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Bonus challenge for 5 points: Rec two communities, challenges, or resources on your journal.

Have two resources!

The Roman Sex Flowchart (male citizen version) by [ profile] carmarthen: Find yourself in ancient Rome and start feeling a bit horny (and also, male)? The first thing you should do is consult this extremely helpful flowchart to make sure you don't end up doing something foolishly unmanly, such as care too much about the pleasure of the lucky person you're penetrating.

The Eagle soundtrack - instruments by [ profile] sibila_cantus: Photos, information and videos of the kamancheh and carnyx used in the soundtrack.
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Day 1: On your journal, rec three fanworks that are not text-based fic. These can be drawings, manips, icon sets, music, fanmixes, vids, podfic, interpretive dance - anything that was created by a fan and inspired by either the movie The Eagle or the book The Eagle of the Ninth.

Art for 'Tidewrack' by [ profile] bassino
I love the style of these illustrations - they've got such lovely clean lines and the simple black and white colouring is striking. My favourite is the second illustration - the British clothing and Marcus tied up! It's a shame this was overlooked during the Reverse Bang, and I hope it gets a few more comments! (and that the artist ends up posting the rest, even if the rest of the fic is never posted)

Art for 'From the Depths of His Heart' by [ profile] bunn
Everything in these two paintings is ridiculously adorable. Tiny nattering Cottia! Little playing red squirrels! Wolf!Esca's mischievous grin! It is impossible to look at these and not instantly feel happier.

His Own Death by [ profile] sibila_cantus
Look at the details on the armour! I love the shading on the belt and the helmet, and I particularly appreciate that little glimpse of Esca's treasure trail... :D


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