischer one.

Do you have any fanart goals for the New Year?

Yes! Accept that I'm never going to get Arthur's legs looking right and just finish that fucking Arthur/Eames somnophilia painting already. Then finish Dinoception which I've had as a WIP for almost a year - I've got the characters and the major dinosaurs looking great, I just need to force myself to draw lots of tedious prehistoric flora for the background. And add lots more dead dinosaurs. I'd also really like to return to The Eagle and produce at least one drawing - I'm getting tempted by a daemon!AU idea, but I have to first figure out what daemon suits Esca best (Marcus' is a cow, you cannot change my mind on this). I'm still very much into Inception so I'll probably draw more for that, but I'd like to try other fandoms too - maybe a little bit of Dragon Age (my new favourite thing, but I'm not touching the fandom with a bargepole).

My Best Art of the Year

Paramedic Arthur, because I felt I really challenged myself with this one - I'm usually weak at colours in dark pieces, and while I had a rough guide for the pose (which got changed significantly), the lighting was all entirely made up - and I think it came out lovely and really surprised myself with that. It's not perfect though, there's something wrong with his visible foot that I couldn't work out how to fix, and I don't think I'll ever get JGL's nose right, but the rest of it I'm pretty proud of.

Art Most Under-appreciated by the Universe in My Opinion

I think I got a lot of lovely comments on LJ, but on Tumblr Not Wise to Upset a Wookie got a dismal number of notes, but I think that's more because I don't think I have many people following me for Star Wars.

Most Fun Art

The Bad Bang illustrations for Boink & Oink, which I had to do with my non-dominant hand because it wasn't turning out too awful at first. Lens flare! Terrible photoshop filters! Bacon lube! Even more fun than drawing it was being as wanky and offensive as possible in the comments.

Most Sexy Art

Got to be squirrel/panda fursuits.

Hardest Art to Draw

Escape from Toledo, because I wanted to avoid making it too realistic but that got really hard to control when I got to the faces because ugh, faces - I love other people's stylised faces, but when I try to do that it just looks wrong, so very wrong. I think I spent at least a month just redrawing and weeping over them.

Biggest Surprise

How much of a delight drawing Shag Art Robert Fischer was - a very, very different style for me, and I had a huge amount of fun with the colours, Robert's unimpressed little face, and tying the scene into canon. A few people even asked for prints of it, so I think it was a nice success given it was only supposed to be a quick little palette meme thing.
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