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In meeting strange creepy people off the internet news, I had [ profile] bauble come visit me last month and she was every bit as delightful and easy to get along with as I'd hoped, and now I miss her terribly. I took a few days off work to drive her all around Scotland (islands aside, very nearly literally - I'm not sure there's much left here for me to see now), only coming close to killing us both with my wobbly driving once or twice, doing all the touristy Scottishy things while she pronounced everything to be "adorable!" which was very charming, at least until she accused me of being adorable too because I'm aiming for scary and intimidating, dammit. Stupid dimples of mine. Alas, she managed to escape my nefarious plot to imprison her in my attic and force her to write perverted filth for my entertainment, but now I know where she lives and can track her down later this year and make her drag me around all the NYC shows that have copious amounts of male nudity.

And talking of male (semi-)nudity, on Saturday I'm going to Edinburgh to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (yes, again, shut up, it was that good) with [ profile] goblin_dae! I am very very excited because it was one of the most amazing things I've seen when it was on in Glasgow a few months ago, and also because this time I've got seats on the side that has the guy who gets completely naked when pretending to be a statue, yes, yes I am shallow and an embarrassment to everyone.

In PhDing news, it is continuing to be not so disastrous! \o/ I can sort of see little green sprouts of data starting to pop up and bring life to the vast wasteland that is my handful of results chapters, and so the panic over not having enough to churn out a thesis is starting to fade. In its place, however, is panic over somehow managing to juggle the vast amount of things that need to be done in this final year - holidays and free weekends/evenings are going to become scarce - but it's a panic that feels manageable so far, I think. And I like being kept busy, for now. I don't mind having to work until I'm exhausted and only have time to go home, eat dinner, shower, fall into bed and start it all again the next morning, because at least it's work that is producing something rather than the stuff where you work for weeks and months and nothing comes out of it at all. And some of it is even exciting positive stuff that can go towards a publication, hopefully! I showed my supervisor some of my lovely data this week and for the first time in a long while he seemed really pleased by my work, and dear lord it was embarrassing how internally I was all YES I HAVE BEEN A GOOD DOG, RUB MY TUMMY. :D :D :D I am so shamelessly needy.

Anyway, it's another eight days left of another epic, exhausting mouse experiment, and therefore eight days until I can stop thinking about poo so much that when I go for a bowel movement of my own I'm unable to stop picturing a giant labcoat-wearing mouse looming over me as I sit there with my trousers around my ankles, a look of mild irritation on its mousey face brought about by my inability to defecate promptly. Sometimes I wish my imagination wasn't quite so visual.

In fandom news... well, I have none, really. I'm still very much married to Inception and Sutcliff and Eagle (I rewatched Eagle a few days ago and have been re-smitten with feelings for it, and the wife summed it up very nicely with his comment of "Jesus, this film is more gay than those gay internet stories where they have buttsex"), which I suppose is a good thing given I don't really have time to be taken over by a new fandom. Though I have tried! I even reluctantly went to go see the new Captain America after the fuss about it on my LJ/tumblr feed, and... I was so bored. The only things keeping me awake were Anthony Mackie's very pretty eyes and Frank Grillo being extremely hot and bad, but I couldn't see the appeal of everything else. I don't suppose fandom is ignoring all the Bucky/Steve in favour of writing Sam and Rumlow's fight scene ending up with them making out, and then punching each other a little more, is it?

And in arting news... well, see the PhDing news for why my output this year has been so dismal. I am drawing! I'm just drawing super complicated challenging things and drawing them very, very slowly, and I think I'm maybe far more interested in improving and pushing myself as an artist this year instead of being active in fandom and churning out things that will make me popular. Right now I'm trying to focus on Sutcliff Swap and up until yesterday I thought it was a terrible idea for me to sign up, what with my current glacial rate of putting down 3 pixels a day, but I've had an Idea and managed to get it down in rough sketch form, so fingers crossed it all works out by the deadline! When that's done I've got a commission to finish, and then two stupidly complex and detailed Inception pieces to finish off. Here, have proof that I'm not lying about still working on things with this small section of the mess of scribbling that one day will be Dinoception:

Whoops, this got long and rambly. Sorry.
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I have just handed over lots of money to go catch hypothermia in a Scottish loch in November! I think the point of this is to get an open water diving licence so when we go to Hawaii in February (free trip courtesy of the wife's work! For something like not being the most incompetent person in the company and yes, everyone is very puzzled by this) we can go off diving, because sitting on a beach all day is pretty much my idea of hell, really. Still. November. In a loch. No, I don't know what I'm thinking either.

