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Here is a shitload of art! As promised, all the drawings I made for the holiday card requests. I hope everyone's card reached them and that you liked them as much as I enjoyed drawing them, because I had a lot of fun with them - I think I may well try taking prompts again, because it certainly beats having to use my own imagination. :P

Warning(/enticement?): one or two are NSFW and one is particularly explicit.

Lawless, Star Wars, Bronson, Due South, Rome, adorable animals, The Eagle, Frontier Wolf, Inception, and The Borgias )

Okay, off to spend this day properly: ignore all the small children around me and wallow in Yuletide. Yuuuuletide! Oooh, is that Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus fic I spot?
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I was planning on only filling stockings this year, but then the list of people I wanted to do stuff for started getting longer and longer until I went "sod it, why not!" My fandom stocking is here, in case you feel inclined, and do let me know if your stocking isn't found under the Inception or Eagle tags. I have no plans for my two week holiday aside from fight the wife for control of the Playstation and panic about possibly buying a flat of our own next year (I am not ready to be this grown up!), so I want to do at least one constructive thing with my time and fill as many stockings as I can, hopefully with things that aren't too ridiculous. Actually, looking at the first fill I'm working on, ignore that last bit. Not going to happen.


I think I need a 'my lab is the best' tag by now. Our Christmas party, after much alcohol consumption, involved 1) me telling my supervisor terrible, terrible things such as how I wish I'd "been a bit more of a slag" before settling down and getting married (I would be more mortified about this if I wasn't fairly positive he was too drunk to remember anything the next day), 2) us trying to cheer up Adorable PhD Student who was moping about wanting a slow, old-fashioned courtship followed by marriage and babies with the guy he's currently stalking on Grindr, and 3) my supervisor saying all sort of sweet, drunken things about how much he adores his students and wants us to be happy, which I suppose makes up for him making me participate in karaoke, the bastard.

I feel like I'm doing grad school all wrong by enjoying it so much.

Bah humbug

Dec. 24th, 2011 11:37 am
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Merry Christmas, all! I am just about to head off to Edinburgh for a couple of days of BACON and ALCOHOL and BUTTER in all the food and I will probably return with advanced heart disease. It is apparently a tradition of mine (started all the way back in 2010) to post horrible tasteless Christmassy art, so here is some for this year! Two of these were for the cards I sent out (I hope everyone who left me their address got theirs - I know at least one did not turn up, stupid post) and one was posted at a comment fest a few days ago, so some of you might have already seen one or two or all of them.

(one is sort of not work-safe. Certainly not safe if you have your grandmother looking over your shoulder)

Interspecies OT3, baaaaby animals, and some slobbery tongue action )

Okay, now I really am off! Have a lovely holiday, and behave yourselves until I come back.
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I am not a huge fan of Christmas. I'm not religious, the wife was brought up not celebrating it, I can't stand the hype, the ridiculous build-up that starts some time in April, the enforced jollity, and having to fight my way through hordes of shoppers/shitty christmassy music every time I go into town. If it weren't for having an invitation to go stay with a friend's family this year (I am already getting excited about her sister's food. Everything is cooked in butter or alcohol or both, and it is DELICIOUS) the wife and I would be spending it playing video games and making pizza (no, not Christmas pizza).

But! The one thing I do enjoy, when I remember early enough in advance, is making my own Christmas cards (which is why I'm posting this so early - I have so much printing and cutting and gluing to do!). So this year, I've drawn a lovely festive painting featuring two hot guys making tender yet graphically explicit love by the fire, the twinkling Christmas tree lights reflecting off their naked, sweaty bodies...

No, of course I haven't. This is me we're talking about. But you get a choice! (having a thesis to avoid makes me so productive!) For those of you who can't get enough of the highly implausible Marcus-loves-his-baby-animals scenario, I have a charming domestic scene featuring goslings and glarings, and for everyone else who is thoroughly sick of me yapping on about The Eagle all year, the alternative is Star Wars fanart of, um... Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in bed together... yes. *shifty look* Oh god, there is going to be a mass defriending occurring the moment that arrives on everyone's doormat.

So if you'd like one to stick on your mantlepiece and earn you weird looks from your family and friends, let me know your address (comments are screened, or you can email/pm me - email is zoeradha at gmail) and whether you'd like the Eagle or TPM card (if you ask nicely, I'll even send both). Doesn't matter if you're not sending cards or if we don't talk often, I get all my pleasure just from inflicting my stupid drawings on people. :)
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I bring something suitably festive:

(told you I would, [ profile] swcajolings)

The wife and I are doing as little as possible this year - I shall attempt to roast a chicken and serve it with fancy trimmings, but that will be the extent of the celebrations and we shall spend the rest of the day watching Star Trek (I'm getting very fond of Voyager) and fighting over the PS3. Compared to the usual traditional trauma of refereeing my parents' festive arguments, I think I'm going to enjoy it greatly.


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