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I saw the post 3 lines from 3 WIPs meme going around and decided it was most unfair that I couldn't play too. So instead of three lines, here are three previews of three WIPs, and hopefully this will encourage me to get off my arse and finish them before there's no-one left in either fandom to make vague polite noises when I finally post them!

Crop of Dinoception.psd, approximately 35% of the whole picture:

Ugh, this feels like it's been unfinished since before Inception was even released. I think when I started it I wasn't quite at the stage where I was skilled enough to draw such a complicated picture, and so it's slowly been put together by opening it up every few months, tutting at all the new mistakes my eye spots, redrawing and shifting things around, and then ignoring it for a couple more months. But I think it's picking up steam now! I'm happy with the poses (the reason they look suspiciously neat compared to everything else is because that's about the 8th sketch you see), I've got some of the forground finished, and now I just have to grit my teeth and draw lots of prehistoric ferns and shit until my fingers drop off. But I will, because fucking I love this idea. Eames is blowing up projection dinosaurs with a rocket launcher and Cobb is pointing angrily!

Crop of Eames naked on a Ferrari.psd, approximately 45% of the whole picture (though let's face it, there's not much in the other 55% that anyone's interested in):


Well, the title's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? This one is fairly recent and hasn't had a huge amount of work done on it besides sorting out the sketch and (just starting to) think about the lighting. I'm probably going overboard with how neat the final sketch is getting (I'm planning on painting this rather than lineart + colour), but given I'm winging it with the light and Eames' upper body I want to be absolutely certain I've got everything in place rather than my usual "oh, I'll figure out the tricky hands and feet when I get to them, let's start painting!" followed shortly by "oh god I don't know what's going on or how toes work" and the accompanying crying.

Full view of Eagle Tearoom Ideas.psd:

So, uh, remember when I mentioned I wanted to work on a film/book fusion quaint tearoom Eagle AU, where Uncle Aquila runs Calleva's local tearoom and serves lovely fish and boiled eggs cups of tea and scones? No, probably not, given that was years and years ago and sometimes I forget I ever had that idea too. The problem with this is similar to the one I had with Dinoception - I have so many ideas for things I want to shove in* and no idea how to structure everything, plus there's the added difficulty of setting it indoors and having even less leeway to fudge perspective. So, uh, this isn't really anything more than a couple of doodles to practice the style I want to do it in, which is uh... yeah, not really like my usual? Stylised art is haaaard.

Obviously the solution to the difficulties I'm having with this Tearoom AU is to go on a tour of all the cafes I can find and gorge myself on afternoon tea. For research.

*Esca and Placidus are getting into an ugly argument over whether it's cream then jam, or jam then cream on one's scones! Sasstica is threatening someone with a wooden spoon! Cottia is not thrilled about being dragged there and made to act ladylike by her aunt! The Seal clan is... well, I'm not sure what to do with them, I'm still mulling over how I get them to look like scary Glaswegians and also like the film characters. Seal-print tracksuits?
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