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Hurrah, I'm on track to finish this meme... some time around 2025. Here's something I came across at the weekend which amused me. Originally the photo for this prompt was going to be the place down the road that advertises "the best hand job in the North" for a bargain £5 (minds out of the gutter please, it's a carwash), but I'm too lazy to walk all that way just for a photo. Excuse the quality, it was dark and my camera phone isn't spectacular.

P.S. I've almost finished making my Christmas cards and have a few prints left over - if anyone missed the post and wants one, let me know! I'll try to drag my lazy arse to the post office tomorrow and piss off everyone in the queue with all my many overseas ones that will take forever to get weighed and stamped.
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Am back from Budapest and Vienna! Not that I was ever that far away from LJ because I did have some internet access, and good thing too seeing as how productive my beloved little Eagle fandom was last week.

The good: Budapest was gorgeous at night but it was Vienna I really, really loved, even if it did make a mockery of my intended budget. But I was good! I did not buy either the giraffe-skin coat nor the outrageously expensive but delicious-looking chocolate truffles. I got my fill of museums there (maybe not so much art as I would have liked, but Wife is trying to talk me into going to Florence later this year for a long weekend), got to see the Venus of Willendorf, and visited a very lovely little Roman museum where I squealed audibly at all the Mithras carvings.

The not-so-good: My god, the weather. TOO HOT. "No Wife, Istanbul is going to be far too warm this time of year! Let's go somewhere in Europe instead, I'm sure it will be much cooler." Ahahaha. At least the Turks know what air-con is; the B&B in Vienna didn't even have a fan, and lying in a puddle of your own sweat listening to the drunk people on the street below and your neighbours having very loud, very enthusiastic sex, while amusing, isn't that much fun when you find yourself doing it at 3am.

Also, and I blame this on the heat making me only able to think GET INTO SHADE FIND BEER/ICE-CREAM, I lugged the beast of a camera everywhere yet I took exactly 27 photos, none of which I'm particularly proud of, so you are all spared the tedium of my holiday snaps. I think from now on, for city breaks I'm only going to take my smaller and lighter film camera. God, I sound like I'm complaining way too much. It was fun, really!

Oh wait, I lied. Here, to prove I haven't entirely forgotten about this meme, here's another of those 30 photos things. Totally fake tilt-shift photo of the view from Budapest's St. Stephen's Basilica (boring photo? JUST USE PHOTOSHOP), and believe me when I say that after a full day of non-stop walking up hills, climbing a million steps is not the best way to cool down. Nice views of the city though.

P.S. I will spare you all my ranting because I think you may have heard it all before, but I would like to point out my new tag. ARGH.
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What I really wanted for this one was the unwrapped face of the mummy, but you try taking a photo hand-held for 2.5 seconds.

From the Liverpool World Museum, which has quite a nice Egyptian section, and a decent collection of stuff like the kingston brooch, lots of Roman sculpture, and the complete skeleton of an extinct Irish Elk with massive fuck-off antlers. Shame they couldn't put more effort into making the exhibition rooms less grim and poorly designed.
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I took a short wander around Manchester's old northern quarter yesterday and found this huge mural on the side of a old warehouse. I can't find any information online about it, but the front of the warehouse still has the 19th century shop sign (used to be a Fancy Goods store) although it doesn't look as if anyone is taking care of the building now.

Two more photos )
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Oops, I'd nearly forgotten about this meme. Actually, I'd nearly forgotten I owned a camera - this miserable grey winter has suppressed any desire to go out and take photos. I need to construct flash diffuser mark II and take the camera out now the spring flowers have arrived.

No Photoshop trickery, just a conversion to black and white. Can you guess what it is?

Water drops hanging down from a clear plastic lid, lit from below by a light box. The black rings are caused by the reflection of the lens barrel.
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Yes, I'm still pissy with the snow (you know what the worst part was? Half an hour after forking out half the cost of a new ticket to change my flights to February, the trains started working again). Here's ice instead:

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Didn't want to take a photo of my flat for this, because while it is nice and cosy, it's a typical rented flat - magnolia walls, cheap cream carpet, cheapest furniture that Argos sells, few wall hangings so we don't lose the deposit at the end - and not at all how I'd decorate if I had the choice. Here's something home-related instead - what I look forward to after work now that it's dark, cold and miserable outside.

I spent so much time arranging the fairy lights in the background that my hot chocolate nearly went cold.

(the mug was a present from the wife. Isn't he a sweetheart?)
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Because I don't know any children nearby, any attempts to fill this prompt the obvious way would probably end up with me being arrested. So here's one from my Lake District weekend that just about fits it if you squint a little.

While my high school friends and I may now be teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists, weapons engineers and RAF sergeants, the adventures of Rhino the hamster suggest that we haven't entirely grown up yet.

(that's a National Trust Jeep he's driving in the bottom right)

Couple of landscape photos from the weekend )
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Just back from five days in Marrakech spent trying to not be run over by every motorbike, bicycle and donkey in the city. I have hundreds of photos to process and sort, but here's a teaser (nicely fitting into one of those photo prompts) while I'm waiting for the hot water to heat up and finally wash all the dirt and grime off me.

Ben Youssef Medersa:

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I got news that my paper from St. Andrews (okay, I am first author on it but I didn't write a single word, just contributed some data, so I feel a fraud calling it mine but my ego likes it) got accepted by a very good journal. Aw, I feel like a proper little scientist now.

(until I go into the lab tomorrow and realise my work is going nowhere and cry)
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Though if I were to be truthful about how I spent the majority of my day, I'd post screenshots of Historic LOLs and Failbook.
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I had plenty of macro shots to choose from after today's walk with [ profile] inyadreems and [ profile] clara_swift, but this was my favourite. Here's the sky reflected in a water droplet.

Focus stacked from 6 images.
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The wifey is away in the Nordics working for most of the next two weeks (sniff), so I thought I'd cheer myself up with a spot of baking tonight. Mm, hot, moist blueberry muffins. I've already wolfed 4 of these down straight from the oven - muffins are a healthy dinner, yeah?

You know what the best part about the wife being away is? I GET TO EAT ALL 18 OF THEM! :D

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Nicked from [ profile] clara_swift and [ profile] inyadreems. I thought this would be a good way to force myself to take the camera out to local places and be creative.

Details behind the cut )


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