(I have actually got an open water license already, but I'm still going to do this all again as I haven't been diving for 12 years and have forgotten absolutely everything except for the importance of tape to keep your nipples from freezing off, because there's no way to rub them warm underwater without looking like a massive pervert who gets aroused by coral.)


If you will forgive me for mentioning Christmas before it's even technically September (I need lots of planning time for this!), I've been thinking about sending out cards this year, and I have this idea that right now I think is brilliant, but later on there will probably be hair-tearing and what-have-I-done wailing. So, I'm thinking of doing personalized cards - say, taking a single character and a simple prompt, from any fandom I've an interest in or at least don't hate (I'll probably write down a list, eventually). I'd like to get an idea of how many people would be interested in this so I can make sure I've got enough time to plan and draw everything, so if you are, could you fill in the poll below? :D

(this will be open to anyone on my flist btw*, regardless of how often we communicate - I just like drawing things!)

* and if you are not but would like to be, do let me know! I sometimes assume that people are just friending me to see the art and don't really want to have to put up with my locked blathering, but I'm happy to add people who want to be.

[Poll #1931826][Poll #1931826]


Things I'm working on:

- Marcus vs. farm animals for the final round of the Eagle fanmedia challenge: line art done, slowly colouring it in, SO MUCH CRACK (but it's all [ profile] bunn's fault). I wasn't too thrilled by the results of my last two submissions, but now I realise what they were missing: angry geese and tiny, trembling piggies!
- Eames & Yusuf for [ profile] i_reversebang: Done, barring any last minute epiphanies about how to easily fix the terrible perspective problem (highly unlikely).
- Archaeologist extraction for [ profile] i_reversebang: Mostly there, just lots of tedious neatening of background rocks and foliage. Am kind of shamelessly delighted with how it's turned out, especially as so much of it came from imagination and still didn't turn out a disaster. This does not often happen!
- Arthur/Eames commission for one of the [ profile] inceptiversary scavenger hunt winners: holding off starting on this until most of the above are out of the way, but we have an idea in place and I love it. I'm very relieved that the first time I hand over all control I get to draw something awesome, and I'm not asked for say, Maurice Fischer/Nash ponyplay... oh, who am I kidding, I'd totally get off on drawing that.

Stuff that's on the backburner for now:

- Dinoception
- Nauseatingly domestic Arthur/Eames snuggling-on-sofa - there may be nudity in this but let's face it, it's pretty much a self-indulgent love affair between me and fiddly background details
- Seal Prince portrait
- League of Shadows painting, because bloody hell, look at these handsome bastards. Bane certainly knows how to pick pretty henchmen.
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Huh, that's a month gone by without a non-art post. People will start thinking I've abandoned LJ for Tumblr. Not true! I have just been living an extremely boring life recently, and could not think of a single remotely interesting thing to talk about. Not that this post is going to have any.

So, Tumblr... yeah, I've been trying to force myself to use it a little more because as much as I wish it weren't, Inception fandom seems to be a lot more active there than on LJ. I think I dislike it a little less now? I suppose I quite like how it feels easy to follow people I've admired for ages but never worked up the courage to friend on LJ, and I've even had a few short conversations with new people, though I really have no clue about Tumblr etiquette and spend forever panicking over Ask vs Fanmail, and do I answer messages publicly or privately, and argh, I really have no clue how this stupid website works. Still not quite at the liking stage, although I find I am spending an awful lot of time refreshing it, but that's probably just me being desperate for ways to procrastinate when I should be painting Things With Deadlines.

