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My second [ profile] i_reversebang art prompt, which was claimed by the very excellent [ profile] bauble, who took on my rough sketch with no hint of any background ideas, and even less in the way of any story ideas, save that at some point Eames should get bent over that lovely motorcycle and fingered, preferably with Arthur leaving his gloves on. What a good thing she and I have similar interests. So, the fic!

Fic Title: Command and Control
Author: [ profile] bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5000
Warnings: Graphic sex, role playing, dominance and submission, dirty talk, violence
Summary: It turns out that Eames finds the combination of Arthur and a life-threatening situation rather arousing.

Motorcycle, leather gloves, and stolen Catholic relic )
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For this year's first [ profile] i_reversebang prompt, I dug up an old idea for a pirate AU where Arthur is rather excited about plundering the high seas and Eames is the unfortunate overgrown cabin boy. The original plan was to spend lots of time diligently researching pirate clothing and ship rigging and making everything as accurate as possible, but I just ended up replaying The Secret of Monkey Island instead. Good enough.

You fight like a dairy farmer )

And the story that goes along with it!

Title: A Sea Chantey of Sorts
Author: [ profile] truthismusic
Summary: Eames is marooned by the Captain of the ship he's been a part of, after breaking one of the rules of the pirate code. When he's looking for a way to make it back to civilization he's found by another crew. Now he has to deal with a new captain, a new ship, crew, and a new set of rules because that's just his luck.
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So much beautiful bad art and fic, or at least I think there might be, I'm too fixated on that perfect fanart of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fucking Thor in the ass to look at anything else.

Mine is supposed to be anonymous but I'm sure you'll all guess which one I did immediately because it's clearly the best (hey, I can't help being the most talented artist in fandom), but if you really need another clue, that those hot dogs are made out of rude people.

Now, to go leave wanky comments about being triggered by the wrong character topping in fandoms I don't know anything about!


Jun. 18th, 2014 10:38 pm
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Come and join [ profile] i_reversebang.
A challenge where artists create and submit art. Writers claim a piece and write a story based on it.

* * * * * *

Explanation and Rules
Sign Up: Artist | Author | Beta

If there's anything more enjoyable than rummaging through my box of Ridiculous Ideas, it's doing that then watching some poor author try to turn it into a story. :D
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Here are the things I made for this year's Sutcliff Swap - I was super productive this time and managed two extra treats alongside my main assignment. And there are so many great stories! I am trying to pace myself and only read one or two a day, and this year I'm going to remember to leave comments for all of them instead of being a lazy selfish little shit.

I received an amazing story from [ profile] riventhorn all about one of my favourite minor characters who might get only a couple of pages in the story but is such an intriguing and awesome character, and I've wanted to read more about her ever since I read the book. And my gift fic is so brilliant! Aunt Honoria is such a sharp, shrewd character in this story, blunt and direct, but still with a lot of kindness and fondness for her friends. And there's even a little cameo by tiny!Flavius, which is an adorable scene.

A Siren Call by [ profile] riventhorn (The Silver Branch, Gen, rated G)

My gift art for [ profile] opalmatrix was a handful of illustrations from the final chapter of Dawn Wind. When I found out which fandoms I could draw for, I knew without a doubt this scene where Owain finds Regina after 11 years apart was the one I wanted to illustrate. It's such a quiet, understated moment - they don't rush into each others arms or anything - but it's so full of feeling and emotion.

I had a hard time with this and had to scrap the first few attempts, but eventually I hit upon on the idea of using a pencil-like brush and liked the effect (ALL the details in the backgrounds were done with that brush, not blocked in with a larger one), but ow, that really hurt my hand for days afterwards. I also tried to capture the emotion of the scene and not fuss too much about getting all the background details correct, mostly because I'm lazy, but things like the lion fountain and the three steps are all from the book. Also, Regina's dress - only right at the end of drawing did I discover that russet does not mean red. Oops.

