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Thesis update: 8.5k words in - it sounds pathetic given that many of you could probably come up with that in a few hours (though I doubt you have to pause in the middle of a sex scene to trawl PubMed and find that paper that supports the rimming in it) but for me that's pretty decent! And they are good words, or will be once I take out the billion unnecessary commas. Introduction is nearly done and in a week or so I can get started on those results chapters I've been dreading. I can't shake the feeling that it's just too easy - surely writing a thesis is supposed to be far more unpleasant than this? Well, suppose there's still plenty more time for that to happen. At some point I am likely to post my "why writing a thesis is like taking a long reluctant poop" essay, but I promise I will warn you all beforehand so you can defriend me and never have to see it (I'm not kidding, I've put a lot of thought into this).

One unexpected side effect of thesis writing: I want to draw ALL the things, though this is actually a good thing because it takes my mind off everything in the evenings. My enthusiasm for anything complex and time-consuming is limited, so I've been churning out simple quick things and posting them to Tumblr as I go along. Here they are...

Inception, Knights of the Old Republic 2, Dragon Age )
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(F for effort on the title for this, I know. Maybe I should start listening to music with more pretentious lyrics)

This one is inspired by [ profile] pushdragon's very wonderful The man with his fingers in my icebox (so much delightful sub Eames!) - specifically, the bit where a very naked Eames sprawls out over the hood of a Ferrari. They are beautiful cars (though with how much of it remains in this painting, it could very well just be a Toyota he's lying on), and a naked Eames is also beautiful sight, so I figured the combination couldn't end up too unappealing.

Many thanks go to [ profile] bauble for her feedback, and [ profile] marourin for helping me figure out the second best way to paint cars and their stupid reflections (if you're wondering what the first best way is, it is this: draw something else that isn't a car).


Pin-up Eames )
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I did it, I finally slew this dinosaur-shaped thing that's been lurking in my WIP folder for over a year... wait, no, make that two years. Huh, I think that's a new record for me. Anyway. Finished! \o/

So, this is a long-overdue gift for the wonderful [ profile] agenttrojie, who deserves all credit for the title and concept (that is what I love about all you people in fandom, you ensure I never have to use my own imagination). The idea, which I stole from one of her WIP descriptions, was that the team attempt to extract from someone whose militarisation manifests DINOSAURS (Arthur has neglected to research that bit of information again, and so Cobb does more angry finger-pointing), and that meant I could draw all sorts of ridiculously enjoyable things like angry dinosaurs and Eames with a rocket launcher and adorable dinosaurs making friends with Cobb. Trojie, your idea was awesome and I had a very fun time with this, and I hope it makes you happy! <3 And ahem, inspires you to finish that WIP one day...

No attempt at scientific accuracy was made at any point (am pretty sure Stegosaurus and T-Rex/raptors/angiosperms did not exist in the same era), but the wonderful thing about PASIV extraction scenarios is that you can wave your hands about and protest that it's just a dream, and then go back to being lazy. And, uh, ignore the incorrect handedness. THE THINGS YOU ONLY NOTICE AFTER 2 YEARS OF LOOKING AT IT.

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I felt the Inception fandom didn't have enough somnophilia in it, especially the type where it's Eames taking a lovely dirty nap, so as I firmly believe in creating the fanworks you want but fandom isn't providing... here is a demure and tasteful* painting of Arthur lovingly fingering a nude sleeping Eames. I've had this half-finished for ages while I wept over the lighting and anatomy and positions (thanks to [ profile] marourin for help with the last two! any further ridiculousness is all down to me), but polished it off just in time for the wonderful [ profile] bauble's birthday, who appreciates all the good things in this picture: gratuitous nudity and bottom Eames. Happy birthday, madam!

*not in the slightest

Totally NSFW. Here be penises... well, one of them. And I should throw in a warning for somnophilia, although what I've depicted is meant to be absolutely consensual.

Eames is having a very enjoyable dream about doing his taxes )
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How the part of my brain responsible for summoning up enthusiasm for drawing works:

Have 2 weeks (mostly) off work, no obligations and weather too miserable to venture outside: should we draw? NO. SLEEPING UNTIL NOON AND DRAGON AGE FOREVER.

Have crazy exhausting flustered two weeks, in the lab at weekends, dealing with a huge experiment and not sleeping terribly well because of it: YES TIME TO DRAW DRAW DRAW DRAW!!!