For posting fanart though... I've heard a lot of people say it's better for artists than LJ and I agree that it certainly can get you more exposure, but I'm not so sure I love it. My last Arthur/Eames drawing got me a few hundred likes/reblogs (not much, I know, but still a lot for me!) and it was nice that that many people liked it, but... nice is all it was, and I got more excited over one brief LJ comment than the number of Tumblr notes. So to all of you lovely people who occasionally (or regularly!) leave comments on some terrible thing I've drawn, thank you. It means a great deal to me, it really does. Anyway, that's made me realise I should probably make sure my fandom interaction doesn't slide into only clicking like/kudos buttons, so I'm forcing myself to leave one bit of feedback per day. You know what the hardest thing to leave a comment on is? Something so brilliant and awesome that all you can think of is how you want to take the author/artist back home and feed them tea and biscuits and stare adoringly at them while they sleep, and I'm told that some people may find that slightly creepy. Expressing appreciation is a tricky thing.

Non-fannishly: I'm discovering that home ownership hastens the process of turning into your parents, as I now think the most exciting thing to do on a Saturday morning is to get up early and go to B&Q, and have spent weeks staring at a patch of wall trying to decide on Antique Map or Graceful Green paint (when it takes me literally years to decide between identical shades of Magnolia, this is when I've truly become my mother). But you guys, I LOVE MY FLAT. There are so many brilliant things about it I've noticed after moving in, like how bright it is and how the height means the view out of all the windows is the tops of trees, and how quiet and peaceful it is... apart from the fucking seagulls at 5 in the fucking morning, but I'm learning to sleep through them. We're still missing half the furniture we need and I'm holding off decorating it with art and shiny things until I've repainted all the rooms, but already it feels so much like home, and mine, in a way I've never felt about anywhere I've lived. Now, if only I could do something about the irritating Australian that hangs about the place making it look untidy...

Fannishly: I fear I'm losing interest in The Eagle, something I'm rather sad about because the fandom was the loveliest and most welcoming one I've ever been in. But I just can't find much excitement left in me for Esca/Marcus, although I still enjoy reading fic, especially stuff about minor and book characters. I intend to stay in the fanmedia challenge, but once that's done, I'm not sure how much more fanart I'll do for it. I'm sorry, anyone who only follows me for art in that fandom! :( I always feel very guilty when drifting out of a fandom, but I will always be fond of it, and I still have a lot of love for anything Sutcliff or Roman.

Inception, though, is still happily munching away at my brain. I have my two reverse bang paintings on the go, one of which I love, and the other... well, there's a lot of crying going on. And praying that Eames' adorably hungover grumpy face is going to be enough to make up for how everything else demonstrates that I don't know what perspective and consistent lighting and anatomy are. [ profile] inceptiversary has also kept me busy these last few weeks - I made some art, posted two round-ups for rare pairs art and fic about/involving family, and have volunteered to provide a commissioned piece of art as a Scavenger Hunt prize which should be interesting - I don't think I've ever given anyone complete free rein over what I'm drawing before, but I think it could be fun! And I have a second drawing for the A/E mini-match which has actually been completed for a week now, but I can't post it until I come up with a title, and do you know how difficult it is to think of something sensible when it's pretty much a picture of Eames riding Arthur and nothing else? I found myself looking up the lyrics to Father Ted's My Lovely Horse the other day to see if it had anything I could steal, I'm that desperate.

See, I told you this was going to be dull.
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Well, almost - there are three more stories/artwork due (one of which is my second dinosaurs drawing), but I'm fully confident that they'll all be completed within the next couple of weeks. And it was a success! All the artwork ended up with stories written for them, we had no problem finding pinch-hitters when people dropped out (thank you [ profile] sineala and [ profile] chantefable!), and there are some really fantastic stories and art that have come out of it. Most of this success is however down to [ profile] awarrington, who did a great deal of the behind-the-scenes work, and took over organising/emailing everyone during the crucial posting period while I was a little swamped at work. If it weren't for her, everything would have been a complete shambles, and things would possibly have been set on fire.

