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How the part of my brain responsible for summoning up enthusiasm for drawing works:

Have 2 weeks (mostly) off work, no obligations and weather too miserable to venture outside: should we draw? NO. SLEEPING UNTIL NOON AND DRAGON AGE FOREVER.

Have crazy exhausting flustered two weeks, in the lab at weekends, dealing with a huge experiment and not sleeping terribly well because of it: YES TIME TO DRAW DRAW DRAW DRAW!!!

I am not sure this is the best way to go about things. Anyway, art! I felt a bit rusty after the endless days marathoning Dragon Age (man, this would totally be my new fandom if the fandom weren't so spectacularly wanky), so did another palette meme over on Tumblr. I probably should have had a think about whether I actually liked these colours before going for it because ew, they're not great and the lack of contrast made me rage, but I suppose that makes it a challenge.

Penny Dreadful, The Eagle, The Dark Knight Rises, Star Wars, Inception, and Dragon Age Inquisition )
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Art dump time! Here are a handful of little things from the last month or two that I've drawn for various people's birthdays (and if I've missed yours, I am most sorry! Doing these regularly now has been very enjoyable but also made me paranoid about accidentally offending someone, so you should tell me and I can make it up to you next year). Under the cut: Star Wars, Nolanverse Batman and Inception fanart (NSFW).

Star Wars, TDKR, Inception )
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I'm 15 minutes past October, but here's my final Rectober post, this one for two of my favourite little fandoms, Nolan's Batman films and Rosemary Sutcliff's book. I did mean to get an Inception rec post done in time, but that started turning into a huge long list and then I got distracted with uh, other things (I blame all you people who requested Xmas cards - I have done nothing these past few weeks except frantically scribble! And by blame, I do of course mean love, because I am having a vast amount of fun with those, and even my mother likes all the crossdressing), so maybe I'll finish off that rec list some time in November.

Batman and Rosemary Sutcliff )
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I did love The Dark Knight Rises, but I do have one issue with the ending. There was something huge missing.


So I fixed that.

Yeah, I suspect there are only about two people on my flist who ship this, but whatever, I have wanted to draw this pairing since 2005 and that scene in Batman Begins where they're both in Bruce's bedroom being adorable around each other. And then TDKR came along and reignited my feelings for them with the way they were both trying to set Bruce up with Selina Kyle and Miranda Tate like the loving parents they are, and that comforting pat on the shoulder Lucius gives Alfred at the end. I just want these two to have a happy post-TDKR life filled with European travels, grumblings about all the shit Bruce Wayne put them through, and lots and lots of sex. I think they deserve it.

Alfred Pennyworth/Lucius Fox )

And if anyone is still feeling doubtful about Alfred/Lucius, here is some fic to convince you where I have failed. There may not be a whole lot of Alfred/Lucius written, but what there is is excellent.

Old, Familiar Things by [ profile] lonelywalker
Backstage by [ profile] Yahtzee
We Won't Tell by [ profile] helens78
A Man and His Drink, Takes All Kinds and Both Sides Now by [ profile] irisbleufic
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Hi! Um, so I have realised I have not updated in about a month. I have excuses for that! Firstly, I had that long list of art I'd signed up to do - all done! (uh, apart from my Sutcliff Swap, but I will have that done by the weekend. I WILL) Then I had people to entertain: [ profile] ninja_orange came over for a weekend and made me delicious pancakes, and then [ profile] demon_rum turned up and said rude things about Gary Oldman's facial hair, but as she brought me chocolate vodka I didn't make her sleep in the garden.

And hm, there might have been this little film called The Dark Knight Rises that has absolutely not been annoying everyone around me because of my ridiculous levels of excitement. I was not disappointed: I loved it. So much so that the first thing I did when it finished was turn to [ profile] goblin_dae to say "Fuck Magic Mike, let's buy tickets to see this again tomorrow instead!" and because she is awesome she agreed that more Batman was far more important than Channing Tatum's stupid naked body. Yes, there were a million things you could pick holes in (Nolan!science is the most hilarious thing ever), but they had no effect on how much I enjoyed everything. SO, SO GOOD. I think I might need a third viewing soonish.

Massive, massive spoilers under here )

Right, back to the art. I really did take on far too much this month and am starting to feel a little burned out. :( Once Sutcliff Swap is out of the way I think I'm going to try to spend a bit more time away from the tablet and Photoshop. Thing is, I don't like spending my evenings watching TV, I'm too lazy to attempt the gym, I like video games but feel like I've just wasted my time after several hours of them, cooking is something I've trained the wife to do and I wouldn't want him to start thinking he doesn't have to do it every night, and I already do a lot of reading. So that only leaves getting back to playing music.

...I'm thinking about throwing a lot of money at a piano. Craaap. I have to somehow convince myself that I'd actually play it regularly and not just use it for tuning the cello and this is totally not one of my many daft excited plans that I soon lose interest in. Stupid expensive hobbies.
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I'm going to risk sounding conceited and say that I think this is the best thing I've produced so far. The composition and perspective of the background isn't quite perfect, but I think the rest of it will make up for that.

D is for... Ducard
Henri Ducard (Batman Begins), work-safe

Henri, flowers, candles and rope. Sounds like he and Bruce have a romantic evening ahead )

I'm tempted to skip to S and try out my silly little idea for that. OCD-Zoe says shut up, keep them in order, and go draw Ewan getting sucked off or something.
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I had ordered Ducard round to your place to make tea and cheer you up, but unfortunately he found himself too busy shagging Bruce destroying cities to attend. Instead, he sends his slightly less intimidating version in his place...

Now hurry up and finish your dissertation, or you'll get poked by a little lego swordcane.
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Tomorrow I'm off to the US for one of these bloody family meet-ups, which I'm definately not looking forward to. They're all decent enough people, but I think after 10 days of loud obnoxious American aunts and bratty younger cousins, not to mention the traditional Christmas argument with the parents, I'm going to be very much looking forward to coming back to exams. Also, being the terribly unorganised person that I am, I've ended up without presents for anyone. Well done me!

Anyway, as I'll be on the plane for the whole day tomorrow: [profile] phurie_dae, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, you ancient old hag. As you've been such a wonderful friend, sending me all that Pokemon/Batman fanfic to keep me warm during these cold Scottish nights, here's a little something for you:

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WANTED: One person required to stand behind me and administer a flogging anytime I get distracted from revision by shiny things on the internet. Good stamina and own stick/whip/riding crop are necessary.

God, these computer room keyboards are filthy. I'm going to bring wipes tomorrow and give them all a good scrub.

Also, I've got a paid summer placement here, working in a lab studying bunyaviruses. It just goes to show that lying about how your ambition is to do a PhD (instead of becoming a rich old man's trophy wife, which right now would suit me just fine) really does pay off.

Oh, and I wrote a story! Partially wrote a story, that is. A really, really bad story. [profile] phurie_daeand I came up with this little gem for a badfic contest where Batman gets pregnant with Henri Ducard's child, and Alfred makes tea. Only those with a strong stomach should attempt to read this, due to the presence of Jessica Simpson lyrics.

And mum, if you ever read this, I swear I didn't write the sex scene.

Forever in Your Eyes (NC-17)

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[ profile] goblin_dae  is awesome.

Look what she got/made me for Christmas/my birthday! )

Also, for those of you who haven't seen my latest masterpiece, click here! It's hot and sexy and may require you to take a cold shower afterwards.


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