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I'm 15 minutes past October, but here's my final Rectober post, this one for two of my favourite little fandoms, Nolan's Batman films and Rosemary Sutcliff's book. I did mean to get an Inception rec post done in time, but that started turning into a huge long list and then I got distracted with uh, other things (I blame all you people who requested Xmas cards - I have done nothing these past few weeks except frantically scribble! And by blame, I do of course mean love, because I am having a vast amount of fun with those, and even my mother likes all the crossdressing), so maybe I'll finish off that rec list some time in November.

Batman and Rosemary Sutcliff )
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Oops, today is not Friday! Busy week is my lame excuse, but here are five better-late-than-never recs for The Eagle/Eagle of the Ninth, which are in no theme whatsoever except "things I read/reread recently and think are awesome and deserve loads more attention."

Canon-era fic (and a little bit of art) recs for The Eagle/EOT9 )
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I think I shall start this off with some small fandoms - well, some small, some absolutely miniscule. Please do forgive how lame my explanations for why these are awesome are; I'd forgotten how rubbish I am at articulating why I like something, and I THINK THE WORDS AND THEIR ORDER IS CLEVER is the most eloquent I get. But trust me, these are all fantastic. Because I say so.

Fic recs for 21 Jump Street, Jurassic Park, Private Eye, Looper and The Borgias )


Oct. 1st, 2013 11:37 pm
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Right. Let's give this excellent idea from [ profile] birdsofshore a go. Multifandom recs every, um... Friday? I will not chicken out because I worry that reccing stuff makes people side-eye me and go "really? that?"


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