In other fandom news, I have teamed up with [ profile] bauble for [ profile] inception_bang to illustrate her supernatural/horror story in which Arthur is a demon Eames meets in dreams, and Arthur teaches Eames how to forge in return for being brought into the waking world. I am ridiculously excited about this, because it'll give me an opportunity to draw things that are darker and less fluffy than what I've been coming up with lately (WHY ARE THERE SO MANY STUPID PASTEL COLOURS IN THIS WIP?). And because the last handful of times I've tried to draw Arthur/Eames they've both ended up fully clothed and standing several feet apart from each other, I am determined to make sure at least one drawing has physical contact and nudity and possibly sex, but I am not promising anything. You will draw nudity, and you will like it, Zoe!

And in the land of PhDs, I have a) been officially declared by my supervisor to be the most manliest member of our 4 male, 2 female lab (I do hope he meant manliest brain), and b) become incredibly fond of one of our new PhD students. He may have an entirely unironic and unashamed love for Twilight (no, really) and Pokemon, but he does have an excellent knowledge of every episode of the X-Files and fetches me afternoon pastries. What an adorable little creature!

I am going to Istanbul on Monday for 4 days! There will be baklava and bazaar shopping trips for shiny things and fish sandwiches and OLD ROMAN SHIT and gelato! \o/
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Hi! Um, so I have realised I have not updated in about a month. I have excuses for that! Firstly, I had that long list of art I'd signed up to do - all done! (uh, apart from my Sutcliff Swap, but I will have that done by the weekend. I WILL) Then I had people to entertain: [ profile] ninja_orange came over for a weekend and made me delicious pancakes, and then [ profile] demon_rum turned up and said rude things about Gary Oldman's facial hair, but as she brought me chocolate vodka I didn't make her sleep in the garden.

And hm, there might have been this little film called The Dark Knight Rises that has absolutely not been annoying everyone around me because of my ridiculous levels of excitement. I was not disappointed: I loved it. So much so that the first thing I did when it finished was turn to [ profile] goblin_dae to say "Fuck Magic Mike, let's buy tickets to see this again tomorrow instead!" and because she is awesome she agreed that more Batman was far more important than Channing Tatum's stupid naked body. Yes, there were a million things you could pick holes in (Nolan!science is the most hilarious thing ever), but they had no effect on how much I enjoyed everything. SO, SO GOOD. I think I might need a third viewing soonish.

Massive, massive spoilers under here )

Right, back to the art. I really did take on far too much this month and am starting to feel a little burned out. :( Once Sutcliff Swap is out of the way I think I'm going to try to spend a bit more time away from the tablet and Photoshop. Thing is, I don't like spending my evenings watching TV, I'm too lazy to attempt the gym, I like video games but feel like I've just wasted my time after several hours of them, cooking is something I've trained the wife to do and I wouldn't want him to start thinking he doesn't have to do it every night, and I already do a lot of reading. So that only leaves getting back to playing music.

...I'm thinking about throwing a lot of money at a piano. Craaap. I have to somehow convince myself that I'd actually play it regularly and not just use it for tuning the cello and this is totally not one of my many daft excited plans that I soon lose interest in. Stupid expensive hobbies.
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* by lovely sunny day, I mean it's 13°C and there are a few patches of blue in the sky. IT'S GLASGOW.

...and I am stuck in the lab, trying to make up for all the stupid mistakes I made last week so my supervisor won't hate me. Or just be mildly disappointed with me, because he's still too nice to do any hating. Obviously I am doing this PhD wrong; everyone knows you're supposed to spend the first year faffing around and obtaining zero results.

Oh hey look, my gel makes no sense and therefore my day has been a waste. Science, you and I are going to have stern words soon. But my plan for the evening involves finally getting around to watching Warrior and pigging out on Indian sweets (my local corner shop, ILU), so I can't get too unhappy.

Anyway, here is a list of things I'm working on/not working on:

- Everything is a Stall illustration: about halfway there. This is not so much Eagle fanart as a lesson in perspective for me. Or it would be, if I tried not being lazy and stopped copying heavily referencing my one photo of a hospital interior. Whatever, I will learn perspective another day. Like, when I'm not drawing a background I know nothing about.

