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- Still no internet, dammit. Probably won't have it sorted for another few weeks, yet the wife refuses to let me call them up and explain how important it is that I get more fanfic to read. I only have 36 unread fics on my Kindle! What on earth do I do once I've gone through them? I will however be distracted for a few days as I get my shiny new MacBook to defile tomorrow - I love my new supervisor very much, I do. 

- Have not finished unpacking yet, but getting there! At least the flat looks more like home and I'm no longer having regular sobbing sessions over how much I dislike it. And we have a working fireplace, so it should be nice and cosy once I go rug shopping. Ugh, moving house eats up far too much money. I have given up my fancy expensive loose leaf tea while my finances recover. Oh the sacrifices I must make...

- Spent yesterday at a microbiome symposium where one of the speakers was called Professor Xavier, and so I spent his talk thinking the most dirty thoughts my mind was capable of coming up with to try to distract him. Also, after a full day of talks about colon microbe communities and rectal bleeding and faecal transplants, I don't think I can ever read about rimming again. Thanks science!

- If The Shining Company continues being awesome and doesn't nosedive after the first few chapters (yes Silver Branch, I'm looking at you), I think it may well become my favourite Sutcliff book so far. I hope Luned doesn't disappear for the rest of the book now that Conn and Prosper have gone off - my biggest complaint about her books is that she writes these really interesting female characters (Flavia, Cottia) who get ignored a lot while the boys go off and have adventures. I have Sword at Sunset to read once I'm finished, and it turns out my dad is also a Sutcliff fan and has two of her books that I need to steal from him - uh, I've forgotten which ones they are, but they're not the more well-known ones. Yay, more Sutcliff!

- Okay, have to detach myself from the lab internet and go home to work on my Inception Reverse Big Bang piece! I am torn between feeling delighted with how it looks technically, and petrified that people are going to hate it as a prompt as it's really, really bland and uninspiring. After that, I should get started on this Eagle Reverse Big Bang that certain horrible people have talked me into co-running. Ugh, I am so worried that it'll be a flop and no-one will want to take part. And no, Certain Horrible People, my submission for it will not be an Italian Renaissance Artist AU. Fuck off.
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I am so sorry for being Spammy McSpamalot lately! I will shut up and fuck off after this.

How people in science see each other. Not far off, actually. )


I was nosing around the last Inception Reverse Big Bang and came across this brilliant lab AU art by [ profile] distracterisey that I want to marry. Eames and his delightfully awful wolf shirt and mouth-pipetting! ♥ Oh Inception Fandom, you have all the awesome things! Makes me wonder what happened to my plans for a lab AU with PhD students Esca and Marcus. Oh yes, that's right! They and Happy Gay Modern Farmers are gathering dust because my Ideas are being most un-British and are refusing to queue up patiently like I told them to.


Okay, forget scientists Arthur/Eames or PhD students Esca/Marcus. The best labfic ever would be a Star Wars prequel AU, more specifically the one I came up with at 3am this morning (insomnia: not the best thing to have when you are spending the week getting up at 6.30am and spending 2 hours on the bus/train each way to learn super-confusing new techniques in Liverpool). Here is some background on the main characters. It is really dreadful and should not be read by anyone.

Dr. Jinn (promotion to Professor is out of the question after his many feuds with Prof. Windu - see below), principal investigator in the area of mitochondrial (geddit?) research. Has slightly New Age-sounding, rather unscientific ideas for research directions that make his post-doc (see below) weep into his tea during lab meetings. Is a total ass.

Dr. Kenobi, Jinn's long-suffering post-doctoral researcher. His research is going nowhere, he hasn't published anything in years, funding is running out, and his career is circling the drain. Not because he's a bad scientist, but because he made the mistake of accepting Dr. Jinn's job offer. Lies awake every night worrying that their new idiot PhD student (see below) has left the bunsen burner gas taps on again.

Anakin, the Jinn group's idiot PhD student. Sets the centrifuge on fire every Tuesday without fail. Blames Dr. Kenobi for all his many screw-ups, yet for some reason Dr. Jinn considers him the golden child. Has infatuation bordering on creepy and stalkerish with Padme, the next lab's precocious final-year PhD student who already has two Nature publications.

Prof. Windu, the Head of Department. Has huge stick up ass because Mace Windu wouldn't be Mace Windu without it. Constantly infuriated by Dr. Jinn and how his poor publication record is going to drag down the department's RAE rating.

If I wrote this, Dr. Kenobi would have the most horrible life ever despite being the only non-asshole in the story. Also, it would be epistolary fic in the form of email, lab books and the qPCR machine booking sheet. I tell you, if I could write fiction the world would be both a more wonderful and more terrible place.


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