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Can't afford twin flash for macro work? Make own with cheap bits and pieces from ebay!

Sometimes I think I get more pleasure out of building things for my camera than from taking photos. Maybe I'll save up for a tripod and build a little mini-studio to take photos of dead bugs and stuff with it.


The wife and I have decided to skip the usual 2-week holiday this year and go visit two different places for 4-5 days each instead. Thing is I have no idea where to go (ideas?), though I've started thinking about Iceland a lot in the last 10 minutes. I don't even know what there is to do in Iceland, but I do like fish.


Hey Merlin fans (all uh, 2 of you?) - I need lots of reference pictures of Morgana for the next drawing and I'm too lazy to bother with screencapping. Know of any good websites for images?
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Why yes, I have been indulging my camera gear obsession.

Meet my new Canon AE-1 Program, £60 off eBay and in near spotless condition for something ~25 years old. Isn't she a beauty?

Now I need to learn how to work the thing, decide what film to try out, buy film, take photos and find a good lab to develop them. The cost of film and developing means I'll probably limit myself to no more than a roll a month, so it's not like I'm giving up digital any time soon. But what I'd give to have a digital camera that has the viewfinder as nice and large as this one.


Just the TV adverts for the new Chronicles of Narnia film are making me teary, so I think I'm going to need an industrial-sized box of tissues to take with me when I go see it. Also, I always thought Aslan was a bit of a sanctimonious prick with a habit of turning up at the end of the battle and claiming all the credit, but I adore him now he sounds like Liam Neeson. What? I never claimed I wasn't utterly shallow.
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I'm trying to get more into macro photography but the biggest problem for me is the nasty harsh lighting that the flash gives. Normally I prefer to only use natural light, but there's no escaping it when I have to use apertures of at least f11 and still have a high enough shutter speed for a non-stabilised lens (not to mention those pesky insects that refuse to stay still). So last night, in an attempt it block out a crappy week at work, I got the apartment covered in sellotape and cardboard making this ridiculous thing:

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Jun. 5th, 2010 05:33 pm
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So, you know how I had a self-imposed ban on buying any more camera stuff for at least the next year?

Yeah, it lasted long.

But, but, but it was such an absolute bargain and in pristine condition for a second hand lens and I was going to buy this eventually and summer is a great time for macro photos and it'll make me go to botanic gardens more often and I swear this will be the last I buy for a very long time.

Someone please burn my debit card.
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Eee. I am so in love with my new lens, it is a beast and worth every last one of those tens of thousands of pennies I paid for it. Every bit as sharp as my primes even wide open, and with even better colour and contrast (usually I do a bit of adjusting of these when converting to jpeg, but I hardly had to touch anything this time!). It's so good, I fear that it's going to be permanently attached to my camera and none of my other lenses will ever get used again. The only negative things about it are a) it weighs a frikking ton, and b) it was pristine when it arrived, but after 1 day of use there are already quite a few tiny little dust particles inside the lens. Guess I'm going to have to break my vow of not buying camera stuff until next year and fork out for a good filter to try and limit what's getting in. But whatever, it's awesome. Guilt has completely gone. :D

Anyway, I had plans to go to Rievaulx Abbey to test it out, but my father scuppered that by insisting on taking me gliding. So instead of pretty ruins, here are some slightly less interesting ones of East Yorkshire from the air. )

And moving on to a completely unrelated subject, my former supervisor in St. Andrews sent me the paper he's been working on since I left. He's only gone and made me first author on it. I know, it has to be accepted somewhere first (fingers crossed it gets into a decent journal), but wow, I love that man.
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I never used to care much about my camera - I had a little point-and-click which I stuck it on auto if I remembered to take it out with me. A year ago my father gave me his DSLR when he bought a newer one and now it's my favourite hobby, aside from painting. I just wish someone had warned me what an expensive hobby it becomes once you become consumed with lens lust! It's worth it though - since taking up photography I've had much more enthusiasm for going out and exploring places nearby at the weekends. At least that's what I'm telling myself to justify buying the ridiculously expensive (but optically gorgeous) 17-55mm later this year. :D

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I had an interview on Monday for a research technician job in a group that uses structural biology, mostly NMR, to look at the surface proteins of bacteria that cause meningitis and septicimea. It wasn't an absolute disaster, not anywhere near as bad as last one I had, but I'm horribly awkward and nervous in interviews, and this one was no exception.

Strangely enough, I got the job a mere 3 hours later.

So yay, employment! The pay is good, the lab head seems like a decent bloke who's keen for me to pick up more techniques, and there's the possibility of doing a Masters or PhD at the same time. I'm going to celebrate by buying Delia Smith cookbooks, booking a trip down to London to meet up with [ profile] temve  et al., and finally stop feeling guilty about living off my boy.

Also, behold my new toy! I've been fantasizing about buying a decent SLR camera recently, but my dad just upgraded to the newest model and handed me his old one. The lens is slightly better than the one shown, and even in the hands of someone as clueless about photography as me it produces some decent pictures.

My grandmother's sweet, but horribly smelly dog. )


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