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If I were to start explaining just how crappy and demoralising this week has been, I'm afraid I'd be here all weekend weeping into my keyboard, so here's the two things I need to keep telling myself:

1. My technician project was always a shitty, difficult one, and I need to keep reminding myself that it's Not (always) My Fault when things don't work (and um, £3K worth of reagents are wasted), because that's scientific research for you.
2. I only have to put up with three more weeks of this shit, then I'm leaving this project for ever, leaving the university, leaving the city, and will hopefully be in a much happier situation up in Glasgow.

/end emo self-pity fest. Sorry, guys, sorry.


Now my Eagle Big Bang illustrations are almost done, I think I need a break from drawing Marcus and Esca for a while before I get a bit burnt out. So I signed up for this!

Whee! Now I have the fun task of figuring out what to do for it. I sort of have an idea that is precious to me involving a Victorian AU but with steampunk-ish dreamshare technology, but I have my doubts about how many people would be interested in writing that (and with it being such a big fandom I've only read a fraction of, I bet that's been done before), so back in the box of stupid ideas it goes!


My plan to spend the weekend rewarding myself in between preparing my masters talk (final thing I need to do for the degree! Never mind that the deadline for it was way back in January...) with episodes of Downton Abbey and Tom Hardy's sweaty muscled body Warrior is being ruined by the wife who is hogging the TV with Transformers tonight and Mass Effect 3 tomorrow. I NO WANT WIFE.

Anyway, how are you all doing, lovely people who reside on my flist? Tell me all your happy things!
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I could write a massive 10-page essay on how low I've been feeling for the past few months due to work/masters stuff, and by stuff I mean a complete lack of progress that made me feel like an utterly worthless failure. But I think it's best if I don't - instead let's skip to what's ended all that.

This here mass of dots my postdoc gave me this week is precious to me. The black ones show that after 2 years I've finally found a way to get my stupid protein to fold correctly in its little bubble of detergent (though I suppose 2 years isn't bad after hearing about other membrane protein groups who needed 5), and the blue ones mean I have a masters thesis to write (first in vitro proof we have that this bacterial protein binds to a particular human target - could squeeze out not just a thesis from this but hopefully a decent paper). I don't even feel excited about it, I'm too busy being overwhelmed with immense, immense relief.

(but there will still be alcohol-and-cake-related celebrations at chez Motetus this weekend, and you're all invited)

Also my boss said he could extend my contract for another 18 months if I wanted. He didn't look so impressed when I said I was planning on doing a PhD elsewhere. Sorry boss, but I'd like to work in a lab where people actually talk to me. Even if it's just a hello once a day. Bloody socially inept scientists.
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Though if I were to be truthful about how I spent the majority of my day, I'd post screenshots of Historic LOLs and Failbook.
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The postdoc who works on my project emailed me from her conference in Australia telling me that everyone she speaks to is very impressed with my "dedication and enthusiasm for this protein." I'm fairly certain that by "protein" they mean "lost cause."

Still, I'm not feeling sorry for myself about how work is going. I also had an email from my RAF friend who is currently in Afghanistan. She's been spending her days airlifting kids who were hit by IEDs - little 7-year-old girl lost her leg. Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?


Somehow I've ended up with a busy few months ahead - in a good way. I've got a weekend in Glasgow seeing uni friends next week, 4 days in Marrakech in October (the proper honeymoon!), a weekend at a cottage in the Lake District with school friends in November, and a weekend visiting [ profile] goblin_dae in December. There were even plans to visit my aunt in Warsaw over Christmas, but flights weren't quite cheap enough. I'll probably be broke by the end of the year but who cares, it all sounds like fun. :D


Apr. 7th, 2010 09:54 pm
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Amongst the antisocial lot that is my lab group and the insular snotty lot that are the other groups, I've finally made a friend at work (okay, so I like Syrian PhD Student, but with the language difficulties it's impossible for me to yap away at my usual speed and I suspect she doesn't understand all of what I say). She's also a technician around my age, really lovely and talkative, also getting married soon, and can bitch about her group's inability to clean up after themselves almost as well as I can.

Oh, and she leaves in July. Great.

I've still not gotten off my lazy backside and sorted the rest of the stupid wedding stuff out, I just have zero enthusiasm at the moment. But what I have been doing is plotting how to avoid spending as much time as possible in Singapore this summer, (because I've been there often enough to know that there's nothing worth doing other than eating and going to the zoo) and escape the relatives by heading somewhere more exciting. The plan at the moment is to take a bus over to Malaysia and a ferry to Tioman island then spend as much time as possible diving - this is the place that my brother recommends. I haven't been diving in years so I'm really looking forward to it. It got me thinking that I should force the boy to get his PADI open water license so next time we can go on the deeper dives, and then I got tempted by the options for the Adventure Diver qualification - wreck diving, night diving and er, underwater photography.

Okay, I'm sold.
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Birdy! )

And a little rant:

My favourite work colleague, Syrian PhD Student, recently became pregnant and because the group next to us do a lot of work with Listeria monocytogenes she's been told she shouldn't enter our lab at all and has had to move to another lab to do her practical work. Now, I'm usually pretty rubbish at paying much attention to health and safety, but this is something everyone should be taking extremely seriously given that there's the risk of her losing her baby. So today, because I'm already in the lab and she can't get hold of me, she asked Weird Post-Doc With All The Social Skills Of A Turnip (who is already in my bad book for hogging all the incubators this week) to pop into the lab to get her bunsen burner - a trip that would take literally a minute. His answer? "You can get it yourself."

We both had a very stern word with him later that resulted in one cowed and sheepish post-doc. The evil part of me did enjoy seeing him squirm.
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Today is the first of the Big Bacterial Grow-Ups From Hell(TM). I'm working 9-5, then go home to eat, wash and hopefully take a quick nap, then it's back to work at 10pm until well, whenever the bloody cells finish growing. Hopefully not later than 8am, but knowing my luck the little bastards are going to grow as slowly as possible.

Blergh. I'm trying to tell myself not to be such a whiny little baby and that people like doctors and nurses have to do stupid hours like this, but at least hospitals aren't dark and creepy and deserted at night. It's not like I'm even doing much work here, just keeping an eye on the growth and diluting at certain stages, but it's such an expensive grow-up (like, over £2K a litre. I'm so going to drop a flask) that they require babysitting all night.

So, the plan is to bring in:

- the laptop and a dozen films, preferably bad Liam Neeson ones
- books
- plenty of junk food and a small mountain of tea bags
- dressing gown - I don't care about the looks I'll get from the people arriving early at work, it's cold in this building
- at least two alarm clocks

If I'm lucky, I might get a few hours sleep on the office wheely chairs. I'd try the floor, but not after hearing about the mice and cockroach infestations. Really, what this place needs is a sofa and a big TV for me to play Super Mario on all night. I wonder if I can order one using our grant...


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