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Last one of these things, then I can get back to my usual one-post-every-6-months routine and stop irritating you all. ;)

It took me a while to think of something for this. Here are a handful of photos - not by me, given I was only 5 at the time - from a trip to north India in 1990. I just adore the old look of these film photos, they've got some kind of magic about them that digital doesn't have. Also, you just wouldn't be able to get photos like these anymore; I can't remember exactly what was happening at that time, but I think there was rioting going on and tourists were staying away, hence how uncrowded everything looks.

Photos under here )
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- Get married. Kill off husband, claim his life insurance, go shopping.

- Start part-time masters if I'm allowed (had an interview today, it sounds like it's all okay as long as the postgrad office are happy with my start/finish dates).

- Get published. Comes under hopes, given I really don't have any control over this.

- Eat several times my body weight in hawker stall food on our trip to Singapore (yes, we are leaving two days after the wedding, but it doesn't count as a honeymoon when you're getting on the same flight as your parents).

- Paint more, and do some serious anatomy practice. Especially hands. God, how I hate hands.

- Not buy any more camera equipment until at least December. This starts after today. Look, I was going to buy it by summer anyway, and it's a hundred pounds cheaper than I was expecting to pay.

- Stop feeling guilty about the above purchase.

- Use up those air miles and take a long weekend somewhere in Europe, depending on how finances are after the summer. Make a few trips up back up to Scotland to visit friends. Also, visit London for a weekend and meet up with [ profile] clara_swift!

I woke up today to an interview on the radio with some author - I think he wrote In Praise of Older Women. I didn't catch all of it given I was only half awake, but the part I did get was when he was saying how an intelligent 20-year-old woman may be more attractive than a 50-year old idiot, but she's still nowhere near as impressive as she'll be when she's 50 or 60. I know that opinion isn't shared by many people, but I thought it was really lovely thing to hear. It certainly made me feel so much better about becoming old and wrinkly.
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Or, More Boring Stuff That None Of You Are Interested In Reading. I'd skip this if it wouldn't irritate my obsessive-compulsive streak that insists there mustn't be any gaps.

Monday to Friday - exactly the what I wrote yesterday, except the morning getting-out-of-bed profanities get more and more crass as the week progresses.

Saturday and Sunday - catch up on sleep, clean house (one of the few advantages of living in a tiny pokey flat is getting this done in an hour), do the grocery shopping. Usually we'll go in to the city center to wander around the shops, but I rarely buy anything. We go out for lunch or dinner - while usually I'm very frugal with money, when it comes to good food for under £20 each I don't worry so much about spending (possibly because the sugar daddy usually pays, har har). And one of the things I do love about living in Manchester is that there are so many great Asian restaurants here.

Occasionally we'll take a trip to somewhere old and touristy, or go for a long walk. But I haven't felt the urge to go out lately because of how cold and miserable it's been. I'm looking forward to spring...
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You don't really want to read this, do you? Here's my very, very boring weekday:

08:00 - Wake up to BBC radio 4. Spend the next half hour cursing and whining about having to get out of bed.
08:30 - Get up, get dressed, brush teeth, and force some cereal down. I hate eating this early, but I've learnt the painful way about the importance of fibre in your diet.
09:00 - Try not to fall back asleep on the bus to work.
09:30 - Get into work. Try to remember what the hell I was doing yesterday/the week before.
09.45 - Work! Usually protein purification.
13:00 - Eat something if I've remembered to take lunch in. Steal pregnant PhD student's cream crackers. Wonder how I can persuade the boy to get up early and make me a nice packed lunch.
13:30 - Back to work. Usually spend the afternoon thinking about food. Today it was anchovies. Mmm.
17:30 - Try not to fall asleep on the bus home.
18:00 - A nice cup of tea makes me normal again, then it's time to start dinner
20:00 - Dinner. Tonight is the rest of yesterday's chicken and prawn thai red curry with raita and coconut rice. Yum.
20:30 - Painting/reading/watching TV time.
23:00 - Shower, then bed.

See, told you it was dull.
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Allow me to indulge my geeky side for a moment. These are electron microscopy photos I took in 2008 when I spent a month in the German lab. The first photo is a big pile of group A streptococci, the bacteria I was working with (or rather, working with it's protein), so I have a huge soft spot for this little bug. The second is a string of bugs entering a human epithelial cell through a caveolae - that little hole one of them is disappearing into. The protein I was working on was one of the ones that attach the bacteria to the human cell and then mediates internalisation, so it was really cool to get to see that actually happen.

