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Mini-alcohol bottles = BEST EVER WAY TO FIGHT WOLVES. I do feel slightly bad about this, I like wolves. Never mind, I'll just pretend they're actually Twilight characters.

High-pitched squealing about to commence. COVER YOUR EARS.
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Well... not as good a film as I'd hoped - the pacing felt really odd at times and some of the acting was a bit suspect (yes Kevin Bacon and January Jones, I'm looking at you), but oh wow, did the epic Charles/Eric love make it wonderful. I now fully understand what half my flist are on about. And the cameo - eeee! Also, Michael Fassbender, consider me a fan of yours.

However, was I the only person to be completely on Eric's side? I was musing on this all evening and ended up drifting into other films where the hero on his quest to be morally perfect ends up just causing more harm to everyone else. I think my rant culminated in the wife trying to watch Batman Begins while I got all shouty about whether Ducard and his League of Shadows actually had a good point and gesticulated wildly with a large kitchen knife (I was cooking dinner! Not trying to be that violent, really). The wife says it's because I'm a bitch, though I notice he only said that after I'd put the knife away. He's probably right.

And so Michael Fassbender has convinced me I need to go see Jane Eyre (mmmm, Jamie Bell's sideburns...), but because I have no friends in this wretched city to go to the cinema with, I've had to promise the wife that in return for accompanying me I'll do the sickest, most depraved thing anyone could ask me to do - something so vile and humiliating that I won't ever be able to look at myself in a mirror again without being filled with shame and self-loathing.

...I have to go see Transformers III with him.

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Went to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams - what an incredible subject ruined by appalling 3D use, an intrusive soundtrack, and an utterly pretentious voiceover. The thirty thousand-year-old cave paintings were so, so beautiful but all I can think about is what the hell the opinion of mutant albino crocodiles on prehistoric art at the end had to do with anything.


My self-control got overridden by the MUST HAVE PRETTY today and I bought this lovely thing (for much, much less than the humongous original price but still enough to make me wince):

I care not that aviator jackets are so last season (it's not like I've ever been fashionable anyway), it feels and looks lovely, and will stop me from wearing out my beloved leather jacket from Florence. Smells lovely too. Like happy fluffy sheep.


Oct. 22nd, 2010 06:23 pm
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Unknown White Male trailer

Car chases, explosions and Liam beating people up. I think I just peed myself with excitement.
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- Utterly cheesy, ridiculous and the most fun I've had at the cinema for a long time. Loved every second of it's silly mindless action and men with fantastic thighs and little leather skirts. I haven't had the urge to go see a film for the second time at the cinema in years, but I think I'll try to see this one again.

- Very glad I didn't go see it in 3D because there were too many frantic, quickly-cut action scenes that would have been impossible to focus on and left me with a splitting headache again. And all the reviews for 3D I've read have slated it for being a terrible conversion.

- Ah, Liam, you lovely creature. I quite liked the massive mane of hair actually, but the beard needs a trim.

- Sam Worthington: adorable piece of beefcake but severely lacking in charisma. But don't worry, just keep staring at his lovely, lovely thighs and you won't notice a thing.

- I only hope that the costume designer responsible for Zeus's appalling sparkly armour which looks like he nicked it from the Lord of the Rings elves was the same person who gave us all those delightful leather skirts for the men to fall over in. Only way they could redeem themselves.

- Yay, Atia Polly Walker as Cassiopeia! Huge knockers too.

- DId I mention all the men with fantastic thighs and little leather skirts that fall over a lot? :D
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Just got back from seeing Chloe - I won't mention any spoilers, but I'll put my very short review under a cut just in case.

Read more... )

And while I'm at it, one for The Other Man )
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I... I may have gone to see Angels and Demons, and er... possibly enjoyed it. Yes, it was stupid, I guessed the ending twist about a month ago, and I did try my hardest to dislike it, but, but... oh Ewan, you're far too cute in a cassock.


Michael Lamb/Patrick McKenna art bunny, you just aren't going to leave me alone, are you?


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