- Inception Reverse Bang piece: mostly finished, leaving a few background details up to my authors. I will probably end up ignoring all my other grown-up responsibilities to draw more stuff for this, because I am SO EXCITED about the two authors who claimed mine - I'd read (and loved) stuff from a total of four people out of everyone who signed up, and mine got picked by two of them. And also, um, because Tom Hardy has been eating my brain lately. Sorry Eagle fandom, you're probably going to have to share me equally with Inception from now on (I am pretty sure there is a post about 6 months back on my LJ that states "I am NOT getting into Inception fandom, but...").

- Uncle Aquila/painted tribesman backstory illustration: I HAVE NO IDEA. I blame [ profile] isiscolo. I'm thinking of making this my submission for the Eagle Reverse Bang (um, should probably think about announcing that sometime soon...), but I'm not optimistic about my chances of someone wanting to write it. :( I should also probably reread EOT9 first to remember exactly what Uncle Aquila did in the army (uh... camp commandant? Am I right?), then fret about what the hell someone of his position would wear, and then cry when I realise that a magnificent young Donald Sutherland beard probably wouldn't be appropriate in the Roman army (historical experts, please feel free to tell me otherwise).

- Downton Abbey/Eagle fusion illustration: permission obtained from author, have picture in my head, still need internet at home so I can start looking up references for Esca's clothing/butterfly species. HURRY UP, INTERNET.
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- Still no internet, dammit. Probably won't have it sorted for another few weeks, yet the wife refuses to let me call them up and explain how important it is that I get more fanfic to read. I only have 36 unread fics on my Kindle! What on earth do I do once I've gone through them? I will however be distracted for a few days as I get my shiny new MacBook to defile tomorrow - I love my new supervisor very much, I do. 

- Have not finished unpacking yet, but getting there! At least the flat looks more like home and I'm no longer having regular sobbing sessions over how much I dislike it. And we have a working fireplace, so it should be nice and cosy once I go rug shopping. Ugh, moving house eats up far too much money. I have given up my fancy expensive loose leaf tea while my finances recover. Oh the sacrifices I must make...

- Spent yesterday at a microbiome symposium where one of the speakers was called Professor Xavier, and so I spent his talk thinking the most dirty thoughts my mind was capable of coming up with to try to distract him. Also, after a full day of talks about colon microbe communities and rectal bleeding and faecal transplants, I don't think I can ever read about rimming again. Thanks science!

- If The Shining Company continues being awesome and doesn't nosedive after the first few chapters (yes Silver Branch, I'm looking at you), I think it may well become my favourite Sutcliff book so far. I hope Luned doesn't disappear for the rest of the book now that Conn and Prosper have gone off - my biggest complaint about her books is that she writes these really interesting female characters (Flavia, Cottia) who get ignored a lot while the boys go off and have adventures. I have Sword at Sunset to read once I'm finished, and it turns out my dad is also a Sutcliff fan and has two of her books that I need to steal from him - uh, I've forgotten which ones they are, but they're not the more well-known ones. Yay, more Sutcliff!

- Okay, have to detach myself from the lab internet and go home to work on my Inception Reverse Big Bang piece! I am torn between feeling delighted with how it looks technically, and petrified that people are going to hate it as a prompt as it's really, really bland and uninspiring. After that, I should get started on this Eagle Reverse Big Bang that certain horrible people have talked me into co-running. Ugh, I am so worried that it'll be a flop and no-one will want to take part. And no, Certain Horrible People, my submission for it will not be an Italian Renaissance Artist AU. Fuck off.

Dear self:

Oct. 2nd, 2011 05:53 pm
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Go away and write out 500 hundred times: "I will not use that [ profile] ninth_eagle fanmedia challenge bread prompt as an excuse to draw Tribune Placidus in his pyjamas having tea and toast in bed with Centurion Teddy Bear."

