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The last batch!

At the heart of the medina is the Djemma El Fna, the main square and marketplace. During the day the square doesn't look busy or impressive at all, just orange juice stalls and people trying to earn money by posing for tourist photos - water sellers in their traditional red costumes, snake charmers and men dragging about chained Barbary apes (who got a very curt response from me when they tried to get me to pose with them). I hate being pestered for money (and I never seemed to have any coins on me), so I didn't try to take photos of any of them. At night though, the place really starts to get lively. Food stalls are set up and the square gets filled up with storytellers, beggers, henna artists, dancers and musicians. Who also harass you for money if you look at them, let alone take photos.

The Djemaa El Fna and the souks )

Uh, so when I said my massive photospam was almost over, I neglected to mention that I took the camera along to the Lake District this weekend, and we actually had really nice weather (though I don't have a huge amount of photos, because some people were more interested in beer than long walks). You'll have a short breather of a few days while I attempt to master Photoshop's HDR function and try to produce photos that don't look as if I do my post-processing while taking LSD.
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Not too far out of the old city is the Majorelle garden, a pretty little place designed by a colonial-era French artist and once owned by Yves Saint Laurent. It's small but very peaceful away from the noise of the rest of the city and is filled with yellow and cobalt blue pots, and a blue art deco villa. Also enjoyable if you've got a cactus fetish.

Lots of planty things )
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Here's the first lot of photos - I'm going to be that boring relative at family reunions who insists on sharing their thousands of holiday snaps, I'm afraid.

I'm a little disappointed by the photos I took - or rather, didn't take. The most interesting subjects weren't the buildings but the people there, but because I don't have the balls nor the charm required for street photography (and I took just my Giant Vacuum Cleaner lens, which is has neither the long focal length or the size to be stealthy) I didn't take any portraits. And judging from the response of the locals to other tourists sticking their cameras at them, I'm glad I didn't try to.

The medina - the fortified old city )
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Just back from five days in Marrakech spent trying to not be run over by every motorbike, bicycle and donkey in the city. I have hundreds of photos to process and sort, but here's a teaser (nicely fitting into one of those photo prompts) while I'm waiting for the hot water to heat up and finally wash all the dirt and grime off me.

Ben Youssef Medersa:

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I got news that my paper from St. Andrews (okay, I am first author on it but I didn't write a single word, just contributed some data, so I feel a fraud calling it mine but my ego likes it) got accepted by a very good journal. Aw, I feel like a proper little scientist now.

(until I go into the lab tomorrow and realise my work is going nowhere and cry)


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