I am not sure this is the best way to go about things. Anyway, art! I felt a bit rusty after the endless days marathoning Dragon Age (man, this would totally be my new fandom if the fandom weren't so spectacularly wanky), so did another palette meme over on Tumblr. I probably should have had a think about whether I actually liked these colours before going for it because ew, they're not great and the lack of contrast made me rage, but I suppose that makes it a challenge.

Penny Dreadful, The Eagle, The Dark Knight Rises, Star Wars, Inception, and Dragon Age Inquisition )
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My second [ profile] i_reversebang art prompt, which was claimed by the very excellent [ profile] bauble, who took on my rough sketch with no hint of any background ideas, and even less in the way of any story ideas, save that at some point Eames should get bent over that lovely motorcycle and fingered, preferably with Arthur leaving his gloves on. What a good thing she and I have similar interests. So, the fic!

Fic Title: Command and Control
Author: [ profile] bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5000
Warnings: Graphic sex, role playing, dominance and submission, dirty talk, violence
Summary: It turns out that Eames finds the combination of Arthur and a life-threatening situation rather arousing.

Motorcycle, leather gloves, and stolen Catholic relic )
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For this year's first [ profile] i_reversebang prompt, I dug up an old idea for a pirate AU where Arthur is rather excited about plundering the high seas and Eames is the unfortunate overgrown cabin boy. The original plan was to spend lots of time diligently researching pirate clothing and ship rigging and making everything as accurate as possible, but I just ended up replaying The Secret of Monkey Island instead. Good enough.

You fight like a dairy farmer )

And the story that goes along with it!

Title: A Sea Chantey of Sorts
Author: [ profile] truthismusic
Summary: Eames is marooned by the Captain of the ship he's been a part of, after breaking one of the rules of the pirate code. When he's looking for a way to make it back to civilization he's found by another crew. Now he has to deal with a new captain, a new ship, crew, and a new set of rules because that's just his luck.
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Art dump time! Here are a handful of little things from the last month or two that I've drawn for various people's birthdays (and if I've missed yours, I am most sorry! Doing these regularly now has been very enjoyable but also made me paranoid about accidentally offending someone, so you should tell me and I can make it up to you next year). Under the cut: Star Wars, Nolanverse Batman and Inception fanart (NSFW).

Star Wars, TDKR, Inception )
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I'm probably overdue a lovely boring update about my RL adventures that I know you're all riveted by, but until then: more art! I had the idea of Arthur as a paramedic suggested to me by [ profile] anne_jumps and it was a most pleasing idea. Turned out into quite a pleasing thing to draw too - I had a lot of fun painting this and coming up with the lighting, but the most fun was had when checking out hot paramedics for, uh... uniform research, that was it.

EMT Arthur )

And because my superpower is using art to trick people into writing things, [ profile] anne_jumps wrote a lovely story whose title has kept me amused all day to go with the art! \o/
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I've been having great fun with that palette meme going around Tumblr where you get people to pick a character and a palette number and then have to make some kind of sense out of them. I consider myself quite unadventurous when it comes to colour schemes so being forced to use combinations that I'd usually never consider was quite an adventure, and I rather like the results, even the ones with excessive amounts of retina-searing vivid colours. Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts, I've really enjoyed coming up with these!

Eagle, Frontier Wolf, Rome and Inception art )
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] osprey_archer! I hope you have a lovely day and that there is lots of delicious cake. I have no cake for you as it doesn't go through the internet very well, but instead here is a little drawing for you of the gorgeous Giulia Farnese:

I also have a few more birthday sketches (Inception, Star Wars and The Eagle) that I put up on Tumblr recently, so here they are for everyone smart enough to stay away from that dreadful place:
Beards, swishy gold capes and horsies )

Also! I am working my way through that palette meme that's been doing the rounds and enjoying it a lot, so if anyone wants to request something for it, go right ahead and do that in the comments! :) It's quite simple, the picture explains it all, although it may be a while before I work my way through all of them. So far the characters and palettes requested have been Arthur, Eames, Ariadne, Fischer, Saito, Hilarion and Marcus, and #1, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 14, so anything aside from those is fair game. Especially if it's a non-Inception/Sutcliff character! Make me draw Dark Knight Trilogy stuff, yes, or anything else, really.
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Several months ago I drew a couple of little sketches of university student Eames and his hot lecturer from the roleplay that occurs in [ profile] bauble's upcoming Sex Bucket chapter, and I rather fancied redoing Arthur properly with colour and his grey hair and also the eyes at a slightly more realistic proportion to the rest of him.

So here he is, and even better than this is a lovely new chapter that's just gone up! Screw working on my numerous WIPs or proofreading my end-of-year report, I'm spending my evening reading about kinky sex, feelings, and hopefully Eames finding lots of new and creative ways to be an asshole.

