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Thank you very much for creating something for me! This is my first taking part in this exchange, and I’m really excited to see what you write or draw. Despite how long this letter ended up becoming (so, so sorry about that) I really am easy to please, and the most important thing is that you have fun doing this. I’m excited at the thought of something for any of the fandoms I’ve requested so please don’t think I’m hoping for some more than others based on the length or number of my prompts, it’s just that some fandoms have more characters or I have more ideas for them.

Everything in this letter is entirely optional and I won’t at all be disappointed if you want to ignore it and go with any ideas of your own - I love surprises and honestly think most people have better imaginations than me. I’ve also included the ships I have in each canon, but please don’t feel like you have to go with them - I absolutely love gen and non-romantic relationships (and character studies too, if you’d prefer to focus only on one character) and I would be every bit as happy with a gen fanwork as I would a shippy one. I also love all the characters in the fandoms I’m requesting, so do feel free to include any of them if you want.

General things I like:

  • Psychological and existential horror, exploration of the darkness within people.

  • Supernatural and mythological creatures! I find zombies, werewolves and vampires a little boring and would prefer to avoid them if possible, but other monsters like shapeshifters, demons, eldritch horrors - all great, and I’m particularly excited by lesser-known monsters from any kind of folklore. Both a canon character as a monster or interacting with one is good.

  • Ghosts, either real or manifestations of guilt - several of my requested characters have blood on their hands, and them being haunted by the people whose deaths they’re responsible for would be brilliant.

  • Curses, particularly “be careful what you wish for” ones.

  • Future fic/art with characters as old people - looking back on their lives, remembering/telling a story from it, dealing with loss of their loved ones.

  • Loyalty, and conversely, betrayal - the kind that’s destroys everything between people. Revenge and manipulation are other themes I really like.

  • Character death is perfectly fine with me.

  • Despite what all the above might make you think, I also really like art/fic that’s more light-hearted, and crack is more than welcome, especially if it’s about something that’s actually quite horrifying, but done in an unsettlingly cheerful or adorable way.

  • First-time sex that isn’t penetrative, and sex that’s awkward or goes slightly wrong but both participants still enjoy it.

Fic likes:

  • Sad, dark, bittersweet, unsettling or ambiguous endings. I like happy/hopeful endings too so do go for that if you want, but thought the others might be more important to state given I’ve requested mostly tricks.

  • Any arrangement of enemies-to-friends-to-lovers-to-enemies

  • A growing sense of unease throughout the story, the creeping feeling that something is not right

  • Epistolary fic! I also tend to prefer third person POV, but I can be won over by first or second person POV if it’s necessary for the story

  • Sex is fine, but I’m more interested in the thoughts and emotions that go on during it rather than the technical details.

Art likes:

  • I’m honestly really easy to please when it comes to art - I love a wide range of art styles (please don’t worry that my own style is what I prefer, I’m insanely jealous of people who draw in vastly different styles to mine) and would be delighted if you wanted to draw something that shows off what you consider your artistic strengths, or just something you really enjoy drawing.

  • Character either as/being transformed into a monster, or characters being haunted, stalked, or seduced by a monster.

  • Interesting clothing, animals and plants

  • Anything rated from G to NSFW R - sex and nudity is fine provided it doesn’t show genitals.

  • Backgrounds, especially ones that tell a story or have little easter eggs (but don’t worry, as this is a low-pressure exchange I’m not at all expecting this!).


  • Mundane AUs, AUs that take the characters out of the canon’s time period (disregard this if you’re going for Inception - I love historical AUs for that).

  • Dialogue-only fic, epithets, excessive or non-canon endearments.

  • Character bashing - I’m good with characters doing terrible things and becoming villains, but not when it’s clear that the author/artist just dislikes them.

  • Non-con (dub-con is perfectly fine), A/B/O, mpreg, sex involving bodily fluids like blood or bodily waste, rimming without some mention of a shower beforehand (sorry, I’ve just spent four years studying faecal bacteria!).

  • Explicit torture, gore, and I’m particularly squeamish about amputation.

Fandoms: Black Sails, Dark Matter - Michelle Paver, Inception, Peaky Blinders, Rome, Star Wars Original Trilogy

Black Sails
Captain Flint, Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

  • Ships: Any shown in canon, but I’m good with sexual tension between pretty much anyone.

  • Captain Flint and all his demons and inner darkness is the highlight of the show for me, and there are so many possible ghosts for him to be tormented by. Future fic or art with him that’s set closer to his Treasure Island fate would also be awesome, as would canon-era fic with foreshadowing about his (possible) eventual ending.

