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Firstly, thank you so much for writing/drawing something for me, and I really hope you have a great time doing so! :)

Please treat everything here except the DNWs as entirely optional - I know there is a lot written down, but I absolutely love surprises and ideas that I've not considered myself, so if you've got ideas of your own that you'd rather go with, please do go along with them! I’m excited at the thought of something for any of the fandoms I’ve requested so please don’t think I’m hoping for some more than others based on the length of my prompts, it’s just that some fandoms are fresher in my brain or the setting/characters makes it easier to come up with ideas. And I'm terribly sorry if the fic prompts aren't great, I find them incredibly hard to come up with as I'm more used to thinking up pictures than plots.

I also love gen every bit as much as shipfic/art, so please don't worry if your fanwork for a requested ship is veering towards gen or your gen is getting a bit shippy - I'd be thrilled with absolutely any kind of relationship, romantic or not, for every pairing I've requested.

Comments to this post are screened and anon commenting is on if you have any questions or need clarifications, or you can contact me via the exchange mod. You can also find me on AO3 and Tumblr under the same username if you want to do some stalking. :)

General likes
  • Humour, affectionate teasing, banter, characters that appear uptight/serious having a secret sense of humour.
  • Fic and art that deal with themes of trust, mistakes, regret, redemption, forgiveness, loss and grief and moving on.
  • LOYALTY KINK <3. Between lovers, friends, siblings, everything is good. I love it both when it's mutual and when it's one-sided (or starts off one-sided) due to things like honouring debts. I also really like seeing betrayal (including the kind that destroys everything between people) and its aftermath explored.
  • Both healthy and unhealthy friendships and romantic relationships. Unrequited love.
  • Cultural and class differences, with friends or lovers learning from each other.
  • I really love healthy relationships where both people are "well, I could live without you just fine, but I'm choosing to do so with you" because I find that a million times more romantic than codependency and "I couldn't live without you".
  • Any arrangement of enemies-to-friends-to-lovers-to-enemies, or enemies being forced to work together.
  • Fuckbuddies (also the type who have sex but don't think they even like each other) accidentally developing feelings for each other.
  • Fighting turning into fucking, hatesex.
  • Arguing, joking, or reluctant confessions during sex.
  • Friends that bicker and argue or have ideological differences, but have each others' backs when they're needed.
  • Polyamory and OT3s.
  • Found families, fucked-up families, unlikely friendships.
  • Character death is perfectly fine with me, as are breakups. I'm also very interested in relationships that start off passionate and fiery, but where both participants know that it'll get complicated and messy later and that they're not going to work out long-term.
  • Ghosts, whether manifestations of guilt/grief or real ones. Slight supernatural elements are great.

  • AUs (for fic - for art, please see my Art Likes section), except for canon divergence or "what if?" AUs which are excellent and highly encouraged. Soulmate AUs. Crossovers between any fandoms I haven't asked for.
  • Dialogue-only fic, epithets, excessive or non-canon endearments.
  • Explicit violent noncon - offscreen noncon is fine, dubcon is great, I'm also good with dubcon that's more on the noncon side, I just prefer it when the victim's aroused and humiliated rather than in pain and not enjoying any part of it,
  • A/B/O, mpreg, sex involving bodily fluids like blood or urine, rimming without some mention of a shower beforehand (sorry, I've spent a few years studying faecal bacteria).
  • Explicit torture and gore.
  • Woobification, characters crying publicly, public humiliation.
  • Fic dealing with depression/anxiety/self-harm.
  • Jealousy, possessiveness or codependency treated as part of a healthy relationship (go for it if it's meant to be an obviously unhealthy one though!).
  • Fic where one perfect, well-adjusted character "fixes" a more messed up one.
  • Excessive fluff, sappy spoken declarations of love unless it's really in-character for them to do that.
  • Age regression fic.
  • Non-requested incest.
  • Character bashing.

Fic likes

  • Missing scenes, character studies, canon-divergent and "what if?" AUs, worldbuilding, unreliable narrators... I'm honestly good with absolutely anything you want to go for.
  • Episoltory fic! I'd also be thrilled to receive any kind of non-standard format for fic.
  • I think I tend to prefer third person fic overall, but first or second POV has previously worked very well for me too.
  • Sex and PWPs are great, though I like it more when the sex is more about the thoughts or emotions or motivations of characters rather than just the technical details. As far as kinks go, I like intercrural, hair-pulling, restraints (handcuffs, blindfolds, nothing too fancy), and edging.
  • First-time sex that isn't penetrative, sex that's awkward or goes slightly wrong but both participants still enjoy it or don't mind trying again later.
  • Sad, dark, bittersweet, unsettling or ambiguous endings (happy ones are great too!).
  • I prefer fic to not be extremely one-note, so I like dark or heartbreaking stories to have a glimmer of hope or a bit of humour, and prefer happy, fluffier fic to have something like a touch of bittersweet or some regret thrown in - that kind of thing!
  • Flawed characters who make mistakes, say the wrong thing at the wrong time, have unimpressive qualities, but still try to do good (or what they think is the right thing to do when it's really not). Competent characters who aren't competent at everything. People who've done terrible things that they might consider unforgivable, but still strive for redemption.
  • Unrepentant assholes and morally dubious/grey characters.
  • Stoic, emotionally repressed characters who are useless at verbalising affection but do it through their deeds.

