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Hey, remember back when I was doing this Star Wars alphabet challenge? No, me neither.

I've had this half-finished for months and months, and every time I sit down to finish it off I get distracted. But tonight I was all GRR ANGRY about all sorts of things (pretty much all of them silly trivial things that do not deserve anger. Except for the research stuff, because fuck Surface Plasmon Resonance, don't ever try to use it) so the best thing to make me less GRR was something nice and sweet and flowery and happy-making. So yay, more Padmé/Breha! I hope this makes up slightly for me never giving you your hardcore porny birthday drawing, [ profile] swcajolings.

Also, now my WIP list is down to 2, with one of them almost done. I feel much better about this, because I have discovered I get very stressed when I have more than 1 (how do people I know have dozens of fic/art WIPs going on at the same time? I do not understand it), when really I should be stressed about other things. Like the stupid thesis and how I think I have to give my talk in January and oh god, I haven't given a talk in about 3 years. Ha, talking of the thesis, I realised that the draft copy that I emailed my supervisor this week had a section where I'd left notes to myself about things to brush up on for the viva with the heading: YOU SHOULD KNOW ALL THIS SHIT BY NOW, ZOE. Whoops.

Oh sorry, I am rambling. Right. Art. That was what this post was supposed to be about.

W is for... Waking
Padmé/Breha Organa, work-safe

Afternoon nap )
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Here you are, my dearest [ profile] swcajolings! Het and suggestive vegetables - I hope you know that I wouldn't draw this kind of stuff for just anyone, and that there had so better be fic for this.

(okay okay, I'll admit it was actually SO MUCH FUN. Sorry all you Qui/Obi shippers, the awesomeness of this pairing can't be denied)

V is for... Vegetables
Qui-Gon/Tahl, not work-safe

No Tahl no! That carrot is strictly for eating! )

Also, two observations about how I paint that amuse me:

1. Several years ago I thought that the way to paint impressive stuff was to use a million different photoshop layers, download as many fancy custom brushes as your computer can hold, and give yourself RSI trying to make every colour blend beautifully into the next. Now I paint on only two layers, use nothing but the default hard round brush, and am as sloppy as I like. AND IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER. Wow Zoe, that only took you what, 5 years to work out?

2. I collect a whole load of references, use them for the sketch, and then I'm all "yeah whatever, I know what I'm doing now" and ignore them for the hard painting part. I'm not quite sure this is such a good idea as I think it is.
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Ugh. Sick today, but not feeling guilty about skipping work as a) I have hardly anything to do and b) the boss is away. I probably should spend the day getting started on making dissertation notes, but it is far more likely that I will just paint all day and watch the rest of the Rome DVD extras (oh god, Kevin McKidd's Scottish accent - SO CUTE).

Anyway... here's what I spent the morning doing (aside from saying hello again to last night's dinner). I know it looks like I slapped a 2-minute scribble on top of a NASA picture of the day, but the stars were actually made using this tutorial.

U is for... Universe
Tiny!Sith, work-safe

Probably more of a galaxy than universe, but whatever )
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Oh Sith Academy. What fond memories I have of spending my lunch breaks on the library computers with you back in high school when I should have been studying for my A-levels. Here's some fanart of that glorious universe that's probably the most complicated scene I've drawn, but was surprisingly fun and easy to do.

S is for... Sith Academy
Maul/Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon/Sidious, work-safe

Yes Lord Maul, you are indeed hot shit )
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Dear [ profile] mizz_history:



R is for... Rob
Rob (from [ profile] mizz_history's Layers), work-safe

Rob and his sexy, sexy jumper )
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Have some Sunday evening porn! :D

100% kitten-abuse free this time.

Q is for... Quiet
Qui-Gon, not work-safe

Oh Master Jinn, what have you got yourself into? )
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I need to draw Padmé and her pretty outfits more often. I used to dislike her a lot, but lately Natalie Portman's been growing on me.

P is for... Padmé
Padmé/Breha Organa, not work-safe (but barely)

The girls have got to find ways to entertain themselves while both their husbands are busy chasing after General Kenobi and his hot ass. )

Urgh, I always feel disappointed when I try to paint something simply. I think I find big full-blown paintings easier than line art with basic colouring, for some weird reason.
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So from one Roman to another. This was meant to be of [ profile] the_little_owl's young Roman nobleman Obianus, but I got excited looking through my stash of Roman uniform images and turned him into an older, battle-weary Centurion instead. An AU of an AU I suppose, but I'm still keeping the name.

O is for... Obianus
Obianus (an ancient Roman Obi-Wan), work-safe

Feathery Roman helmets are awesome )
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I'm rewatching the first season of Rome again for the dozenth time. Will I ever cease to be amazed by how fucking brilliant it is? No, not when it provides me with full frontal James Purefoy nudity goodness.

