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I've been having great fun with that palette meme going around Tumblr where you get people to pick a character and a palette number and then have to make some kind of sense out of them. I consider myself quite unadventurous when it comes to colour schemes so being forced to use combinations that I'd usually never consider was quite an adventure, and I rather like the results, even the ones with excessive amounts of retina-searing vivid colours. Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts, I've really enjoyed coming up with these!

Eagle, Frontier Wolf, Rome and Inception art )
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Here are the things I made for this year's Sutcliff Swap - I was super productive this time and managed two extra treats alongside my main assignment. And there are so many great stories! I am trying to pace myself and only read one or two a day, and this year I'm going to remember to leave comments for all of them instead of being a lazy selfish little shit.

I received an amazing story from [ profile] riventhorn all about one of my favourite minor characters who might get only a couple of pages in the story but is such an intriguing and awesome character, and I've wanted to read more about her ever since I read the book. And my gift fic is so brilliant! Aunt Honoria is such a sharp, shrewd character in this story, blunt and direct, but still with a lot of kindness and fondness for her friends. And there's even a little cameo by tiny!Flavius, which is an adorable scene.

A Siren Call by [ profile] riventhorn (The Silver Branch, Gen, rated G)

My gift art for [ profile] opalmatrix was a handful of illustrations from the final chapter of Dawn Wind. When I found out which fandoms I could draw for, I knew without a doubt this scene where Owain finds Regina after 11 years apart was the one I wanted to illustrate. It's such a quiet, understated moment - they don't rush into each others arms or anything - but it's so full of feeling and emotion.

I had a hard time with this and had to scrap the first few attempts, but eventually I hit upon on the idea of using a pencil-like brush and liked the effect (ALL the details in the backgrounds were done with that brush, not blocked in with a larger one), but ow, that really hurt my hand for days afterwards. I also tried to capture the emotion of the scene and not fuss too much about getting all the background details correct, mostly because I'm lazy, but things like the lion fountain and the three steps are all from the book. Also, Regina's dress - only right at the end of drawing did I discover that russet does not mean red. Oops.

The Garden of Kyndylan's Palace (also on AO3)

I am still here for you to find me )

For treats, I drew two quick sketches, one of Aunt Honoria from The Silver Branch for [ profile] bunn, and one of Cunorix from Frontier Wolf for [ profile] isiscolo. They were a great deal of fun, and seeing as I'll probably have to sit next year's Swap out due to it being the Year of the Thesis, I might do a few more like these as treats instead.

Aunt Honoria and Cunorix )
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Dear Sutcliff Swap creator,

Thank you so much for creating something for me!

Things I particularly like: Friendships, character studies, backstories, relationships (both romantic and platonic) that start get off to a rocky start, historical and cultural details, difficult choices and decisions, older characters reflecting on the paths/mistakes/happy times of their lives, betrayal and its consequences, canon-divergent AUs. I like sad, bittersweet or ambiguous endings every bit as much as I like happy ones, and I'm fine with character death if you think your story calls for it (though I'd prefer the death not to be the whole point of the plot). However, I also really like being surprised by ideas and themes that I'd never have thought of, so please don't feel you have to include any of the above if you've got another idea that you're excited about!

Things I'm not so keen on: Non-con, explicitly detailed sex, underage sex (<16's), graphic torture (I am okay with violence if it's in something like a fight, but torture or even the build-up to it is something I'm very squeamish about). I'm not a huge fan of possessiveness in relationships that are meant to be healthy ones, so characters telling their partner things like "you're mine" is a bit of a turn-off (characters telling their partner "I'm yours" though, that's different and totally encouraged!).

If you're an artist: A lot of the things I'm mentioning in this post are probably easier applied to fic than art, so I thought I'd mention a few art-specific things I love. Portraits of any of the characters or an illustration of a scene they're in would be wonderful, as would any other scenario you want to imagine. I am quite a fan of lovely detailed backgrounds so that's something you enjoy drawing too, lots of scenery would make me very happy! I also love attention to clothing, so little details like embroidery or brooches are the way to my heart, and I'd also be thrilled by the addition of animals. But really, I would be delighted with any kind of art; what I'm most interested to see is how you picture and interpret the characters.

