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Am back from Budapest and Vienna! Not that I was ever that far away from LJ because I did have some internet access, and good thing too seeing as how productive my beloved little Eagle fandom was last week.

The good: Budapest was gorgeous at night but it was Vienna I really, really loved, even if it did make a mockery of my intended budget. But I was good! I did not buy either the giraffe-skin coat nor the outrageously expensive but delicious-looking chocolate truffles. I got my fill of museums there (maybe not so much art as I would have liked, but Wife is trying to talk me into going to Florence later this year for a long weekend), got to see the Venus of Willendorf, and visited a very lovely little Roman museum where I squealed audibly at all the Mithras carvings.

The not-so-good: My god, the weather. TOO HOT. "No Wife, Istanbul is going to be far too warm this time of year! Let's go somewhere in Europe instead, I'm sure it will be much cooler." Ahahaha. At least the Turks know what air-con is; the B&B in Vienna didn't even have a fan, and lying in a puddle of your own sweat listening to the drunk people on the street below and your neighbours having very loud, very enthusiastic sex, while amusing, isn't that much fun when you find yourself doing it at 3am.

Also, and I blame this on the heat making me only able to think GET INTO SHADE FIND BEER/ICE-CREAM, I lugged the beast of a camera everywhere yet I took exactly 27 photos, none of which I'm particularly proud of, so you are all spared the tedium of my holiday snaps. I think from now on, for city breaks I'm only going to take my smaller and lighter film camera. God, I sound like I'm complaining way too much. It was fun, really!

Oh wait, I lied. Here, to prove I haven't entirely forgotten about this meme, here's another of those 30 photos things. Totally fake tilt-shift photo of the view from Budapest's St. Stephen's Basilica (boring photo? JUST USE PHOTOSHOP), and believe me when I say that after a full day of non-stop walking up hills, climbing a million steps is not the best way to cool down. Nice views of the city though.

P.S. I will spare you all my ranting because I think you may have heard it all before, but I would like to point out my new tag. ARGH.
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Someone hold my hand and pat my head and tell me everything will be all right and that Marcus looks perfect now so it's time to move on and want to punch Jamie Bell repeatedly. Why is this so haaaaard? *whimpers*

There, all better now! Yeah, I think I need a ranty art tag.

...and stop looking up 19th Century British army uniforms and getting turned on by them, Zoe. They probably did all sorts of shitty things to your ancestors. Or they were your ancestors.


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