N is for... Niobe's Fate

Niobe (Rome), work-safe

Ugh, Indira Varma is sickeningly beautiful. I'm the same Indian/European mix as she is, so why am I not tall with stunning features and getting paid to film sex scenes with a naked Kevin McKidd? NOT FAIR. )
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Yay, halfway through the alphabet! I'm taking a break from the Star Wars universe for the next couple of letters, starting with:

M is for... Morgana

Morgana (Merlin), work-safe

Morgana goes on one of her up-to-no-good midnight jaunts )
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Okay, so remember this bit in Return of the Jedi?

Your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Especially for... sister! So. You have a twin sister. Your feelings have now betrayed her too. Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from me. Now his failure is complete. If you will not turn to the dark side, then perhaps she will.

L is for... Leia
Leia, Darth Vader, work-safe

Daddy's little girl )
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I know I'll probably be lynched by an angry mob of Qui/Obi OTPers for this, but I should point out that in the interest of fairness [ profile] swcajolings deserves to be strung up beside me for converting me to the idea of these two being an adorable old hippie couple.

K is for... Kiss
Qui-Gon/Tahl, work-safe

Holy crap I think this is the first time I've ever drawn het )
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I really wanted to draw a Twi'lek, but not quite enough to give up my T is for Tentacles prompt. Thank goodness for Hutts and their perverse kinks. Talking of which, I was looking up reference images of Jabba and came across a drawing of slave Leia giving Salacious Crumb a blowjob. It's comforting to know that even the most depraved piece of art I'm capable of creating will still look innocent in comparison to most things on the internet.

I also found this while looking for Hutts. I WANT IT.

J is for... Jabba's Dancing Girl
Twi'lek, work-safe

Or, the Rancor's afternoon snack )
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Title changed from what I was originally given, because I was a moron and didn't realise until it was finished that Iron and Indigo was not the title of Tem's zine, but a different story (despite having the zine right next to me the entire time).

I is for... Indigo Warrior
Jin (from [ profile] temve's samurai epic The Indigo Warrior), work-safe

Come laugh at my attempt at a fake Japanese painting )
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I told you you'd like what H was for, [ profile] mizz_history. ;) Consider this a thank you for the chocolate!

I'm rather puzzled at the uncharacteristically fast pace I'm churning these out. Next week I'm off to Marrakech for a handful of days and a weekend in the Lake District follows that, so you'll get a respite from my art for a few weeks.

H is for... Hero

Padraig/Lachlan (from [ profile] mizz_history's Bleak Aspect), work-safe.

I think I need to devote the next dozen letters to making up for the damsel-in-distress look I've given this by drawing Ewan doing manly things like drinking beer, cooking barbecues and rescuing kittens.

Artistic liberties may have been taken with the costumes. And by that I mean I'm too lazy to do research and figured screencaps from Rob Roy would suffice. )
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Scribbled out this monstrosity in a hour tonight, and completely missed Have I Got News For You. Argh.

This one's for [ profile] bant, even though I think Qui-Gon/Jar Jar is the only OTP. ;)

G is for... Gungan
Jar Jar/?, work-safe? Uh, maybe, maybe not.

Qui-Gon arrives home earlier than expected... )
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There, I drew penises. Still don't like them. I was cringing all the way through drawing this, and it took several attempts to get them the right way around. Scrotums are evil, too.

F is for... Frottage
Obi-Wan/Quinlan, not work-safe

I'm amused by how aloof Obi-Wan looks. You're fooling no-one, Master Kenobi. We can all see you're enjoying it. )
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So this was originally meant to be Ewan in ecstasy, but halfway through I realised it would end up being RPS. RPS squicks me. So I slapped on a few extra details and voila, successful nabbing of someone else's characters. ;)

I'm sure I've done a piece with the same title. This one suffers from the same problem too - the subjects don't look very enthusiastic about what they're doing. I can't draw orgasmic faces!

E is for... Ecstasy
Rob/Michael (from [ profile] mizz_history's Layers), not work-safe.

I'm inching my way slowly towards drawing smut. )
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I'm going to risk sounding conceited and say that I think this is the best thing I've produced so far. The composition and perspective of the background isn't quite perfect, but I think the rest of it will make up for that.

D is for... Ducard
Henri Ducard (Batman Begins), work-safe

Henri, flowers, candles and rope. Sounds like he and Bruce have a romantic evening ahead )

I'm tempted to skip to S and try out my silly little idea for that. OCD-Zoe says shut up, keep them in order, and go draw Ewan getting sucked off or something.


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