The Garden of Kyndylan's Palace (also on AO3)

I am still here for you to find me )

For treats, I drew two quick sketches, one of Aunt Honoria from The Silver Branch for [ profile] bunn, and one of Cunorix from Frontier Wolf for [ profile] isiscolo. They were a great deal of fun, and seeing as I'll probably have to sit next year's Swap out due to it being the Year of the Thesis, I might do a few more like these as treats instead.

Aunt Honoria and Cunorix )
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Dear Sutcliff Swap creator,

Thank you so much for creating something for me!

Things I particularly like: Friendships, character studies, backstories, relationships (both romantic and platonic) that start get off to a rocky start, historical and cultural details, difficult choices and decisions, older characters reflecting on the paths/mistakes/happy times of their lives, betrayal and its consequences, canon-divergent AUs. I like sad, bittersweet or ambiguous endings every bit as much as I like happy ones, and I'm fine with character death if you think your story calls for it (though I'd prefer the death not to be the whole point of the plot). However, I also really like being surprised by ideas and themes that I'd never have thought of, so please don't feel you have to include any of the above if you've got another idea that you're excited about!

Things I'm not so keen on: Non-con, explicitly detailed sex, underage sex (<16's), graphic torture (I am okay with violence if it's in something like a fight, but torture or even the build-up to it is something I'm very squeamish about). I'm not a huge fan of possessiveness in relationships that are meant to be healthy ones, so characters telling their partner things like "you're mine" is a bit of a turn-off (characters telling their partner "I'm yours" though, that's different and totally encouraged!).

If you're an artist: A lot of the things I'm mentioning in this post are probably easier applied to fic than art, so I thought I'd mention a few art-specific things I love. Portraits of any of the characters or an illustration of a scene they're in would be wonderful, as would any other scenario you want to imagine. I am quite a fan of lovely detailed backgrounds so that's something you enjoy drawing too, lots of scenery would make me very happy! I also love attention to clothing, so little details like embroidery or brooches are the way to my heart, and I'd also be thrilled by the addition of animals. But really, I would be delighted with any kind of art; what I'm most interested to see is how you picture and interpret the characters.

The characters and canons I've requested are:

Aunt Honoria (The Silver Branch)
Rowena (The Lantern Bearers)

Blai (Warrior Scarlet)

I think I would love pretty much anything that explores one of these three women. (little more to come here!)
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More art for [ profile] i_reversebang! The idea behind this was: Arthur and Eames are extracting something or other from an archaeologist in a dream level designed as an ancient ruin and overrun with giant spider projections, and discover that they have differing opinions on exactly who the greatest archaeologist-adventurer unethical grave robber is*. Also, Arthur in a tight shirt and twin thigh holsters seemed like a good thing...


This was claimed by [ profile] the_leveret, who wrote It'll be like a video game!

(I must admit that the idea of Arthur and Eames as Lara Croft and Indiana Jones is not mine; I'm sure I saw it on the kink meme ages ago and filed it under BRILLIANT in my ideas folder - if anyone has that prompt saved and can link me to it, that would be awesome)

(warning for giant spiders!)

“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.” )
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Art for [ profile] i_reversebang! I must confess I initially had very little idea of what I was going to draw for this, just that I wanted to paint Yusuf's pretty face and that Eames without trousers also seemed like a good idea. Many thanks to [ profile] ohfreckle for picking my prompt, making sense of it and writing fic that I'm very much looking forward to reading is amazing and hot and PERFECT, and to [ profile] bauble for pointing out the dodgy bits. Title is nicked from Robert Benchley.

Used to be so easy by [ profile] ohfreckle on AO3.

Yusuf has no sympathy )
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Whee, Sutcliff Swap is open! I am going to have several happy days of reading all the fic, starting with The Centaur, which [ profile] sineala wrote for meeee! I have no doubt that I'll love it, because a) [ profile] sineala's writing is always amazing and she can do no wrong, b) Uncle Aquila and Claudius Hieronimianus having adventures in Judea! and c) those adventures somehow involve a CENTAUR.

