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I've been having great fun with that palette meme going around Tumblr where you get people to pick a character and a palette number and then have to make some kind of sense out of them. I consider myself quite unadventurous when it comes to colour schemes so being forced to use combinations that I'd usually never consider was quite an adventure, and I rather like the results, even the ones with excessive amounts of retina-searing vivid colours. Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts, I've really enjoyed coming up with these!

Eagle, Frontier Wolf, Rome and Inception art )
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Here is a shitload of art! As promised, all the drawings I made for the holiday card requests. I hope everyone's card reached them and that you liked them as much as I enjoyed drawing them, because I had a lot of fun with them - I think I may well try taking prompts again, because it certainly beats having to use my own imagination. :P

Warning(/enticement?): one or two are NSFW and one is particularly explicit.

Lawless, Star Wars, Bronson, Due South, Rome, adorable animals, The Eagle, Frontier Wolf, Inception, and The Borgias )

Okay, off to spend this day properly: ignore all the small children around me and wallow in Yuletide. Yuuuuletide! Oooh, is that Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus fic I spot?
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I'm rewatching the first season of Rome again for the dozenth time. Will I ever cease to be amazed by how fucking brilliant it is? No, not when it provides me with full frontal James Purefoy nudity goodness.

N is for... Niobe's Fate

Niobe (Rome), work-safe

Ugh, Indira Varma is sickeningly beautiful. I'm the same Indian/European mix as she is, so why am I not tall with stunning features and getting paid to film sex scenes with a naked Kevin McKidd? NOT FAIR. )
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I very nearly put down my first ever love, The X-Files, but that loses a lot of points with me for not having the decency to die a dignified death way back around season 5. I gave up watching after season 7 and made the mistake of tuning in for the last ever episode and didn't know whether to laugh at how stupid and ridiculous it had become, or cry. I did quite like the movie that came out last year, apart from Mulder and Scully being a couple.

So, I think I'll pick... )
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Finally! This bloody thing is finished!


Atia )


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