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Last Day Dream - a very short but moving film about a man's life passing before him.

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This one comes courtesy of [ profile] phurie_dae, who has the nerve to call me a pervert.

The International Jurassic Park Erotic Fan-Fiction Writer's Association

Yes, the dinosaurs get involved in the sex scenes. Not work-safe, unsuprisingly.

Oh alright, here's a more decent one to make up for that. Rasa Malaysia - my favourite food blog. Mostly Chinese and Malaysian recipes, but quite a few from the rest of Asia - and so beautifully presented and photographed. More than 2 minutes at this site and I start drooling over my keyboard.
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Oof. I am so, so tired. I offered to stay in the lab so the project student could keep working (got to be extra useful at the moment as the boss is writing a reference for me) and I ended up staying there two hours after I'd intended to leave. Didn't help that I skipped lunch.

Okay, a recipe. Since I've been eating fish all week, here's a fishy recipe. I love fish, it's so healthy and easy to prepare - I just wish it wasn't so expensive so I could try species other than the cheap ones. I'm so looking forward to going to Singapore in the summer, the seafood there is amazing.

Chinese steamed trout with ginger and spring onions... and pudding )
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I never used to care much about my camera - I had a little point-and-click which I stuck it on auto if I remembered to take it out with me. A year ago my father gave me his DSLR when he bought a newer one and now it's my favourite hobby, aside from painting. I just wish someone had warned me what an expensive hobby it becomes once you become consumed with lens lust! It's worth it though - since taking up photography I've had much more enthusiasm for going out and exploring places nearby at the weekends. At least that's what I'm telling myself to justify buying the ridiculously expensive (but optically gorgeous) 17-55mm later this year. :D

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Hmm. I'm not sure if art really is a talent - it's something I enjoy and even I can admit that I've improved in the 4 years I've been doing it regularly, but I don't know if it's an innate thing. The number of files in my Given Up folder prove that I don't find it that easy.

Looking at that last few completed paintings and what I'm currently working on, I'd say my favourite subjects are determined-looking women in historical dress, men that are either naked or imprisoned (or both), and...

kittens! )
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I spent 10 years in Yorkshire, and I can assure you that there are a lot of ladies there who are just like the air stewardesses. Actually, I'm fairly sure they were all like that. Yup.
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Sappho, by Charles-August Mengin.

Okay, so a Greek poetess about to throw herself into the sea because of unrequited love isn't really a happy piece of art, but I like the bleakness of it and the intense look on her face. And the original is in the Manchester art gallery, which means I get to visit it whenever I want!
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Pfft. I don't cry that easily, I'll have you know. It was suggested that I make one up, but I think this is more fun - Christopher Lee singing about the wonders of alcohol.

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Uh, yeah. Like I'm going to be able to decide on just one. So here's a handful of my favourites - a random selection, because listing all of them would take me the whole weekend.

Not Invincible by [ profile] jane_sehrn_ta - one of my favourite hurt/comfort fics. Sweet, perfect for cold winter nights, and contains bottom!Qui-Gon. :D
Volcano Lover by [ profile] the_little_owl - I don't tend to stray far from Qui/Obi, but I'll make an exception for Count Dooku the Younger and his scientist.

And these two are over at the MA archive so I'm not going to link directly to them:

Lacuna by Nimori - it may feature an ewok, but this is still one of the most haunting and moving stories I've read. Just beautiful.
A Fucking Pirate PWP by Dr Squidlove - because sometimes all you want is minimal plot and plenty of filthy, filthy sex. And pirate hats.
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This is the last non-fiction book I finished reading:

Most of the history books I've been reading lately have been long, dry, serious ones, so this was a nice change. It's a lovely little book that requires very little background knowledge (which is good, because I had none for this era) as while there are a few mentions of things like the Viking raids, it's more about what everyday life was like for people living around the turn of the century than serious history. A very enjoyable read.
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I don't read fiction books as much as I should. I bought this for a long-haul flight because I liked the cover and ended up loving it.

I'm too lazy to write a review, so here's Amazon's )
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After a long dull day at work spent feeling not particularly well, this was what I was looking forward to plonking myself in front of.

My favourite part of the house... my desk. )
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 A bee on a lavender bush I took last summer. The lavender was blowing like crazy in the wind and the lens I used is very slow to focus, but I got lucky.

And two extra animal-related photos )
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I can feel my blood pressure rising just by looking at this picture. What a disgusting, odious, repugnant, smarmy little liar this man is.

Excuse me, I have to go wipe froth off my chin now.
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Oh yes, very happy indeed.


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