I am getting really annoyed with that challenge. I have multiple big WIPs already that I should be working on instead and I have a long list of other stuff that I would love to draw, but noooo. As soon as I see the word "challenge" my extremely aggressive competitive side declares nothing else matters and I MUST DEFEAT IT. Which... wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't always such a headache to come up with something from the prompts, despite usually having no problem coming up with far too many things I want to draw. Oh, I have no problem producing ideas for it, they just happen to be so utterly stupid and ridiculous that even I am too ashamed to go ahead with them. Want an idea of what I mean? This morning I had to gently talk myself out of turning the airship prompt into Steampunk Pirate Uncle Aquila.

Ack. Work brain, work, and come up with something sensible. This would be much easier if two of the prompts weren't off-limits to me due to complete non-interest/already working on something with multiple Centurion helmets.

...okay, here's my compromise. Toast and tea in bed, but with happy gay modern farmers Marcus and Esca. NO CENTURION TEDDY BEAR.

How will everyone know that they're farmers as opposed to any old modern couple? I shall put their hand-reared baby goat in bed with them. Yes, they farm goats as well as sheep now. Fuck off, it's my cracked out AU, I do what I want.
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I am uncharacteristically enthusiastic about my masters project after this week. The stuff I was doing in Liverpool did not work (idiot protein, bind to the target protein fixed on the chip, not the chip itself!) but a lot of what we were trying to do worked better than I thought it would, and I'm hoping that with a few changes it'll behave and give me nice data. Also, a set of crystallography trials I set up two months ago and gave up on suddenly produced crystals - and not just any crystals but literally hundreds of nicely-shaped fat little things. I have to wait another month before they are taken to the synchrotron to find out if they diffract to the resolution I need, but it sure beats weeping over my inability to get any crystals at all. I should not jinx everything by being too optimistic, but should either of these two give good positive results I'm looking at my second publication. I CAN BE REAL SCIENTIST.

Hey, want to see what my proteins look like? No? Tough. I am in a WITTER ABOUT WORK BECAUSE I'M GOING THROUGH A BRIEF MOMENT OF NOT HATING IT mood. Also, I'm really chuffed about managing to load them into this scary-looking docking software (the actual docking is going to be a complete nightmare, but - baby steps).

Human one on left, bacterial on right. No, I have no idea how they fit together.

Ha, to think that a few weeks ago I was fretting that I would have too few results for my thesis. Now I have too many! From about now on I will be easing off the painting (BOO) and get down to writing in the evenings if I want to have a chance at submitting by March. 159 words written today using 750 words that [ profile] seascribe mentioned (I like it, but the lack of sub- and superscript makes it a pain if you're writing out a lot of chemical formulas), which would be excellent (for me) if they weren't mostly buffer recipes pilfered from a PhD thesis. WHATEVER, THEY STILL COUNT.


Oh, Passion & Profession. It makes Fridays the BEST DAY EVER, and leaves me completely unable to focus on anything else. One of the PhD students just asked me why writing up my lab book was making me grin so much. Bold sinning, dear PhD student.


Hooray, holiday on Sunday! I am all prepared for it - and by prepared I mean my camera is cleaned and packed and I've got a whole load of books/fanfic loaded onto the Kindle. All that other stuff like clothes and guidebooks and passports can be scooped up 10 minutes before the taxi to the airport is due. PRIORITIES.
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Adapting this meme just a little...

Everyone has things they write about draw. Everyone has things they don't write about draw. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't write about draw, but you'd like to hear about see.

Can't promise I'll draw it because I have 3 things I'm working on right now and 3 million lined up after them, but you never know, I am apparently the world's most suggestible person. And I am curious!


GAS LAMP-LIT SCENE, Y U NO EASY TO PAINT? Ugh, I am so sick of yellow and orange skin by now, I truly am.


