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I could spend my entire life drawing nothing but the most beautiful, magnificent, explicit gay porn, and still all I'd be known for would be this stupid duck. WHY DIDN'T I JUST DRAW SERVIUS PLACIDUS' GIANT THROBBING UNDERWATER ERECTION?

On Friday I had the creature known as [ profile] ainsoph15 turn up on my doorstep bearing cupcakes and a certain Pleistocene mammal*, and therefore I had the task of keeping her fed and watered and entertained for the weekend. For the first I had toad-in-the-hole (now with extra batter!), for the second gin and tea and port, and for the third I dragged her to the university museum, mainly because I thought it was finally time I said a proper hello to the T-rex skeleton I walk past every day on the way to work. One of these days I will go back there again with my camera to document the sarcophagi of these two ancient Egyptians buried in the same tomb who were totally gay for each other (names suggested they were brothers but they were very clearly not, and they were buried with little dolls inscribed with each other's name. Aww!), but the point of this post is what we found in the museum gift shop.

Paint-your-own rubber duckies.

Yes. Fabric store for supplies, back home, stayed up late (and this morning) trying not to accidentally drink the paint water instead of our G&Ts and sever arteries with aluminium shards and nails and needles. So uh, say hello to Centurion Ducky and his little Brigantes friend, everyone.

More photos! )

Dear self:

Oct. 2nd, 2011 05:53 pm
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Go away and write out 500 hundred times: "I will not use that [ profile] ninth_eagle fanmedia challenge bread prompt as an excuse to draw Tribune Placidus in his pyjamas having tea and toast in bed with Centurion Teddy Bear."

I am getting really annoyed with that challenge. I have multiple big WIPs already that I should be working on instead and I have a long list of other stuff that I would love to draw, but noooo. As soon as I see the word "challenge" my extremely aggressive competitive side declares nothing else matters and I MUST DEFEAT IT. Which... wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't always such a headache to come up with something from the prompts, despite usually having no problem coming up with far too many things I want to draw. Oh, I have no problem producing ideas for it, they just happen to be so utterly stupid and ridiculous that even I am too ashamed to go ahead with them. Want an idea of what I mean? This morning I had to gently talk myself out of turning the airship prompt into Steampunk Pirate Uncle Aquila.

Ack. Work brain, work, and come up with something sensible. This would be much easier if two of the prompts weren't off-limits to me due to complete non-interest/already working on something with multiple Centurion helmets.

...okay, here's my compromise. Toast and tea in bed, but with happy gay modern farmers Marcus and Esca. NO CENTURION TEDDY BEAR.

How will everyone know that they're farmers as opposed to any old modern couple? I shall put their hand-reared baby goat in bed with them. Yes, they farm goats as well as sheep now. Fuck off, it's my cracked out AU, I do what I want.


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