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Thesis update: 8.5k words in - it sounds pathetic given that many of you could probably come up with that in a few hours (though I doubt you have to pause in the middle of a sex scene to trawl PubMed and find that paper that supports the rimming in it) but for me that's pretty decent! And they are good words, or will be once I take out the billion unnecessary commas. Introduction is nearly done and in a week or so I can get started on those results chapters I've been dreading. I can't shake the feeling that it's just too easy - surely writing a thesis is supposed to be far more unpleasant than this? Well, suppose there's still plenty more time for that to happen. At some point I am likely to post my "why writing a thesis is like taking a long reluctant poop" essay, but I promise I will warn you all beforehand so you can defriend me and never have to see it (I'm not kidding, I've put a lot of thought into this).

One unexpected side effect of thesis writing: I want to draw ALL the things, though this is actually a good thing because it takes my mind off everything in the evenings. My enthusiasm for anything complex and time-consuming is limited, so I've been churning out simple quick things and posting them to Tumblr as I go along. Here they are...

Victorian!AU Arthur and Eames, which has inspired fic by the amazing [ profile] bauble! She is the best. <3

Yusuf actually hates cats. This has me wanting do draw a series where everyone on the Inception team is having a shitty day and taking it out on their job. Angry moleskin-writing and salad eating! Angry maze-building! Angry moping over a dead wife!

Light Side and Dark Side versions of Bao-Dur. Man, I remember playing this game 10 years ago and having my heart broken by every single character and their tragic and tormented pasts. Time to replay this one, I think.

Portraits of my Dragon Age Inquisition elven Inquisitor:

Blackwall and Sera, sort of inspired by Blackwall's comment about how much food Sera can pack away. My feelings about the friendship between these two, they can be seen from spaaaaaace.

More Blackwall/Dorian because this is a ship I'm not disembarking from any time soon. And the things I'm drawing are just getting sappier and sappier. /o\

...I just really like drawing Blackwall, okay? That magnificent beard, the likelihood that he's pretty hairy in other places, the age and game appearance that implies he's bulky muscle with a bit of lovely squishy padding on top... yeah, just my kind of thing. I also approve of how much his little corner of fandom likes him being all submissive and grovelling, yes I do. This is Blackwall after losing all his clothes to Solas in a card game, because either the Inquisiton doesn't pay anyone enough for them to bet money, or everyone in Skyhold really likes stripping off.

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