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Aug. 30th, 2011 03:46 pm
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I want this, I want this, I want this. £150 is quite reasonable, don't you think? Yes? Yes? IS IT MY BIRTHDAY YET?

[livejournal.com profile] goblin_dae, you do terrible things to my finances. This is your fault, yet again.
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The wife and I have Shiny New Things! Which we really should have claimed were presents for our first wedding anniversary next week so we look slightly romantic, but no, they were more "well, it would be boring to put all of this bonus into the house deposit fund"... and also we had both forgotten it was coming up until his mother reminded us yesterday. WORST COUPLE EVER. He has an iPad (okay, I must admit I am a little jealous of all the fancy things it can do, but I stick by my opinion that they are stupidly overpriced) and I have a Kindle. I LOVE IT.  Really Amazon, if your TV adverts had less girls in summer dresses reading it and more mentioning the free global 3G and ability to stick fanfic on it, I would have bought one ages ago.

How many books do I have on it so far? 0. How many Eagle fics? 52 and counting. PRIORITIES, I GOT THEM RIGHT. Now to get working on all that lovely Inception fic that was recommended to me, my favourite SW fic, and maybe go hunt down some XMFC fic. Aww yeah, now I can read smut on the bus, in the lab, EVERYWHERE.

(yeah yeah, I will eventually get proper books on it too. Given the rate I'm going through Penguin Classics books which as ebooks are free, it'll probably end up saving me a lot of money)


So uh, Shirtless Fireside Snogging (note to [livejournal.com profile] carmarthen: HELP ME THINK OF LESS STUPID NAME) is going awesomely and I am rather stunned by how it's turning out despite me really struggling with the initial sketch and a severe lack of references (yay, I am not using them as a crutch as much as I used to!). I don't want to spoil the scene it's for so I won't put up a WIP, so instead here's two REALLY rough sketches for stuff I want to draw afterwards. And by really rough, I mean if you manage to work out what on earth it's going to be, you deserve a medal.

St. John and Cpt. Aquilaine! More Happy Gay Farmers! Do not get excited, the are super messy. )
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Went to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams - what an incredible subject ruined by appalling 3D use, an intrusive soundtrack, and an utterly pretentious voiceover. The thirty thousand-year-old cave paintings were so, so beautiful but all I can think about is what the hell the opinion of mutant albino crocodiles on prehistoric art at the end had to do with anything.


My self-control got overridden by the MUST HAVE PRETTY today and I bought this lovely thing (for much, much less than the humongous original price but still enough to make me wince):

I care not that aviator jackets are so last season (it's not like I've ever been fashionable anyway), it feels and looks lovely, and will stop me from wearing out my beloved leather jacket from Florence. Smells lovely too. Like happy fluffy sheep.
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There is no ice-cream in the freezer and I am angry-PMSing all over the place. The next best thing is reading a whole load of Sith Academy fics and drawing a hamster eating pizza. Oh my, Yoda bottoming in biker bars. I do love that site.

OH WAIT. I have most of a block of butterscotch Green & Black's. Maybe I'll make it through tonight without slaughtering anything.


Here is an unusual girly moment probably brought on by stupid hormones. I gave in to temptation and bought this black dress to wear with my awesome hot pink heels and maybe a matching pink hair thingy I haven't found yet. My justification for spending that much money was a) it made me look as if I almost had curves, b) it's unlikely that my mother will be able to do the alterations to my other dress in time for the first wedding, and c) I might as well make the most of being attractive enough to wear things like this, which is probably not going to be for much longer at the rate I'm going through this chocolate.


Feb. 15th, 2011 03:54 pm
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All I was doing was looking at this on Amazon because SOMEONE let me play with her new copy and find out how much better it was, and er, my finger must have slipped and clicked on the buy button.

If anyone makes me feel even the slightest bit guiltier than I'm feeling already, I swear I'll never draw you porn again.


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