  • Neither the show nor the fandom has near enough Edward Teach to satisfy me, so absolutely anything about him would be amazing! Maybe he’s haunted by the ghost of Charles Vane, or you could explore his time with Vane and their sort-of father/son relationship before they had their falling out. If you’re an artist, you should know that his incredible coat and array of pistols do things to me.

  • There are also so many great opportunities for creepy supernatural things in the Black Sails setting: ghosts of those lost at sea, sirens/mermaids (the wild, dangerous sort), ghost ships, old sailors’ tales, kraken and other deep-sea monsters. I really love the little hints of supernatural elements that canon provides us with, like the vision of Death that Flint sees in S3 and the story Flint tells Miranda in S2 of the man he took his pirate name from, and if you want to stray away from the requested characters and make something focusing on Death or the original Flint, that would definitely work for me.

Dark Matter - Michelle Paver
Gus Balfour, Jack Miller

  • Ships: Gus/Jack

  • Absolutely anything set after the events of the book, with Gus as a ghost haunting Jack – either a vengeful or a benign/imagined one is good, so long as it’s as sad and heartbreaking as the canon. Or you could go for an AU where Jack is the one who drowns (or Gus doesn’t return to Gruhuken in time) and Gus has to live with his guilt and shame.

Arthur, Dom Cobb, Eames, Yusuf

  • Ships: Eames/Yusuf, Arthur/Yusuf, Arthur/Eames/Yusuf, Arthur/Cobb (note: I do ship Arthur/Eames but would prefer to avoid them for this exchange - past Arthur/Eames would be fine though, provided it’s not the focus of the fanwork)

  • Dreamshare offers so many possibilities for people to be trapped in nightmares, whether by accident or by someone else. Does the dreamer know they’re in a nightmare they can’t escape, or are they unaware? Is it obviously a horrible nightmare, or is it a dream that feels normal at first but over time becomes more unsettling and disturbing?

  • Deathfic/art where a character loses themselves in dreams to be with the projection of their dead loved one, to the point that they forget what’s real or choose the dream world over the real one. I also really like the exploration of guilt if something terrible goes wrong with a mark, or the ethical issues of digging around someone’s mind without their consent and discovering their most personal thoughts and secrets.

  • Incubi or other dream-associated monsters would be fantastic, especially if it’s one of the characters who feeds off the others while acting like their friend/lover. For something slightly more light-hearted, Yusuf as a B-movie-ish mad scientist, performing bizarre and possibly unethical experiments on his dream den customers could be fun.

Peaky Blinders
Polly Gray, Lizzie Stark, Esme Shelby

  • Ships: Polly/Lizzie

  • Aunt Polly's religious convictions and apparant belief in spirits (the medium in S2) make her a great character to be haunted by ghosts - her daughter? Inspector Campbell? The numerous men her family has sent to their deaths?

  • One of my favourite things about S3 was how close Polly and Lizzie had become, so fic or art with them being friends would make me incredibly happy, as would them being lovers. If you want to go for a bit more fluff with either of these characters that would be more than fine with me, because I do think they deserve more happiness.

  • Esme and her longing to return to a more nomadic, free life is something I'm frustrated the show doesn't spend enough time on, so anything to do with her would be amazing, and she could be a great excuse to explore Romani folklore and legends.

Marcus Junius Brutus, Lucius Vorenus, TItus Pullo

  • Ships: Vorenus/Pullo

  • Vorenus and Pullo having scary adventures in Egypt with the local monsters or gods or other supernatural things. Or, if you want to set it on Roman soil, Roman mythology would be equally cool.

  • Poor Brutus, I found him such a sympathetic and heartbreaking character - I'd love to see him haunted by the ghost of Caesar, or as a ghost himself, maybe haunting Mark Antony? Or haunting Cicero - I really liked their interactions and Cicero is also one of my favourites.

Star Wars Original Trilogy
Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca

  • Ships: Han/Lando (I do love Han and Leia together though, so I’d prefer something with Han/Lando to be set before the films).

  • Chewie, Han and Lando (or two of them, or just one of them on their own) go off on an adventure together – maybe to a planet with terrifying and monstrous wildlife, or a ghost ship drifting through space, or encountering space monsters like the space slug.

  • For something even darker, an AU where Han doesn’t survive the carbonite freezing and Lando has to live with his guilt, or one where Chewbacca doesn’t survive the escape from Cloud City and Han can’t every fully forgive Lando for that.

  • I also really loved the dark and creepy feel of the Kashyyyk Shadowlands location in the Knights of the Old Republic game so if you’re familiar with that too, something where Chewbacca has to enter them and face Wookiee ghosts, or dangerous forest floor-dwelling creatures would be very cool (and possibly hilarious, given he can be a bit of an baby sometimes).


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