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Well, I thought I'd be starting this post with a lengthy grumble about how much I hate Tumblr as a place to post my fanart, but then a silly little rare-pair drawing of mine got found by the awesome person who wrote the story that inspired it and it seemed to make them happy, and that made me giddy as anything. So perhaps I will not burn my Tumblr blog to the ground this week.

And then I thought I'd rant about the ridiculous shit that's going on at work with the labsibling, but then I had a drink, bitched to twitter, and spent a few days reassuring myself that a) my supervisor is on my side and b) the twat has only harmed himself and I'm better off not being friends with someone who's capable of such a shitty thing.

So instead you get art, which is so much better than having to listen to me whine, isn't it?

I should have known when I said "I'm totally not getting into Dragon Age fandom" that I was talking rubbish and that's how I officially start getting into every fandom I've ever been in. But I've found a tiny happy Blackwall, Dorian and Sera corner, and I'm happy to sit there and draw ridiculous things like this:

...FFA nonnies may have talked me into this ship, but it's not like I needed much convincing when there's this much magnificent facial hair! Though I can't buy anything happening between the two until Dorian's found copious amounts of soap and wrangled Blackwall into the tub.

And also a cosy Parasaurolophus for Carmarthen, to keep her satisfied until I finish Dinoception.

Talking of which, I am determined to knuckle down and finish that thing tonight, after a year of dithering on it. If I don't have it posted by tomorrow, I give you all permission to beat me, or at least make disapproving clucking noises.
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