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I would make a boring and terrible travel writer, so my three weeks in the USA are going to summarised in a handful of photos, with minimal droning on. And a couple of sketchbook pages, except those are entirely unrelated to anything I saw on holiday, because I refuse to pretend to be a Proper Artist.

San Francisco to Portland, Hawaii )
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Oh hey, dragons! Excellent, I now have an urge to draw Eagle/Pern fusions and must go take that idea out the back and shoot it and burn the remains before it takes hold. Here, to say thank you to everyone for them I shall give you three of my favourite things:

Really stupid drawings I did when I should have been working on zombies instead )

Talking of zombies, I have four finished illustrations for the Eagle Big Bang (I hope no-one is expecting anything astounding from me, because I have apparently gone for quantity over quality). Esca is in one of them, Cottia is in two, and sodding Marcus is in all four. Piss off Marcus, it's not fair to hog them all, and anyway, I don't even like drawing you. And hey, I drew a sex scene, finally! It is... not Esca/Marcus. One day, guys, one day.

Also, my parents finally found out I draw, as they call it, "gay things" - and it was not as awkward as I thought it would be! I had them over last weekend and while my back was turned, they snatched up my book version of Passion and Profession that I'd forgotten to move from my desk, and OF COURSE it had to open on the caning picture. I have to say, I was impressed not only by how they immediately deduced I was responsible from my mortified reaction, but how after squealing "is it a GAYYY book?" at me they agreed that St. John preferring men actually made a lot of sense. My father even sounded a little proud when he said he could now claim his daughter was "a molecular biologist AND an illustrator of pornographic literature." Awesome. Still think I'm going to keep the penis pictures away from them for now.
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I think I need a tag named '[ profile] carmarthen made me do it', though I suspect [ profile] sineala isn't entirely innocent either. So, second round of the [ profile] ninth_eagle fanmedia challenge and I have picked a fusion with Dinotopia, a book I've never even read (but [ profile] carmarthen has written a really lovely short Eagle/Dinotopia fic, and needs to write more!), and I suspect it won't make much sense to many other people. Um, Esca with his flying pterosaur mount, quite possibly horribly wrong and inaccurate.

The prompt (just pretend those dragons are actually badly-drawn pterosaurs, okay?):

Esca, Skybax Rider )

Also, I promised [ profile] ladytiferet I'd make more use out of my poor negelected sketchbook and draw her steampunk Esca. Oh man, once I get over my fear of screwing up everything with a few misplaced lines and panicking when I can't find cmd+z, I really, really love pencils. I should use them more than I currently do.

Steampunk Esca (and Caesar finally gets his head) )


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