My contribution was art for The Lantern Bearers, one of my very favourite Sutcliff books. StripySock suggested the scene where Aquila meets Prince Ambrosius and swears his loyalty to him as something she'd like to see illustrated. Great, I thought! I love that scene, Aquila's probably my favourite character of Sutcliff's, I can see it clearly in my head, let's get started and finding references to help me out can totally come later. And then, um, that last bit proved a lot harder than I anticipated, and I ended up heading into HOORAY LET'S MAKE UP EVERYTHING territory (well, apart from that hand of Aquila's, phew), so there may be a lot of magical lighting that does not obey the laws of physics, but I still had a huge amount of fun painting this and trying a rougher, looser style than my usual (even if it did take so long that it scuppered all my plans to draw a few treats).

A million thanks to [ profile] bunn and [ profile] the_little_owl for all their help and encouragement with this.

You can see the art either on AO3 or under here:

It wasn’t as good as love; it wasn’t as good as hate; but it was something to put into the emptiness within him; better than nothing at all. )

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More art that I've been sitting on for ages! I didn't intend to end up doing two things for [ profile] perverse_bang, but then along came this awesome Arthur/Eames/Saito prompt that wouldn't go away and leave me alone. So...

Title: Instructions
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Saito
Rating: Explicit, NSFW

Saito did always enjoy issuing orders... )

(huh, while drawing things I'm planning novel-length artist notes, but when I come to post all I can think of writing is HERE ART, PLZ DO NOT SNIGGER TOO MUCH)
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First piece for [ profile] perverse_bang, which I signed up in order to force myself to draw more nudity and penises (complete lack of the latter in this, I'm afraid). Did you know that crossdressing really wasn't a thing I found appealing until relatively recently? Cheers for that, Inception fandom.

Title: Lace and Loaded Gun
Fandom: Inception
Character: Arthur
Kinks: Crossdressing
Rating: Mature, NSFW

Arthur in Lingerie )
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Art for [ profile] inception_bang Round 3! I had the huge pleasure of working again with [ profile] bauble, who has been an utterly brilliant person to collaborate with, and who has written an amazing, beautifully dark story that is full of everything I love. I'm hugely grateful to her for all her ideas (so many ideas! I could have happily kept drawing for another 3 months!), encouragement, critical eye, and gentle prodding until I drew a sex scene (which I ended up thoroughly enjoying!). :D I really couldn't have asked for a better partner.

Fic: Stay, thou art so beautiful
Author: [ profile] bauble

Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating for art: R, NSFW
Warnings for art (highlight): slight violence, major character death (nothing graphic)

Illustrations contain some spoilers for the story, so read that first!

Arthur is rather horny )
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Look at all the awesome things I got in my fandom stocking! I had so much fun with it and will totally be doing it next year (when I will hopefully have more time to stuff all the stockings that catch my eye and not just the ones of people I know). Everything I got was brilliant and having to wait all day to get home from the lab and read them was torture, but look at the amazing fic people wrote for me!
  • [ profile] sineala wrote In the Hands of the Painted People, a canon-era AU where the Romans have developed dreamshare technology and Placidus uses it to extract information about the Seal People from Dergdian/Seal Prince, and oh my god EAGLE/INCEPTION FUSION. :D :D :D And it works so well!
  • [ profile] StripySock wrote Spring Is Icumen In, a gorgeous, slightly melancholic fic about Uncle Aquila and I love it to bits - I adore stories about older characters looking back on their lives, and everyone should read this because it's beautiful.
  • [ profile] carmarthen wrote A Jest for the Gods, a Frontier Wolf fic about Connla's jealousy of Cunorix over Alexios (YAY CUNORIX AND CONNLA) and An Unexpected Gift, an alternate ending to the awesome dinosaur AU Beyond the Mists, in which Marcus brings back a souvenier from his trip to the land of dinosaurs and Uncle Aquila is Not Impressed... or is he? I am never going to not find the image of Uncle Aquila and a little plesiosaur utterly charming.
  • [ profile] seascribe wrote Spreading Ruin and Scattering Ban - Marcus, Esca and Cottia on their little OT3 farm... with creepy, man-eating demon goats. DEMON GOATS. ILU, [ profile] seascribe! (yeah, I still want to pet their little demonic heads)
  • [ profile] bunn wrote Envy,  a wonderful 100 words about Cassius and the rebuilding of Isca Dumnoniorum.