The characters and canons I've requested are:

Aunt Honoria (The Silver Branch)
Rowena (The Lantern Bearers)

Blai (Warrior Scarlet)

I think I would love pretty much anything that explores one of these three women. (little more to come here!)
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A very, very late bit of art (very hastily coloured when I realised how close Sutcliff Swap was!) for [ profile] riventhorn's Sutcliff Companion's Comment Fest: The Shining Company's Luned and Gelert, looking windswept and wistful (well, maybe Gelert just looks like he wants a biscuit), all on their own after Prosper and Conn have left to... uhh... I actually can't remember? Someone borrowed my book a long time ago and still hasn't returned it, which also explains the very boring title as I have nothing to steal phrases from. Ah well. Doggie!

Luned and Gelert )
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(the one with the elephants and the disagreements with Romans, not the one who likes to eat people)

The most excellent [ profile] pronker alerted me to this and I figured it may also be of interest to one or two of you: Darkness Over Cannae, which looks like what will eventually be a heavily illustrated novel about Hannibal and the Battle of Cannae and oh my god, where do I send every penny I have in return for a copy? The art is incredible and has all the things I love - there are battles and elephants and Alpine crossings and angry Roman senators and damn, Hannibal looks pretty dashing. You can also find a few more sketches on her main art blog, including the most adorable earlier version of Hannibal. I do not care if the writing ends up being the worst ever (although I very much hope it won't be!), I just want all the gorgeous historical art, yes please.

In my own arting news, I have decided to ignore all the wookies, dinosaurs, fluffy domestic nudity, and wolves staring longingly at cupcakes in my WIP folder for a few minutes while I whip up a quick thing of The Shining Company's Luned and Gelert looking pensive and windswept for [ profile] riventhorn's Sutcliff Comment Fest... except whoops, this isn't looking like a quick thing at all. Well done, self! Yet again you are demonstrating why it's a really good thing that you went into science instead of trying to pay for food and the mortgage with art. Expect something for the fest in... oh, maybe about 4 months if I work hard?

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Here is a shitload of art! As promised, all the drawings I made for the holiday card requests. I hope everyone's card reached them and that you liked them as much as I enjoyed drawing them, because I had a lot of fun with them - I think I may well try taking prompts again, because it certainly beats having to use my own imagination. :P

Warning(/enticement?): one or two are NSFW and one is particularly explicit.

Lawless, Star Wars, Bronson, Due South, Rome, adorable animals, The Eagle, Frontier Wolf, Inception, and The Borgias )

Okay, off to spend this day properly: ignore all the small children around me and wallow in Yuletide. Yuuuuletide! Oooh, is that Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus fic I spot?
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I'm 15 minutes past October, but here's my final Rectober post, this one for two of my favourite little fandoms, Nolan's Batman films and Rosemary Sutcliff's book. I did mean to get an Inception rec post done in time, but that started turning into a huge long list and then I got distracted with uh, other things (I blame all you people who requested Xmas cards - I have done nothing these past few weeks except frantically scribble! And by blame, I do of course mean love, because I am having a vast amount of fun with those, and even my mother likes all the crossdressing), so maybe I'll finish off that rec list some time in November.

Batman and Rosemary Sutcliff )
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Art for the first round of the [ profile] ninth_eagle fanmedia challenge! This is bookverse Marcus art, and if there is anything I've learnt from this, it's that I'm an idiot for not drawing more book!Marcus and thus avoiding all the temper tantrums I've thrown in the past two years over Channing Tatum's frustratingly thumb-like face and his squinty little eyes.

I started off intending to make this just an illustration of Marcus in his oculist disguise after being inspired by the oculist's seal prompt, but then I came across some lovely Roman funerary paintings and had to see if I could mimic that style (not that Marcus is supposed to be dead! He just wanted a reminder of how awesome he looked in his Phrygian cap and beard!). There's also a little bit of the BBC miniseries Marcus (who is adorable) in this, but I wanted to avoid fussing too much about likenesses (as I always do!) and focus more on the style of those Roman paintings.

“Can I cure the eye sickness?—I am Demetrius of Alexandria. *The* Demetrius of Alexandria.” )
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Whee, Sutcliff Swap is open! I am going to have several happy days of reading all the fic, starting with The Centaur, which [ profile] sineala wrote for meeee! I have no doubt that I'll love it, because a) [ profile] sineala's writing is always amazing and she can do no wrong, b) Uncle Aquila and Claudius Hieronimianus having adventures in Judea! and c) those adventures somehow involve a CENTAUR.