Art likes
  • I'm honestly super easy to please when it comes to art - I love a wide range of styles, especially those that are different to my usual, and I would be delighted if you drew something that shows off what you consider your artistic strengths, or just something you really enjoy drawing.
  • Details, omg I love details so much - particularly things like clothing and hairstyles and jewellery.
  • Quiet, intimate moments between couples or friends where they're allowing themselves to lower their guard and relax around each other, or domestic scenes (especially rumpled, messy-haired, half-awake morning ones).
  • Sex scenes are also great and I particular like ones where one character is fully/mostly clothed, or sex with clothes half on and dishevelled, though I prefer them to be more R rated than NC17.
  • I have a giant, visible-from-space soft spot for art of couples or friends in their old age together, with wrinkles and thinning hair and softened waists, and still being utterly in love with each other. Or you can break my heart and show only one of them make it to old age, I'd love that too. :D
  • Backgrounds are awesome, especially ones that tell a story or have little easter eggs in them, but as this is supposed to be a low-pressure exchange I'm not expecting this at all.
  • Animals of all kinds! Walruses are my favourites, and if you figure out a way to include one of them I will be extremely impressed.
  • I'm more laid-back about AUs when it comes to art - I don't care for things like mundane/punk/hipster AU art, but an AUs that allows characters to get dressed up in awesome costumes are fantastic, so go for that historical/sci-fi/fantasy/etc AU if you want to!

Black Sails

Anne Bonny/Jack Rackham

I love this pairing for the deep loyalty between Jack and Anne, the way they know each other so well, and how physically protective Anne is of Jack. Absolutely anything that explores their shared past would delight me, and I've always liked Vane's story of how he found them both (I'd be very interested in seeing how Anne manages to win over and fit in with the rest of Vane's crew. It would probably involve a bit of stabbing.). Or the both of them dealing with Vane's death, or a quiet moment of peace and comfort after the battle at the end of S3? There's also the potential for a lot of tragedy with the Heartbreaking Upcoming Historical Fact, so go ahead and trample my heart into even tinier pieces if you want! :D For art, I turn into a sappy puddle whenever Jack kisses Anne on the top of her head, and Jack all beaten and bloody and being rescued by Anne is something I could definitely see more of. Or the two of them fighting side-by-side, drinking together, Jack reading to Anne, or just the two of them hanging out together on their ship.

Anne Bonny/Jack Rackham/Max

As if the Anne/Jack loyalty kink wasn't enough, the show then had to go throw in Max and the loyalty Anne develops for her during S2. I love how Max can see things within Anne that Jack doesn't, for all the years he's known her, and that her initial motivations for getting into the relationship aren't crystal clear - how much of it is securing her own place, and how much is genuine affection? It's an unsteady, unequal OT3 where the sex just makes things more difficult, and to be honest I'd rather it be kept that way instead of it being fixed so that everyone is happy and in love. Introspection of anyone's feelings about their alliance or relationship in S2 would be great, as would anyone sharing stories from their past to the other two. I'd also really like to see Max going out to sea with Anne and Jack. Art prompts: the three of them in bed, hanging around the brothel, or celebrating after retrieving the Urca gold.

Edward Teach/Charles Vane

I'll admit it, Charles Vane was never really a character I cared much about. But then Edward Teach turned up in S3 and his past with Vane, with the betrayal backstory and Teach's desire for Vane to be the son he could never have suddenly made Vane a million times more interesting to me. I really like the idea of there being some kind of sexual longing or tension between them too, one-sided or returned, and some slight incestuous feelings because of their sort-of father/son relationship would be delicious (but would prefer to avoid full-on daddy kink). Or something set after S3 and Vane's death, like Teach being haunted by Vane. I really have a thing for Teach's outfit, with all those guns and the beautiful embroidery, so art that includes that would be great.

