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Hey look, I've drawn something that isn't Eagle fanart! Um, it isn't Star Wars fanart though - I feel so bad for abandoning my poor Alphabet Challenge for so long just when I was nearing the end, but I will finish it eventually! And even if I only draw one letter a year, I bet I'll still reach Z is for Zabrak and paint Mal before [ profile] swcajolings writes the next part of Beacon.

So, this was done for [ profile] drawmelot's Style of Famous Artists and Animated Films Project. I picked John William Godward's Study Of Campaspe  - not really one of my favourite pieces of art, but I didn't want to do anything that was too well-known or use an reference that was too high-res or detailed in order to avoid copying too much.

I am... sort of torn on the end result. I had a lot of fun painting Morgana (female skin tones are so much more enjoyable!) but I think there are parts of the background where it's obvious I started losing interest, and I wish I'd managed to keep Morgana's face looking more like the initial sketch and less like the original painting. But given how long it's been sitting in my WIPs file (months! I usually finish something I start pretty quickly so I have no idea why this was such a struggle) I had to just hurry the fuck up and get it done before I had my first abandoned piece of the year.

Has full-frontal nudity, so NSFW. Unless you work in an art gallery.

The original and my version )

Also, this was the first painting of mine I had the courage to show to my mother. She disapproved of the nudity. GOD, MOTHER. DIDN'T YOU ONCE DRAG YOUR WHINY UNAPPRECIATIVE DAUGHTER AROUND ART GALLERIES LOOKING AT PAINTINGS JUST LIKE THESE? I do not understand. I think she prefers landscapes.
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I have too many stupid ideas in my head. So, to try to get them to leave me alone while I try to work on this big painting thingy, I've come up with a few sketches for them though I won't be able to complete them for another few weeks. During which time I'll probably just come up with more wretched things. Shut up, brain.

Warning - NSFW female nudity and epic nauseating sappyness. As always, feel free to nitpick.

Merlin - for the [ profile] drawmelot's Style of Famous Artists project. Morgana meets John William Godward's Study Of Campaspe.

Morgana wearing nothing but a bit of jewelry. And looking awesome. )

Star Wars - Qui-Gon/Tahl sketch for V is for Vegetables, aka The Drawing Only [ profile] swcajolings Will Appreciate.

(and blame her for converting me to het)

Naked gardening! Always awkward when Master Yoda decides to give the younglings a tour of the temple gardens. )

The Eagle - Happy Gay (modern) Farmers - fill for a kink meme prompt.

They name the lamb Placidus and he makes a delicious Sunday lunch. )

The Eagle

Cuddling. I know. I need a good smack. )

I'll tell you the best thing about the new tablet - it makes sketching So Much Fun. Seriously, I used to hate the sketching stage with the old one, and now I can't get enough of it (and none of these took me more than an hour or two. WEIRD). I might do something like a once-a-week sketch where I take requests to force me to draw things that my limited imagination wouldn't come up with (no promise that it'll turn into anything more than just a quick sketch though) if people would be interested in that?
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Yay, halfway through the alphabet! I'm taking a break from the Star Wars universe for the next couple of letters, starting with:

M is for... Morgana

Morgana (Merlin), work-safe

Morgana goes on one of her up-to-no-good midnight jaunts )


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