Sep. 16th, 2016

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Thank you very much for creating something for me! This is my first taking part in this exchange, and I’m really excited to see what you write or draw. Despite how long this letter ended up becoming (so, so sorry about that) I really am easy to please, and the most important thing is that you have fun doing this. I’m excited at the thought of something for any of the fandoms I’ve requested so please don’t think I’m hoping for some more than others based on the length or number of my prompts, it’s just that some fandoms have more characters or I have more ideas for them.

Everything in this letter is entirely optional and I won’t at all be disappointed if you want to ignore it and go with any ideas of your own - I love surprises and honestly think most people have better imaginations than me. I’ve also included the ships I have in each canon, but please don’t feel like you have to go with them - I absolutely love gen and non-romantic relationships (and character studies too, if you’d prefer to focus only on one character) and I would be every bit as happy with a gen fanwork as I would a shippy one. I also love all the characters in the fandoms I’m requesting, so do feel free to include any of them if you want.

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