Went to see Beginners today and thought it was a lovely, sweet film even when spoilt by crisp-eaters in the row in front of us. Dear Mr McGregor, not only are you getting prettier and prettier with age, but I am also very impressed by your choice of roles lately. I think I might forgive you for Men Who Stare At Goats now. Tomorrow I think I shall make Baileys and chocolate cheesecake and eat it while watching Inception, because all that fanfic certain awesome people pointed me to has won me over completely. Did you know that the first time I saw that film, I came away thinking that Eames was played by Brendan Gleeson (and not even a case of mistaken name - I honestly remembered him as looking like Brendan Gleeson)? Yeah, I'm weirded out by that too. I'm going to blame it on the jet lag and all the anti-histamines/aspirin I was guzzling at the time.
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The wife and I are off to London this weekend, mostly to spend it at the British Museum and the National Gallery because we are epic nerds. I was about to say "old people" instead, until I was reminded that when my 60-something parents visit London, they do things like stay in youth hostels and go see Avenue Q. But tell me this exhibition doesn't look fantastic.

Task for this week is to finish the current painting by Friday, which is now firmly in the "this is not anywhere near as awesome as I'd hoped, just get it done before I get any more insecure about it and delete the file" stage. I think I'm going through another round of ugh-I-hate-everything-I-draw-look-at-all-these-other-amazing-fan-artists-why-am-I-not-more-like-them-waaaaah, and I KNOW, I KNOW, that shit is irritating to read about, so I'll give myself a good smack and try to stop being such a crybaby (or at least not bring it up on LJ). But - I think I need to try to move away from (attempted) realism unless I have references for everything I'm drawing, at least for a while, because it takes way longer than I like and I'm never that satisfied with the results. Stuff with lines it is then, until I realise that I also hate how I draw line art. Maybe I'll treat myself to a new sketchbook and a scanner if I snap out of it and put on my big girl panties.

...I think my moodiness and insecurity has been brought on mostly by blankets. Fucking blankets.

Here, to apologise for being whiny and to encourage my happy gay farmers II idea, have a lamb trying to get milk out of a cat's ear.

Should I be even more embarrassed than I already am about how much I want the Coalition AU prompt filled? FFS, I hate most politicians and anyone who witnesses me watching Question Time would probably diagnose me with hypertension, rabies and Tourette's, but I think it would be awesome and that makes me feel rather dirty. I'd prefer it if someone else wrote it, but I can't help picturing Marcus and Esca in lovely suits and respective blue and yellow ties, looking irritated with each other (BUT SECRETLY ATTRACTED), and the lovely purple/blue Newsnight studio as background, and Jeremy Paxman, omg I could draw poor Jeremy Paxman getting confused about all this sexual tension in front of him... NO I AM NOT DRAWING IT AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME.
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My adventures in ancient Roman cookery:

Used this recipe. Quite tasty, but I may have gone overboard with the poppy seeds.


Oh Esca/Marcus painting, why are you turning into a vast epic work of epicness that will take me the best part of this year to finish? If it wasn't looking so awesome I would probably give up and go paint kittens and shit.

There, now I've announced how pleased I am with how it's turning out, I'll probably do something like accidentally overwrite the file.

ETA: fuck me, I think this is the first time I've drawn a hand without wanting to put my own through the computer screen. Shame I don't feel the same way about the other three in the picture.


I am feeling old. I've realised my white hairs are spreading from above my ears to everywhere else, and it's getting obvious and so is time to begin many years of dying my hair- oh god I'm only 26. Curse my mother and the genetic material I inherited from her.

I'm going to go slightly reddish to start off with, and eventually work my way up to more vivid and offensive colours.


You know what also makes me feel old? Having to check what year a film of Jamie Bell's was made in, and then working out if it's acceptable for me to have filthy thoughts. I'm so ashamed of myself.
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Went to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams - what an incredible subject ruined by appalling 3D use, an intrusive soundtrack, and an utterly pretentious voiceover. The thirty thousand-year-old cave paintings were so, so beautiful but all I can think about is what the hell the opinion of mutant albino crocodiles on prehistoric art at the end had to do with anything.


My self-control got overridden by the MUST HAVE PRETTY today and I bought this lovely thing (for much, much less than the humongous original price but still enough to make me wince):

I care not that aviator jackets are so last season (it's not like I've ever been fashionable anyway), it feels and looks lovely, and will stop me from wearing out my beloved leather jacket from Florence. Smells lovely too. Like happy fluffy sheep.
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There is no ice-cream in the freezer and I am angry-PMSing all over the place. The next best thing is reading a whole load of Sith Academy fics and drawing a hamster eating pizza. Oh my, Yoda bottoming in biker bars. I do love that site.