My contribution was art for The Lantern Bearers, one of my very favourite Sutcliff books. StripySock suggested the scene where Aquila meets Prince Ambrosius and swears his loyalty to him as something she'd like to see illustrated. Great, I thought! I love that scene, Aquila's probably my favourite character of Sutcliff's, I can see it clearly in my head, let's get started and finding references to help me out can totally come later. And then, um, that last bit proved a lot harder than I anticipated, and I ended up heading into HOORAY LET'S MAKE UP EVERYTHING territory (well, apart from that hand of Aquila's, phew), so there may be a lot of magical lighting that does not obey the laws of physics, but I still had a huge amount of fun painting this and trying a rougher, looser style than my usual (even if it did take so long that it scuppered all my plans to draw a few treats).

A million thanks to [ profile] bunn and [ profile] the_little_owl for all their help and encouragement with this.

You can see the art either on AO3 or under here:

It wasn’t as good as love; it wasn’t as good as hate; but it was something to put into the emptiness within him; better than nothing at all. )

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Look at all the awesome things I got in my fandom stocking! I had so much fun with it and will totally be doing it next year (when I will hopefully have more time to stuff all the stockings that catch my eye and not just the ones of people I know). Everything I got was brilliant and having to wait all day to get home from the lab and read them was torture, but look at the amazing fic people wrote for me!
  • [ profile] sineala wrote In the Hands of the Painted People, a canon-era AU where the Romans have developed dreamshare technology and Placidus uses it to extract information about the Seal People from Dergdian/Seal Prince, and oh my god EAGLE/INCEPTION FUSION. :D :D :D And it works so well!
  • [ profile] StripySock wrote Spring Is Icumen In, a gorgeous, slightly melancholic fic about Uncle Aquila and I love it to bits - I adore stories about older characters looking back on their lives, and everyone should read this because it's beautiful.
  • [ profile] carmarthen wrote A Jest for the Gods, a Frontier Wolf fic about Connla's jealousy of Cunorix over Alexios (YAY CUNORIX AND CONNLA) and An Unexpected Gift, an alternate ending to the awesome dinosaur AU Beyond the Mists, in which Marcus brings back a souvenier from his trip to the land of dinosaurs and Uncle Aquila is Not Impressed... or is he? I am never going to not find the image of Uncle Aquila and a little plesiosaur utterly charming.
  • [ profile] seascribe wrote Spreading Ruin and Scattering Ban - Marcus, Esca and Cottia on their little OT3 farm... with creepy, man-eating demon goats. DEMON GOATS. ILU, [ profile] seascribe! (yeah, I still want to pet their little demonic heads)
  • [ profile] bunn wrote Envy,  a wonderful 100 words about Cassius and the rebuilding of Isca Dumnoniorum.

And okay, this was not for fandom stocking, but everyone should see it - a gorgeous Downton Abbey watercolour painting by [ profile] sibila_cantus of Gwen/Sybil, which I shall stare at happily whenever I get sad about my two favourite characters being gone.

THANKS, GUYS. ♥ Now I need to go read all the things other people got!

I also drew a few small things for other people's stockings:

Inception, Eagle and Frontier Wolf! )
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First piece for the Eagle Reverse Bang! This is bookverse Uncle Aquila (though I've kept Uncle Aquila looking like Donald Sutherland, because Donald Sutherland is very pretty) remembering a happy moment between his young self and his Painted Tribesman Boyfriend, inspired by his line in the book “I have sworn the blood brotherhood with a painted tribesman up beyond where Hadrian’s Wall stands now...”

Fittingly, the person who originally gave me this idea many months ago ended up being the one writing the accompanying fic. [ profile] isiscolo, thank you so much for writing the story I have been craving for ages, and for being such an awesome person to work with. I might not have read it yet (I like surprises!), but I have no doubt it'll be utterly fantastic.

Blood Brother by [ profile] isiscolo (Uncle Aquila and OMC, rated G)

Thanks go to [ profile] demon_rum and [ profile] goblin_dae for all their help beating this into shape, and [ profile] isiscolo for the title!

