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Look at all the awesome things I got in my fandom stocking! I had so much fun with it and will totally be doing it next year (when I will hopefully have more time to stuff all the stockings that catch my eye and not just the ones of people I know). Everything I got was brilliant and having to wait all day to get home from the lab and read them was torture, but look at the amazing fic people wrote for me!
  • [ profile] sineala wrote In the Hands of the Painted People, a canon-era AU where the Romans have developed dreamshare technology and Placidus uses it to extract information about the Seal People from Dergdian/Seal Prince, and oh my god EAGLE/INCEPTION FUSION. :D :D :D And it works so well!
  • [ profile] StripySock wrote Spring Is Icumen In, a gorgeous, slightly melancholic fic about Uncle Aquila and I love it to bits - I adore stories about older characters looking back on their lives, and everyone should read this because it's beautiful.
  • [ profile] carmarthen wrote A Jest for the Gods, a Frontier Wolf fic about Connla's jealousy of Cunorix over Alexios (YAY CUNORIX AND CONNLA) and An Unexpected Gift, an alternate ending to the awesome dinosaur AU Beyond the Mists, in which Marcus brings back a souvenier from his trip to the land of dinosaurs and Uncle Aquila is Not Impressed... or is he? I am never going to not find the image of Uncle Aquila and a little plesiosaur utterly charming.
  • [ profile] seascribe wrote Spreading Ruin and Scattering Ban - Marcus, Esca and Cottia on their little OT3 farm... with creepy, man-eating demon goats. DEMON GOATS. ILU, [ profile] seascribe! (yeah, I still want to pet their little demonic heads)
  • [ profile] bunn wrote Envy,  a wonderful 100 words about Cassius and the rebuilding of Isca Dumnoniorum.

And okay, this was not for fandom stocking, but everyone should see it - a gorgeous Downton Abbey watercolour painting by [ profile] sibila_cantus of Gwen/Sybil, which I shall stare at happily whenever I get sad about my two favourite characters being gone.

THANKS, GUYS. ♥ Now I need to go read all the things other people got!

I also drew a few small things for other people's stockings:

Inception, Eagle and Frontier Wolf! )

Bah humbug

Dec. 24th, 2011 11:37 am
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Merry Christmas, all! I am just about to head off to Edinburgh for a couple of days of BACON and ALCOHOL and BUTTER in all the food and I will probably return with advanced heart disease. It is apparently a tradition of mine (started all the way back in 2010) to post horrible tasteless Christmassy art, so here is some for this year! Two of these were for the cards I sent out (I hope everyone who left me their address got theirs - I know at least one did not turn up, stupid post) and one was posted at a comment fest a few days ago, so some of you might have already seen one or two or all of them.

(one is sort of not work-safe. Certainly not safe if you have your grandmother looking over your shoulder)

Interspecies OT3, baaaaby animals, and some slobbery tongue action )

Okay, now I really am off! Have a lovely holiday, and behave yourselves until I come back.
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3rd round of the [ profile] ninth_eagle fanmedia challenge, still drawing stupid cracky things. In my defence, I should point out that Centurion Teddy is only in this because certain tasteless people kicked up a fuss when I said I wasn't drawing him. The baby goat I have no excuse for, that is all my doing. This is the prompt I used:

So, here are more happy gay modern farmers, this time having breakfast in bed, though I'm sure as farmers they should be up at the crack of dawn tending to the animals, not lounging around in their pyjamas until midday. Why yes, I did do this mainly as an excuse to draw Jamie Bell with mutton chops and looking disapproving again. And goats. My goal in life? Draw Marcus with ALL THE BABY ANIMALS.

Coincidentally, their breakfast is exactly what I'm having for dinner because I'm too lazy to go to the shops. But with gin! Though not in bed with a hot farmer, nor with a goat. MY LIFE SUCKS. :(

Breakfast in Bed )

ETA: By popular demand (er, one = popular, right?), here's a wallpaper version at 1920x1200, and if that's too small for your resolution, it serves you right for having a nicer bigger shinier computer than I do (or you can tell me and I'll whip you up a larger one). Also stuck a couple of icons behind the cut, because yay icons!

And in completely unrelated news, I have a pinboard thingy. Because all the cool people were talking about it, and because I really do need more ways to waste time and obsess over how I organise everything.
motetus: (animals / cat) very small and soft and sharp bundle of fluff and claws. Everyone, meet Nimue, [ profile] goblin_dae's little kitten mistress (she is so whipped). God, she is the most adorable thing ever, and it's very lucky for her that she is because I wouldn't have tolerated her using my hands and feet as claw-and-teeth-sharpening material if she wasn't. I would have smuggled her home with me and let her trash my apartment and make me incapable of ever doing anything productive for the next 18 or so years, but Goblin's bag checks are very thorough.

Look at that face!