Edward Teach/Captain Flint

I'd love to see any kind of interaction between these two (hottest pirate captains ever... sorry Rackham) after the events of S3. They're allies now, but does Teach still bear some resentment about Vane's decision to follow Flint, or does part of him blame Flint for Vane's death - it was after all Flint's obsession with the Urca gold that ultimately led to the British taking Nassau. Or they use each other to find comfort - whether you want it to be selfish and uncaring of each other's pleasure or have them finding some sort of connection is up to you, both are good!


Genji Shimada[/ or &]Hanzo Shimada

It's like Hanzo and Genji's backstory was tailor-made just for me and my id - Hanzo's well-earned guilt and shame, his yearning to reclaim his lost honour and find redemption, how Genji eventually forgives him and urges him to be a better man... I was so not expecting to be run over with this many feelings when I got into this game! Although Genji says he's forgiven Hanzo, I imagine Hanzo's self-forgiveness is going to take him a bit longer to reach, and I'm guessing that things between the brothers are going to be awkward at first - Genji's a much different man to the one Hanzo knew 10 years ago, and Hanzo's still got that pride and stubborness (Hanzo, your brother tells you he's forgiven you for killing him and offers you a new path to redemption, and your response is to... aim another arrow at him?). However, I did like how the Reflections comic implied that Hanzo's trying to put his past behind him and start anew (though despite liking the undercut and piercings, I really, really love Hanzo's original adorable greying wings and shameless tit flaunting, so feel free to ignore his new look if you want!), so I definitely see him making an effort around Genji and the other Overwatch members rather than being too standoffish and cold. I would utterly love any art or fic that shows them making some steps towards reconciliation or learning each other anew (with a side of sibling bickering).

If you're up for shipping them, I'm firmly on the side of Genji being the aggressor, and the top if you're going for penetrative sex - I usually really don't care who tops, but I'm unlikely to budge for this one. I really like the idea of Hanzo being thoroughly shamed by his desire for his brother, but completely unable to deny Genji. I'm good with them starting their sexual relationship before Hanzo kills Genji, but I'd be far more interested in seeing them post-Dragons so their relationship is even more messed up - I'm also kind of fond of the idea of Hanzo being slightly repulsed at first by his brother's cyborg body, but doing his utmost to hide it and force himself to get over his discomfort.

Jesse McCree[/ or &] Reinhardt Wilhelm

McCree and Reinhardt certainly have their similarities - they're both charming, well-mannered gentlemen, the cowboy/knight outfits are kind of anachronistic, their opening lines are all about justice... and I think both of them put on a cheery personality despite probably having lost a lot of people they cared about during their Overwatch/Blackwatch years. I'd love to see them catching up post-recall, or relaxing and affectionately teasing each other after a mission. I also ship them, but more in a "really good friends with benefits way" (though feel free to convince me of something else!), and I'd prefer to see any romantic relationship set during the canon era, post-recall - I can see Reinhardt being flattered by McCree's attention but cautious and super-gentlemanly about jumping into bed with him, given their age difference.

Hanzo Shimada & Reinhardt Wilhelm

Okay, so I'm not sure what these two really have in common aside from old-fashioned weapons (er, they could also swap hair grooming tips?), but I really, really love unlikely friendships, and I desperately want Hanzo to have more friends (and Reinhardt seems like the perfect guy to have as a friend - he's so cheerful and supportive, and his interactions with the younger characters like and Lucio are just adorable!). Perhaps Hanzo joins Overwatch and Reinhardt's friendly welcome takes him by surprise and encourages him to open up. Or Reinhardt tries to introduce Hanzo to German beer and Hasslehoff (I'm up for Reinhardt trying in vain to convince anyone of the musical genius of Hasslehoff, don't feel you have to limit it to Hanzo). Art prompts: the two of them drinking beer or sake together, Hanzo perched on Reinhardt's shoulders using him to fire his bow from a height.

Peaky Blinders

Polly Gray[/ or &]Lizzie Stark

The highlight of S3 for me (aside from that shot of Cillian's fantastic arse) was revelation of Polly and Lizzie's close friendship, and I want so, so much more of it. I like how they're sharp, brave and stubborn women, but both have plenty of demons and are prone to foolish, self-sabotaging actions. How does their friendship (or attraction, if you ship them too) develop? For art, things like them sharing a cup of tea or a cigarette or a stiff drink after dealing with the Shelby men would be great, with additional handholding or touching or kissing if you want to go down the romance route.

May Carleton[/ or &]Esme Shelby

Okay, so they only share one scene together, but oh, the potential of this pairing! Their social classes and backgrounds are so very different but they both come across as unsatisfied with their lives, which makes me desperately want to see them find some kind of happiness with each other, or some exploration of their cultural differences. I loved how Esme's standoffishness disappeared the moment May mentioned horses, so art or fic showing them bonding over horses, whether May's thoroughbreds or Esme's ponies, would be utterly amazing.