"I do not need anything to remind me," said Aquila, though his fingers curved possessively around the dagger. "I will remember this forever." )
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Hi [ profile] isiscolo! Here is some Eagle of the Ninth art of Cottia and Cub waiting for Marcus and Esca to return from their eagle-hunting adventures for you, because a) you are an awesome person whose writes amazing fic and I am very glad you're in EOT9/Sutcliff fandom, b) I needed a refreshing break from the why-on-earth-did-I-think-this-would-be-a-good-idea painting, and c) it is apparantly your birthday. Happy birthday!

Yay bookverse art! I hope this is not too far off what you picture Cottia as looking like. )
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Now Sutcliff Swap authors and artists have been revealed, here's what I did - yes yes, like it wasn't blatantly obvious which one was mine! I drew The Shining Company fanart of Prosper/Conn/Luned for [ profile] carmarthen - completely fluffy, G-rated OT3 with Gelert the failhound looking very perplexed about why the silly humans have their hands all over each other and not petting him.

The Three Of Us Together )
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Whoever decided to open the collection while I've still got several hours left in the lab (FASTER, SCIENCE!), you are a cruel person. At least sneaking glances at that ADORABLE painting of Hilarion with a kitten is keeping me from exploding with impatience. Eeeeeee.
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If you're an artist, then pretty much anything depicting the characters below would make me incredibly happy (anything rated from G to R is fine - I'm not so keen on NC-17-rated art), and illustrations from the books or from the suggestions below would be great, but if you have other ideas, that is fine too! Stuff I like to see in art: landscapes! Historical clothing! Trees and other greenery! Horses and dogs! These are optional though, so don't feel you have to include them if you'd rather not.

As for fic, so long as everyone is in character, I don't mind what you write! I'm fine with ratings all the way from G to NC-17, and slash, gen or het is all good, as are things like character death or unhappy endings (though if you want to write fluff, that's great too!). I've listed some ideas below, but do feel free to adapt or ignore them as you wish.

Frontier Wolf: Alexios/Cunorix - I am perfectly happy with anything from depressingly canon-compliant one-sided Alexios pining, to something happier set in the first half of the book.

The Shining Company: Luned/Prosper/Conn - post-book reunion of the OT3, after Prosper has returned from Constantinople? I loved Cynan too, so if you want to work him into the story somehow that would be brilliant.

The Lantern Bearers: Flavia - I'd love to read a story about what happens to her after she's kidnapped, and how she goes from that to deciding to stay behind with her child and husband instead of escaping with Aquila.

The Silver Branch: Aunt Honoria - Backstory or character study? Aunt Honoria was awesome, and I'd love to read more about her.

Anyway, I am sure I will love anything that has these characters in it, and I'm so looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :)
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1. I had the most lovely long (and loud) weekend with [ profile] ainsoph15 and [ profile] poziomeczka. Our trip to Hadrian's Wall was the ultimate British Outing: attempt to have picnic in field full of sheep poo, get chased out by swarms of midges, end up in car drinking beer and metallic thermos tea. It was fun! I was a little disappointed that the beacons were small gas tanks and not Return of the King-style massive piles of wood, but it was still very pretty. My photos of the beacons are all rather crappy since it was so dark, but here is a nice one of Hadrian's favourite thing ever (aside from Antinous' arse):


2. Things I have signed up for!

Sutcliff Swap! Am hoping to end up drawing something from The Lantern Bearers, Frontier Wolf or The Shining Company because those three books = MY HEART. ♥ I've just started Sword at Sunset and really like the slightly more adult style of writing, but at my rate of one chapter before bed, I'll be finishing it long after the exchange is over.

Also, uh, this thing, which I've done a terrible job of promoting until now, considering I'm helping to run it...

Come and join [ profile] eagle_rbb!
An Eagle/Eagle of the Ninth challenge where artists create and submit art. Writers claim
a piece and write a story based on it.
* * * * * *
Explanation and Rules
Sign Up: Artist | Author | Beta

3. I have my parents staying with me this week. While I do love them, my patience does get a workout every time my mother rearranges the whole house ("I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAN LIVE LIKE THIS!!!" as the cookbook shelf is exchanged with the tea shelf) and the topic of conversation over dinner is how I don't have boobs (I wish I could phrase this more delicately, but they really didn't). And it means I'm unable to work on my Inception groping art, bah. On the plus side, my kitchen is stocked for the zombie/nuclear apocalypse, and they seem to be sticking to their own alcohol this time instead of depleting mine.

Unfortunately, they like Glasgow so much that they're talking about retiring here. GOODBYE GLASGOW, HELLO SIBERIA!


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