OH WAIT. I have most of a block of butterscotch Green & Black's. Maybe I'll make it through tonight without slaughtering anything.


Here is an unusual girly moment probably brought on by stupid hormones. I gave in to temptation and bought this black dress to wear with my awesome hot pink heels and maybe a matching pink hair thingy I haven't found yet. My justification for spending that much money was a) it made me look as if I almost had curves, b) it's unlikely that my mother will be able to do the alterations to my other dress in time for the first wedding, and c) I might as well make the most of being attractive enough to wear things like this, which is probably not going to be for much longer at the rate I'm going through this chocolate.

Good stuff

Mar. 11th, 2011 10:16 pm
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- is Friday.

- the wife is finally home! Good, because the bathroom needs cleaning.

- met with Awesome Liverpool Post-Doc who reassured me that this week's set back was something we can get around. She's so lovely, I think I have a little bit of an academic crush on her. Might even get more thesis-worthy data next week, fingers crossed.

- Liam Neeson AND Bradley Cooper on TV tonight. So much manliness (well, if you ignore the person presenting the show).

- going to see Unknown tomorrow, followed by dinner at my favourite Thai restaurant. Yay!

- banoffee pie for dessert.

So, what are you doing this weekend?
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The wife has abandoned me for two weeks to go to San Francisco and Portugal for work. At first I was feeling a little sad about it and missing him, and then I realised that it meant I have to wait another week before I get to see Unknown. SELFISH INCONSIDERATE BASTARD. He'd better be bringing me back plenty of presents to make up for it.

I really need to change cities so I have a fellow Liamslut able to visit at short notice.


My father came over to stay for a night and managed to just about behave himself. He's decided to spend a little bit of my grandmother's inheritance on all of us, and he was going to buy a camera lens with his portion. Took me a mere 10 minutes to convince him to buy one of the loveliest wide-angle prime lenses Canon makes (and that I'd own in a second if only I could justify spending that kind of money), and which luckily for him my favourite second-hand camera shop had just gotten in stock.

Note to self: plot father's untimely end.

So my gift was repairing my amp, stands for my speakers and cables so expensive they must be made out of hollowed-out unicorn horn. I didn't get any choice about this, but I can hardly complain when it sounds so fantastic. With the volume turned up to just 4 the whole apartment vibrates, so I assume that at its maximum of 21 it can cause minor earthquakes. Try keeping me awake with another of your drunken 3am parties, fuckwit neighbours.


Here is my lastest WIP of Ewan McGregor not looking very impressed with his Centurion outfit:

My masochistic streak has decreed that I can only paint this using as little pen pressure as possible. Way to make good use of that expensive new tablet's 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, Zoe.
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I probably only find this hilarious because I went to St Andrews, where 98% of the students are just like this. In fact, he sounds an awful lot like my former housemate's fiancé, except most of his stories also involve him being high, but the ending is usually pretty much the same.

My brother spent one Christmas in jail on his post-uni travels, though it was in Laos, not Burma, and was for getting drunk and punching a guy just because he happened to be American. All that happened to me on my gap year was getting hit on by creepy Australian guys. :(


I've been feeling completely apathetic about everything lately, not sure why. I can't be bothered with drawing or photography or  reading or cooking (though I did make some amazing meatballs last weekend, which more than made up for the disaster that was the chocolate and brazil nut cookies) or even LJing. And don't even ask what happened to my plan to make Christmas cards this year. It'd better be gone by the holidays, otherwise I'm going to be very irritable if I have an unproductive week off stuck at home. Maybe this weekend up in Scotland working as a guinea pig for [ profile] goblin_dae's roast dinners will cure me of my can'tbearseditis.


Surely I can't be the only one who visits the Liam Central forum more for the rantings of their resident nutcase than anything else? The fatwah post pretty much made my week.


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