Tommy Shelby/Alfie Solomons
This ship hits all my enemy/reluctant allies buttons - I definitely don't want anything remotely loving or affectionate between them, but awkward flirting, hatesex, angry sexual tension, dub-con, either Alfie or Tommy using their upper hand to push the other into an uncomfortable sexual scenario just because they want to see if they can... all that is awesome!


Marcus Junius Brutus/Gaius Cassius Longinus

I can't help but be convinced that Cassius is secretly in love with Brutus - all those intense longing looks he gives him! Is it unrequited pining, or does Brutus return his feelings? I'd love to see them in earlier, happier S1/pre-S1 times, or Cassius comforting a guilt-ridden Brutus during their travels in Asia Minor and reassuring him that he did the right thing, or them reuniting in the afterlife.

Marcus Junius Brutus/Marcus Tullius Cicero

I love both these characters so, so much - they're such layered, sympathetic and flawed people, and their friendship/alliance was one of my very favourites in the show. I am all for Cicero and Brutus getting together either during their travels with Pompey or after they've surrendered to Caesar - I'd love to see them dealing with their shared issues of cowardice and abandoning principles. Or you could go for something set later in S2 and write/draw them sending each other letters.

Mark Antony/Lucius Vorenus

I adore this pairing for how despite their personalities being as far apart as possible, there's a lot of respect between them... and chemistry too, but to be fair, Mark Antony has chemistry with everyone and everything within a 10-mile radius. I desperately want more of them getting drunk together or Antony reminding Vorenus who he belongs to, and anything showing either Vorenus' loyalty towards Antony or Vorenus looking highly disapproving of Antony's antics would delight me.

Mark Antony/Marcus Tullius Cicero

I'm a big fan of the idea of Cicero having a huge, highly inappropriate and extremely embarrassing attraction to Antony, which of course he'll deny to his last breath. I'm also good with Antony attempting to make Cicero super uncomfortable by flirting or attempting to fuck him, and is (pleasantly?) surprised to have Cicero turn the tables on him.

Mark Antony/Marcus Junius Brutus

Feel free to have this go to dark, fucked-up, dubconny places, nothing would make me happier than seeing Antony threaten, intimidate or blackmail Brutus into all sorts of humiliating things!

Marcus Junius Brutus/Julius Caesar

The father/son relationship between Brutus and Caesar and their issues of resentment, trust and idealogical differences make this such a delicious, unhealthy pairing for me (plus there's the fact that Caesar was shagging Brutus' mum). Maybe it's guilty, one-sided feelings that Brutus has for Caesar, or more dubcon-ish stuff like Caesar demanding a show of Brutus' loyalty set later on in S1. Because I'm a sucker for guilt, I'd also be very interested in something set during S2 dealing with Brutus' feelings of shame over his part in Caesar's murder - perhaps being haunted by Caesar's ghost?

Star Wars

Mon Mothma/Leia Organa

I accidentally fell aboard this tiny ship when I was assigned it in a previous exchange, and I went from never having given it a thought to having all the feelings about them! I love the idea of Leia and Mon growing closer during their time in the Rebellion and their relationship shifting from mentorship to a deeper friendship and romantic attraction. Or you could go for after Han and Leia part ways - perhaps Leia seeks comfort from Mon and they fall in love, not carefree, giddy, youthful love, but one that brings them both a sort of peace and healing. For art, I'd adore any kind of peaceful, domestic moment between them, or one of them comforting the other. If you like drawing fancy costumes, a celebration where they get more dressed up in ornate gowns and hairstyles would be amazing.

The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia/Olgierd von Everec

Oh Olgierd, you are a terrible, flawed character who has done awful, hurtful things... and I loved you so much, you tragic prick. I saved Olgierd from O'Dimm's contract at the end of the DLC - what about if instead of handing over his sword and wandering off into the sunset, Olgierd decides to stay with Geralt for a while and seek some sort of redemption by fighting by his side and eventually rediscovering his heart (and wow, the official journal entry for Olgierd describes Geralt seeing in Olgierd "a void crying out to be filled" - help the man out with that, Geralt). Alternatively, something darker and dubconish (perhaps Olgierd using one of his wishes to coerce Geralt into sex?) would also work really well for me. If it's art you're doing, I fucking love Olgierd's outfit with its gorgeous patterns and sashes, so absolutely anything that shows it off would make me very happy indeed (Geralt, on the other hand, can be in any state of undress...). Art prompts: the pair of them fighting monsters side-by-side, getting drunk together at an inn, quiet fireside moments.
(note: I totally forgot to nominate Iris von Everec but I love the idea of her with either Geralt, Olgierd, or both of them, so if she interests you too and you want to include her, please do!)


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