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How the part of my brain responsible for summoning up enthusiasm for drawing works:

Have 2 weeks (mostly) off work, no obligations and weather too miserable to venture outside: should we draw? NO. SLEEPING UNTIL NOON AND DRAGON AGE FOREVER.

Have crazy exhausting flustered two weeks, in the lab at weekends, dealing with a huge experiment and not sleeping terribly well because of it: YES TIME TO DRAW DRAW DRAW DRAW!!!

I am not sure this is the best way to go about things. Anyway, art! I felt a bit rusty after the endless days marathoning Dragon Age (man, this would totally be my new fandom if the fandom weren't so spectacularly wanky), so did another palette meme over on Tumblr. I probably should have had a think about whether I actually liked these colours before going for it because ew, they're not great and the lack of contrast made me rage, but I suppose that makes it a challenge.

Penny Dreadful: Vanessa Ives, Mina Harker. Where is my season 2 and Sir Malcom's hot stern whiskery face and Helen McRory being amazing, I want it nowwww.

The Eagle: younger Esca with the tame otter from the book.

The Dark Knight Rises: John Blake.

Star Wars: Princess Leia.

Inception: Arthur, Eames, Saito, more Arthur.

(stop judging me for these colours, I didn't pick them)

(bigger version than the others because I'm very fond of how this one turned out. And yes, that shirt is far too large and garish to be his own)

And finally, not a palette meme drawing, but a stupid little sketch of my Dragon Age Inquisitor and his hot Tevinter boyfriend (oh, Dorian ♥♥♥) grooming their facial hair. My poor inquisitor gets very insecure when he goes to visit Blackwall and his far superior beard. :(

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