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[ profile] beili asked: What was your favourite book (maybe several books) as a child? Did it remain your favourite, when you grew up?

My parents tell me that the first book I was really into was Dr Seuss's The Cat in the Hat, and I'd demand to be read it every single night until they had fantasies of beating the good doctor to death with his own books. After that... hm, even though I read a huge amount as a child and always had people telling me to get my nose out of a book and interact with the real world, I cannot actually remember much about what I read! I loved the Roald Dahl books, of course (The Twits was my favourite, and I was actually a little disappointed that Mr and Mrs Twit got shrunk away to nothing because they were just such a hilariously awful couple and thus far more entertaining than the boring monkeys), and I had a couple of Shel Silverstein books that I read a lot - Where the Sidewalk Ends and The Giving Tree, though the latter sort of annoyed me. That stupid doormat tree. Now I think of that, and how I hated Captain Planet for its preachy tones and sided with the evil tree-destroying companies, and also how I disliked Han Solo for stealing Princess Leia when she totally should have ended up with Luke and yes, I knew they were brother and sister... maybe I was a bit of a strange child?

When I was about 7, my father started reading The Hobbit to my brother and I, except I got impatient and wanted more than a chapter a night, so I read it all myself in a very short time. I loved it to bits, but now when I try to reread it, I'm irritated by what feels like a slightly patronising tone. :/ I suppose the last book I read as a young teenager that had a huge effect on me was Philip Pullman's Northern Lights - I loved Lyra dearly and read it hundreds of times (I even named a hamster after her daemon), but got progressively disappointed by the rest of the trilogy. And let's not even mention the movie.

The Cat in the Hat is still fucking gold, though.

- - -

I have had some lovely, lovely cards arrive! Thank you very much to [ profile] bauble, [ profile] osprey_archer (dammit osprey_archer, now you have me googling plum pudding recipes... huh, they don't even have any plums in them?) [ profile] tracy7307, [ profile] fififolle and [ profile] the_little_owl for their beautiful cards, they have made my living room look very Christmassy indeed. I have to share the one by [ profile] the_little_owl (hopefully she has a better scan to put up but until then, excuse the fingers) because it is BRILLIANT - I asked for hapless scientist Obi-Wan and she gave me just that, but with a Christmas theme and Hippy Qui-Gon! Thank you, Owl, I am still cackling at it.

The results of Obi-Wan's experiments )
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I'm halfway through reading Rubicon and it's really awesome. Three thoughts:

1. Dear Romans, stop giving everyone of historical importance names beginning with C. It's getting confusing.

2. Yup, still have a crush on Julius Caesar. He's an utterly cocky dick, but apparently I find that an appealing trait.

3. The Roman cheesecake was good, but apparently if I have company to impress I should be cooking sow vulva. Anyone want to come around to my place for a historical dinner party?


Talking of reading stuff about Romans, WHY DID NO-ONE TELL ME ABOUT THE COLLEGE AU ON THE EAGLE KINK MEME? *flails* Dammit, I was supposed to be working on the big secret painting tonight, not reading porn. Any other WIPs on there that I should be reading, guys? (aside from the Jane Eyre crossover, which is the most amazing thing ever)
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I really shouldn't be allowed access to Amazon when I'm in one of my hyper and excitable phases, because I do stupid things like fail to notice that the book I'm manically clicking on to buy is already in my basket and I end up ordering two copies. You would have thought I might have noticed the doubled price on one of the many confirmation pages, but no, I really am that stupid. I blame my contact lenses, they make computer screens really blurry.

Anyway, I now have two copies of Legionary: The Roman Soldier's (Unofficial) Handbook, which is a delightful little book for anyone considering signing up to serve Rome, full of military wisdom such as "We were against the cream of the Gallic army. The odds were a thousand to one. But he was a very tough Gaul" and useful tips for dealing with Jewish religious fanatics ("fight them on the Sabbath. They still haven't completely figured out what to do about this"). I could return the spare, but it was cheap and I quite like handing on books (plus none of my Friends/Family Who Require Birthday Presents are remotely interested in roman stuff), so if anyone wants it, it's all yours (for free, and I'll cover the postage too - it won't be much even if sent overseas). Any takers? ETA: Found it a home!

([ profile] the_little_owl, this was going to you until you inconveniently mentioned you already had a copy!)
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This is the last non-fiction book I finished reading:

Most of the history books I've been reading lately have been long, dry, serious ones, so this was a nice change. It's a lovely little book that requires very little background knowledge (which is good, because I had none for this era) as while there are a few mentions of things like the Viking raids, it's more about what everyday life was like for people living around the turn of the century than serious history. A very enjoyable read.
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I don't read fiction books as much as I should. I bought this for a long-haul flight because I liked the cover and ended up loving it.

I'm too lazy to write a review, so here's Amazon's )
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I'm not really into fantasy novels so I wouldn't have picked up this book if it hadn't been given to me as a gift - and it's more steampunk fantasy than dragons and fairies. The imagery in this book is fantastic, particularly the floating pirate city formed by thousands of ships lashed together and pulled by the vast sea creature with a heart the size of a cathedral they have tethered miles below.


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