And okay, this was not for fandom stocking, but everyone should see it - a gorgeous Downton Abbey watercolour painting by [ profile] sibila_cantus of Gwen/Sybil, which I shall stare at happily whenever I get sad about my two favourite characters being gone.

THANKS, GUYS. ♥ Now I need to go read all the things other people got!

I also drew a few small things for other people's stockings:

Inception, Eagle and Frontier Wolf! )
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I was planning on only filling stockings this year, but then the list of people I wanted to do stuff for started getting longer and longer until I went "sod it, why not!" My fandom stocking is here, in case you feel inclined, and do let me know if your stocking isn't found under the Inception or Eagle tags. I have no plans for my two week holiday aside from fight the wife for control of the Playstation and panic about possibly buying a flat of our own next year (I am not ready to be this grown up!), so I want to do at least one constructive thing with my time and fill as many stockings as I can, hopefully with things that aren't too ridiculous. Actually, looking at the first fill I'm working on, ignore that last bit. Not going to happen.


I think I need a 'my lab is the best' tag by now. Our Christmas party, after much alcohol consumption, involved 1) me telling my supervisor terrible, terrible things such as how I wish I'd "been a bit more of a slag" before settling down and getting married (I would be more mortified about this if I wasn't fairly positive he was too drunk to remember anything the next day), 2) us trying to cheer up Adorable PhD Student who was moping about wanting a slow, old-fashioned courtship followed by marriage and babies with the guy he's currently stalking on Grindr, and 3) my supervisor saying all sort of sweet, drunken things about how much he adores his students and wants us to be happy, which I suppose makes up for him making me participate in karaoke, the bastard.

I feel like I'm doing grad school all wrong by enjoying it so much.
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Well, almost - there are three more stories/artwork due (one of which is my second dinosaurs drawing), but I'm fully confident that they'll all be completed within the next couple of weeks. And it was a success! All the artwork ended up with stories written for them, we had no problem finding pinch-hitters when people dropped out (thank you [ profile] sineala and [ profile] chantefable!), and there are some really fantastic stories and art that have come out of it. Most of this success is however down to [ profile] awarrington, who did a great deal of the behind-the-scenes work, and took over organising/emailing everyone during the crucial posting period while I was a little swamped at work. If it weren't for her, everything would have been a complete shambles, and things would possibly have been set on fire.

In other fandom news, I have teamed up with [ profile] bauble for [ profile] inception_bang to illustrate her supernatural/horror story in which Arthur is a demon Eames meets in dreams, and Arthur teaches Eames how to forge in return for being brought into the waking world. I am ridiculously excited about this, because it'll give me an opportunity to draw things that are darker and less fluffy than what I've been coming up with lately (WHY ARE THERE SO MANY STUPID PASTEL COLOURS IN THIS WIP?). And because the last handful of times I've tried to draw Arthur/Eames they've both ended up fully clothed and standing several feet apart from each other, I am determined to make sure at least one drawing has physical contact and nudity and possibly sex, but I am not promising anything. You will draw nudity, and you will like it, Zoe!

And in the land of PhDs, I have a) been officially declared by my supervisor to be the most manliest member of our 4 male, 2 female lab (I do hope he meant manliest brain), and b) become incredibly fond of one of our new PhD students. He may have an entirely unironic and unashamed love for Twilight (no, really) and Pokemon, but he does have an excellent knowledge of every episode of the X-Files and fetches me afternoon pastries. What an adorable little creature!

