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I did it, I finally slew this dinosaur-shaped thing that's been lurking in my WIP folder for over a year... wait, no, make that two years. Huh, I think that's a new record for me. Anyway. Finished! \o/

So, this is a long-overdue gift for the wonderful [ profile] agenttrojie, who deserves all credit for the title and concept (that is what I love about all you people in fandom, you ensure I never have to use my own imagination). The idea, which I stole from one of her WIP descriptions, was that the team attempt to extract from someone whose militarisation manifests DINOSAURS (Arthur has neglected to research that bit of information again, and so Cobb does more angry finger-pointing), and that meant I could draw all sorts of ridiculously enjoyable things like angry dinosaurs and Eames with a rocket launcher and adorable dinosaurs making friends with Cobb. Trojie, your idea was awesome and I had a very fun time with this, and I hope it makes you happy! <3 And ahem, inspires you to finish that WIP one day...

No attempt at scientific accuracy was made at any point (am pretty sure Stegosaurus and T-Rex/raptors/angiosperms did not exist in the same era), but the wonderful thing about PASIV extraction scenarios is that you can wave your hands about and protest that it's just a dream, and then go back to being lazy. And, uh, ignore the incorrect handedness. THE THINGS YOU ONLY NOTICE AFTER 2 YEARS OF LOOKING AT IT.

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Look at all the awesome things I got in my fandom stocking! I had so much fun with it and will totally be doing it next year (when I will hopefully have more time to stuff all the stockings that catch my eye and not just the ones of people I know). Everything I got was brilliant and having to wait all day to get home from the lab and read them was torture, but look at the amazing fic people wrote for me!
  • [ profile] sineala wrote In the Hands of the Painted People, a canon-era AU where the Romans have developed dreamshare technology and Placidus uses it to extract information about the Seal People from Dergdian/Seal Prince, and oh my god EAGLE/INCEPTION FUSION. :D :D :D And it works so well!
  • [ profile] StripySock wrote Spring Is Icumen In, a gorgeous, slightly melancholic fic about Uncle Aquila and I love it to bits - I adore stories about older characters looking back on their lives, and everyone should read this because it's beautiful.
  • [ profile] carmarthen wrote A Jest for the Gods, a Frontier Wolf fic about Connla's jealousy of Cunorix over Alexios (YAY CUNORIX AND CONNLA) and An Unexpected Gift, an alternate ending to the awesome dinosaur AU Beyond the Mists, in which Marcus brings back a souvenier from his trip to the land of dinosaurs and Uncle Aquila is Not Impressed... or is he? I am never going to not find the image of Uncle Aquila and a little plesiosaur utterly charming.
  • [ profile] seascribe wrote Spreading Ruin and Scattering Ban - Marcus, Esca and Cottia on their little OT3 farm... with creepy, man-eating demon goats. DEMON GOATS. ILU, [ profile] seascribe! (yeah, I still want to pet their little demonic heads)
  • [ profile] bunn wrote Envy,  a wonderful 100 words about Cassius and the rebuilding of Isca Dumnoniorum.

And okay, this was not for fandom stocking, but everyone should see it - a gorgeous Downton Abbey watercolour painting by [ profile] sibila_cantus of Gwen/Sybil, which I shall stare at happily whenever I get sad about my two favourite characters being gone.

THANKS, GUYS. ♥ Now I need to go read all the things other people got!

I also drew a few small things for other people's stockings:

Inception, Eagle and Frontier Wolf! )
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Here's my second piece for [ profile] eagle_rbb! This one was based on [ profile] lalazee's prompt: Marcus and Esca cross Hadrian's Wall/Vallum Aelium, only to find themselves in a land of DINOSAURS and was claimed by [ profile] carmarthen who wrote a huge long story for it that I cannot wait to read. Hooray, LOTS of words about dinosaurs!

Beyond the Mists by [ profile] carmarthen (Gen, 20,402 words)

Thanks go to [ profile] carmarthen for being such a great person to work with and for helping me out immensely with my complete ignorance of proper archery stances.

"The mists shifted again, and *there*, a flash of red and blue; Esca drew and loosed in one smooth motion, and nocked and drew again before the terrible lizard’s dying scream had choked off." )
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I think I need a tag named '[ profile] carmarthen made me do it', though I suspect [ profile] sineala isn't entirely innocent either. So, second round of the [ profile] ninth_eagle fanmedia challenge and I have picked a fusion with Dinotopia, a book I've never even read (but [ profile] carmarthen has written a really lovely short Eagle/Dinotopia fic, and needs to write more!), and I suspect it won't make much sense to many other people. Um, Esca with his flying pterosaur mount, quite possibly horribly wrong and inaccurate.

The prompt (just pretend those dragons are actually badly-drawn pterosaurs, okay?):

Esca, Skybax Rider )

Also, I promised [ profile] ladytiferet I'd make more use out of my poor negelected sketchbook and draw her steampunk Esca. Oh man, once I get over my fear of screwing up everything with a few misplaced lines and panicking when I can't find cmd+z, I really, really love pencils. I should use them more than I currently do.

Steampunk Esca (and Caesar finally gets his head) )
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Oh you guys, I am so ashamed. There was something about Star Wars that made me draw sexualised!Jar Jar fanart and stuff with the most disturbing pairings I could come up with, and that was pretty awful, but even that was better than this nauseatingly sappy baby animal obsession.

Um... here's more Marcus cuddling fluffy baby creatures. Fluffy baby dwarf mammoths. As a caveman. This is all [ profile] carmarthen and [ profile] the_little_owl's fault, I swear.

Happy Gay Prehistoric Farmers. Herders. Whatever. )


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