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In meeting strange creepy people off the internet news, I had [ profile] bauble come visit me last month and she was every bit as delightful and easy to get along with as I'd hoped, and now I miss her terribly. I took a few days off work to drive her all around Scotland (islands aside, very nearly literally - I'm not sure there's much left here for me to see now), only coming close to killing us both with my wobbly driving once or twice, doing all the touristy Scottishy things while she pronounced everything to be "adorable!" which was very charming, at least until she accused me of being adorable too because I'm aiming for scary and intimidating, dammit. Stupid dimples of mine. Alas, she managed to escape my nefarious plot to imprison her in my attic and force her to write perverted filth for my entertainment, but now I know where she lives and can track her down later this year and make her drag me around all the NYC shows that have copious amounts of male nudity.

And talking of male (semi-)nudity, on Saturday I'm going to Edinburgh to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (yes, again, shut up, it was that good) with [ profile] goblin_dae! I am very very excited because it was one of the most amazing things I've seen when it was on in Glasgow a few months ago, and also because this time I've got seats on the side that has the guy who gets completely naked when pretending to be a statue, yes, yes I am shallow and an embarrassment to everyone.

In PhDing news, it is continuing to be not so disastrous! \o/ I can sort of see little green sprouts of data starting to pop up and bring life to the vast wasteland that is my handful of results chapters, and so the panic over not having enough to churn out a thesis is starting to fade. In its place, however, is panic over somehow managing to juggle the vast amount of things that need to be done in this final year - holidays and free weekends/evenings are going to become scarce - but it's a panic that feels manageable so far, I think. And I like being kept busy, for now. I don't mind having to work until I'm exhausted and only have time to go home, eat dinner, shower, fall into bed and start it all again the next morning, because at least it's work that is producing something rather than the stuff where you work for weeks and months and nothing comes out of it at all. And some of it is even exciting positive stuff that can go towards a publication, hopefully! I showed my supervisor some of my lovely data this week and for the first time in a long while he seemed really pleased by my work, and dear lord it was embarrassing how internally I was all YES I HAVE BEEN A GOOD DOG, RUB MY TUMMY. :D :D :D I am so shamelessly needy.

Anyway, it's another eight days left of another epic, exhausting mouse experiment, and therefore eight days until I can stop thinking about poo so much that when I go for a bowel movement of my own I'm unable to stop picturing a giant labcoat-wearing mouse looming over me as I sit there with my trousers around my ankles, a look of mild irritation on its mousey face brought about by my inability to defecate promptly. Sometimes I wish my imagination wasn't quite so visual.

In fandom news... well, I have none, really. I'm still very much married to Inception and Sutcliff and Eagle (I rewatched Eagle a few days ago and have been re-smitten with feelings for it, and the wife summed it up very nicely with his comment of "Jesus, this film is more gay than those gay internet stories where they have buttsex"), which I suppose is a good thing given I don't really have time to be taken over by a new fandom. Though I have tried! I even reluctantly went to go see the new Captain America after the fuss about it on my LJ/tumblr feed, and... I was so bored. The only things keeping me awake were Anthony Mackie's very pretty eyes and Frank Grillo being extremely hot and bad, but I couldn't see the appeal of everything else. I don't suppose fandom is ignoring all the Bucky/Steve in favour of writing Sam and Rumlow's fight scene ending up with them making out, and then punching each other a little more, is it?

And in arting news... well, see the PhDing news for why my output this year has been so dismal. I am drawing! I'm just drawing super complicated challenging things and drawing them very, very slowly, and I think I'm maybe far more interested in improving and pushing myself as an artist this year instead of being active in fandom and churning out things that will make me popular. Right now I'm trying to focus on Sutcliff Swap and up until yesterday I thought it was a terrible idea for me to sign up, what with my current glacial rate of putting down 3 pixels a day, but I've had an Idea and managed to get it down in rough sketch form, so fingers crossed it all works out by the deadline! When that's done I've got a commission to finish, and then two stupidly complex and detailed Inception pieces to finish off. Here, have proof that I'm not lying about still working on things with this small section of the mess of scribbling that one day will be Dinoception:

Whoops, this got long and rambly. Sorry.
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Huh, that's a month gone by without a non-art post. People will start thinking I've abandoned LJ for Tumblr. Not true! I have just been living an extremely boring life recently, and could not think of a single remotely interesting thing to talk about. Not that this post is going to have any.