I am going to Istanbul on Monday for 4 days! There will be baklava and bazaar shopping trips for shiny things and fish sandwiches and OLD ROMAN SHIT and gelato! \o/
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Oops, I seem to have accidentally signed up for another thing.

Also... art! I stumbled across [ profile] eternalsojourn's Procreation Celebration Fest and had to join in, so I drew this quick little thing yesterday. I should point out that it's not that I didn't even think about drawing something with a little less fluff and a little more kink, it's that my parents are visiting this weekend and I'm not sure I have it in me to explain what mpreg is to them.

Inception: Mal and James )

My WIP list, to keep track of things:

1. Eagle Reverse Bang 1: Marcus, Esca and hungry dinosaurs.
2. Eagle Reverse Bang 2: Uncle Aquila and his painted tribesman boyfriend.
3. Arthur and Eames as Roman soldiers.*
4. Wild West/Red Dead Redemption-inspired Marcus, Esca and Cottia

And stuff that I want to draw whenever I have the time (and if I don't get distracted by other shiny things):

1. Bane, Ra's al Ghul and Talia. Doing what, I don't know, but there should be League of Shadows ninja outfits somewhere,
2. Something where Arthur and Eames are doing a bit more than looking at each other with several feet of distance between them. THERE COULD BE TOUCHING. Clothed touching, because apparantly I turn into a massive blushing prude the moment Photoshop opens.
3. That Downton Abbey/Eagle illustration that's been on the backburner for aaages.
4. Young Uncle Aquila and Claudius Hieronimianus in Judea. Am seriously considering rewatching Monty Python's Life of Brian as research for the background.

* Oh god, this painting, argh. Every year or so I feel the urge to prove to myself/the world that I can paint something massive and epic, and convince myself that it wil be a masterpiece that everyone will adore. And inevitably... it ends up a spectacular demonstration of all the things I am hopelessly weak at. I think this is one of those ones. So far it's not falling to pieces yet and I'm kinda proud of it (there are shiny things! Eames looks pretty good! Arthur doesn't), but there's still plenty of time for it to go horribly wrong. And I have discovered that Leonardo DiCaprio is not so easy to draw when you're trying to make him a horse.

Also, I doubt very much that the Inception fandom will give a shit about it, because it's not so much Arthur/Eames art as my long-winded, rambling love letter to Roman armour (oh lorica segmentata, let me rub myself all over your sexy, delight-to-paint shinyness. I like you so much more than chestplates and lorica hamata). However, it's making me look back at that Eagle Army AU painting that I did last year (not something I've posted yet) and all I can see now is how bad that older piece is now I've improved my technique a little, and maybe I should try redoing it even though the last time I had to paint the chainmail 4 times to the soundtrack of my tears dripping onto the tablet... this totally isn't going to end up with me punching my computer, right?
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Now Sutcliff Swap authors and artists have been revealed, here's what I did - yes yes, like it wasn't blatantly obvious which one was mine! I drew The Shining Company fanart of Prosper/Conn/Luned for [ profile] carmarthen - completely fluffy, G-rated OT3 with Gelert the failhound looking very perplexed about why the silly humans have their hands all over each other and not petting him.

The Three Of Us Together )
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Whoever decided to open the collection while I've still got several hours left in the lab (FASTER, SCIENCE!), you are a cruel person. At least sneaking glances at that ADORABLE painting of Hilarion with a kitten is keeping me from exploding with impatience. Eeeeeee.
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Art for [ profile] i_reversebang! I was lucky enough to end up with two very talented authors whose work I love, [ profile] jain and [ profile] bauble, who both came up with wonderful stories despite starting off with a prompt that wasn't terribly obvious (even I had no idea what was going on when I drew it!). I had a wonderful time collaborating with you both, and thank you so much for your encouragement and creativity.

Matter for Concern by [ profile] jain (Arthur/Eames, 5,941 words, R)

Breaking Bread by [ profile] bauble (Arthur/Eames, 6,853 words, NC-17)

3x Arthur/Eames drawings )


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