There's got to be a morning after Master Post (WIP) by [ profile] bauble

Dr Arthur (and a bonus sketch of an OC) )


Jun. 18th, 2014 10:38 pm
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Come and join [ profile] i_reversebang.
A challenge where artists create and submit art. Writers claim a piece and write a story based on it.

* * * * * *

Explanation and Rules
Sign Up: Artist | Author | Beta

If there's anything more enjoyable than rummaging through my box of Ridiculous Ideas, it's doing that then watching some poor author try to turn it into a story. :D
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I would make a boring and terrible travel writer, so my three weeks in the USA are going to summarised in a handful of photos, with minimal droning on. And a couple of sketchbook pages, except those are entirely unrelated to anything I saw on holiday, because I refuse to pretend to be a Proper Artist.

San Francisco to Portland, Hawaii )
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This is not [ profile] bauble's birthday present. [ profile] bauble's birthday present is a tastefully explicit, yet movingly tender drawing of Eames being spitroasted by Arthur and Robert Fischer. Unfortunately, because I am finding said spitroast trickier than anticipated / have been eaten by work lately / am a bad, lazy person, it's going to have to be a late present.

Instead, here is a hastily-drawn card that will have to do for now, which is horrific in both quality and subject matter. It, um, may have been inspired by one of our IM conversations about what happens in a future chapter of that Sex Bucket fic, and... yeah, it's Arthur and Eames and fursuits. Never thought I'd find myself drawing that. At least it's not so bad if I'm not responsible for the idea in the first place?

(still traumatised by the 0.4 seconds I spent image-researching furry sex, by the way)

underneath the Cut of Shame )

Anyway, I hope it amuses you, [ profile] bauble, because I don't know who else could possibly appreciate it! I hope you have a wonderful day, hopefully one that heavily features awesome food and male nudity, you pervy old woman.
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A letter arrived in the post today... )

[ profile] fruityshirts, I really don't know what to say. You're a goddamn genius, you are.

(I can start Monday)
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Here is a shitload of art! As promised, all the drawings I made for the holiday card requests. I hope everyone's card reached them and that you liked them as much as I enjoyed drawing them, because I had a lot of fun with them - I think I may well try taking prompts again, because it certainly beats having to use my own imagination. :P

Warning(/enticement?): one or two are NSFW and one is particularly explicit.

Lawless, Star Wars, Bronson, Due South, Rome, adorable animals, The Eagle, Frontier Wolf, Inception, and The Borgias )

Okay, off to spend this day properly: ignore all the small children around me and wallow in Yuletide. Yuuuuletide! Oooh, is that Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus fic I spot?
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A while ago I volunteered to create art as a prize for an [ profile] inceptiversary scavenger hunt winner, and luckily I ended up with an absolutely lovely person whose request was Eames patching Arthur up after a job gone wrong, and who didn't mind when my response was "sure, shirtless Arthur, I can do that, but more importantly, how do you feel about a billion insignificant background details that will take me months and months, YEAH, BACKGROUND DETAILS"

At first I was going to go along with the obvious setting of a hotel room, but then I came across these family holiday photos from about twenty years ago which had this charming old Malay kampung house with blue painted wood panels and gorgeous shuttered windows with intricate green grilles, and suddenly I thought a shabby little safe house in south-east Asia would be a much more interesting location. So sorry I'm using your photography to help me draw slash, dad.

Many thanks to Ms Soot for being so patient and such a pleasure to create art for, and also for being so open to all my ideas. Thanks also to the ever-patient [ profile] bauble, whose critical eye saved this from being an anatomical clusterfuck!

I shall leave what Eames is smirking about/Arthur is eyeing Eames about up to your imaginations. Though it's kind of obvious, really. )
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More art for [ profile] i_reversebang! The idea behind this was: Arthur and Eames are extracting something or other from an archaeologist in a dream level designed as an ancient ruin and overrun with giant spider projections, and discover that they have differing opinions on exactly who the greatest archaeologist-adventurer unethical grave robber is*. Also, Arthur in a tight shirt and twin thigh holsters seemed like a good thing...


This was claimed by [ profile] the_leveret, who wrote It'll be like a video game!

(I must admit that the idea of Arthur and Eames as Lara Croft and Indiana Jones is not mine; I'm sure I saw it on the kink meme ages ago and filed it under BRILLIANT in my ideas folder - if anyone has that prompt saved and can link me to it, that would be awesome)

(warning for giant spiders!)

“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.” )


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