So, Tumblr... yeah, I've been trying to force myself to use it a little more because as much as I wish it weren't, Inception fandom seems to be a lot more active there than on LJ. I think I dislike it a little less now? I suppose I quite like how it feels easy to follow people I've admired for ages but never worked up the courage to friend on LJ, and I've even had a few short conversations with new people, though I really have no clue about Tumblr etiquette and spend forever panicking over Ask vs Fanmail, and do I answer messages publicly or privately, and argh, I really have no clue how this stupid website works. Still not quite at the liking stage, although I find I am spending an awful lot of time refreshing it, but that's probably just me being desperate for ways to procrastinate when I should be painting Things With Deadlines.

For posting fanart though... I've heard a lot of people say it's better for artists than LJ and I agree that it certainly can get you more exposure, but I'm not so sure I love it. My last Arthur/Eames drawing got me a few hundred likes/reblogs (not much, I know, but still a lot for me!) and it was nice that that many people liked it, but... nice is all it was, and I got more excited over one brief LJ comment than the number of Tumblr notes. So to all of you lovely people who occasionally (or regularly!) leave comments on some terrible thing I've drawn, thank you. It means a great deal to me, it really does. Anyway, that's made me realise I should probably make sure my fandom interaction doesn't slide into only clicking like/kudos buttons, so I'm forcing myself to leave one bit of feedback per day. You know what the hardest thing to leave a comment on is? Something so brilliant and awesome that all you can think of is how you want to take the author/artist back home and feed them tea and biscuits and stare adoringly at them while they sleep, and I'm told that some people may find that slightly creepy. Expressing appreciation is a tricky thing.

Non-fannishly: I'm discovering that home ownership hastens the process of turning into your parents, as I now think the most exciting thing to do on a Saturday morning is to get up early and go to B&Q, and have spent weeks staring at a patch of wall trying to decide on Antique Map or Graceful Green paint (when it takes me literally years to decide between identical shades of Magnolia, this is when I've truly become my mother). But you guys, I LOVE MY FLAT. There are so many brilliant things about it I've noticed after moving in, like how bright it is and how the height means the view out of all the windows is the tops of trees, and how quiet and peaceful it is... apart from the fucking seagulls at 5 in the fucking morning, but I'm learning to sleep through them. We're still missing half the furniture we need and I'm holding off decorating it with art and shiny things until I've repainted all the rooms, but already it feels so much like home, and mine, in a way I've never felt about anywhere I've lived. Now, if only I could do something about the irritating Australian that hangs about the place making it look untidy...

Fannishly: I fear I'm losing interest in The Eagle, something I'm rather sad about because the fandom was the loveliest and most welcoming one I've ever been in. But I just can't find much excitement left in me for Esca/Marcus, although I still enjoy reading fic, especially stuff about minor and book characters. I intend to stay in the fanmedia challenge, but once that's done, I'm not sure how much more fanart I'll do for it. I'm sorry, anyone who only follows me for art in that fandom! :( I always feel very guilty when drifting out of a fandom, but I will always be fond of it, and I still have a lot of love for anything Sutcliff or Roman.

Inception, though, is still happily munching away at my brain. I have my two reverse bang paintings on the go, one of which I love, and the other... well, there's a lot of crying going on. And praying that Eames' adorably hungover grumpy face is going to be enough to make up for how everything else demonstrates that I don't know what perspective and consistent lighting and anatomy are. [ profile] inceptiversary has also kept me busy these last few weeks - I made some art, posted two round-ups for rare pairs art and fic about/involving family, and have volunteered to provide a commissioned piece of art as a Scavenger Hunt prize which should be interesting - I don't think I've ever given anyone complete free rein over what I'm drawing before, but I think it could be fun! And I have a second drawing for the A/E mini-match which has actually been completed for a week now, but I can't post it until I come up with a title, and do you know how difficult it is to think of something sensible when it's pretty much a picture of Eames riding Arthur and nothing else? I found myself looking up the lyrics to Father Ted's My Lovely Horse the other day to see if it had anything I could steal, I'm that desperate.

See, I told you this was going to be dull.


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