Here be lots and lots of kitten photos. You have been warned. )

Oh yeah, you guys remember that post I made about a month ago where I rambled for a bit about the mphil and the experiment I needed to work in order to confirm the interaction between my two proteins? IT WORKED. I HAVE AWESOME DATA OR SO POST-DOC TELLS ME. You have no idea how excited I am about this - one postive result can get ripped apart in the viva, but two makes me so much more confident about things (and hey, could possibly mean a publication eventually). Oh hell, now I have to write it all up for the thesis. Next week's post: "Oh god, god, god, I don't understand anything HELP ME, WHAT DO ALL THESE NUMBERS MEAN?"
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Oh you guys, I am so ashamed. There was something about Star Wars that made me draw sexualised!Jar Jar fanart and stuff with the most disturbing pairings I could come up with, and that was pretty awful, but even that was better than this nauseatingly sappy baby animal obsession.

Um... here's more Marcus cuddling fluffy baby creatures. Fluffy baby dwarf mammoths. As a caveman. This is all [ profile] carmarthen and [ profile] the_little_owl's fault, I swear.

Happy Gay Prehistoric Farmers. Herders. Whatever. )
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It appears I have a disgusting fondness for baby farm animals, or more specifically, Marcus Flavius Aquila the great ex-Centurion cuddling baby farm animals, and I should see my GP about this. I um, drew this picture last night, and it is called Marcus Loves His Piggies. STOP LAUGHING.

Also, the Happy Gay Farmers fic fest that [ profile] riventhorn is hosting is wonderful, for there is skinny dipping and riding crops and OT3-with-a-baby (I don't usually love baby!fic, but that one was adorable) and perhaps dearest to my heart, TRACTOR-SEX!

(that's sex in a tractor, not sex with a tractor, you disgusting perverts)

I am enduring Transformers III this weekend. If you never hear from me again, assume I disembowelled myself in the theatre using only a bag of popcorn.
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The wife and I are off to London this weekend, mostly to spend it at the British Museum and the National Gallery because we are epic nerds. I was about to say "old people" instead, until I was reminded that when my 60-something parents visit London, they do things like stay in youth hostels and go see Avenue Q. But tell me this exhibition doesn't look fantastic.

Task for this week is to finish the current painting by Friday, which is now firmly in the "this is not anywhere near as awesome as I'd hoped, just get it done before I get any more insecure about it and delete the file" stage. I think I'm going through another round of ugh-I-hate-everything-I-draw-look-at-all-these-other-amazing-fan-artists-why-am-I-not-more-like-them-waaaaah, and I KNOW, I KNOW, that shit is irritating to read about, so I'll give myself a good smack and try to stop being such a crybaby (or at least not bring it up on LJ). But - I think I need to try to move away from (attempted) realism unless I have references for everything I'm drawing, at least for a while, because it takes way longer than I like and I'm never that satisfied with the results. Stuff with lines it is then, until I realise that I also hate how I draw line art. Maybe I'll treat myself to a new sketchbook and a scanner if I snap out of it and put on my big girl panties.

...I think my moodiness and insecurity has been brought on mostly by blankets. Fucking blankets.

Here, to apologise for being whiny and to encourage my happy gay farmers II idea, have a lamb trying to get milk out of a cat's ear.

Should I be even more embarrassed than I already am about how much I want the Coalition AU prompt filled? FFS, I hate most politicians and anyone who witnesses me watching Question Time would probably diagnose me with hypertension, rabies and Tourette's, but I think it would be awesome and that makes me feel rather dirty. I'd prefer it if someone else wrote it, but I can't help picturing Marcus and Esca in lovely suits and respective blue and yellow ties, looking irritated with each other (BUT SECRETLY ATTRACTED), and the lovely purple/blue Newsnight studio as background, and Jeremy Paxman, omg I could draw poor Jeremy Paxman getting confused about all this sexual tension in front of him... NO I AM NOT DRAWING IT AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME.
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Fill for a [ profile] the_eagle_kink  promptThe modern-day version of Happy Gay Farmers! Because the image of Marcus in, idk, a padded gilet and wellies or something is TOO GOOD TO RESIST. And because it's the modern day, they could actually get married (or, if they're in the UK, civilly partnered -- but still!). So they can have happy, husbandly, rolls in the hay any time they want... I think you see what I'm saying, anons.

I wish I had the time/energy to work on this a bit more and turn it into a proper painting, although I'd probably have a major tantrum when it came to painting grass that is more photo-realistic than this. Never mind, I shall make up for it with the cuddling WIP, because scowly cuddling > wellington boots.

Alas, no husbandly rolls in the hay. Just Esca in a flat cap and Marcus possibly thinking something dirty. Rated G. )

Spent 15 minutes triple-checking I was following the kink meme's rules correctly, and then I accidentally posted a link to someone else's art that I was trying to save to my favourites folder (multitasking: something Zoe should not attempt). HOW EMBARRASSING. I really hope that only one or two people subscribed to that thread.


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