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I would make a boring and terrible travel writer, so my three weeks in the USA are going to summarised in a handful of photos, with minimal droning on. And a couple of sketchbook pages, except those are entirely unrelated to anything I saw on holiday, because I refuse to pretend to be a Proper Artist.

San Francisco to Portland, Hawaii )
motetus: (animals / cat) very small and soft and sharp bundle of fluff and claws. Everyone, meet Nimue, [ profile] goblin_dae's little kitten mistress (she is so whipped). God, she is the most adorable thing ever, and it's very lucky for her that she is because I wouldn't have tolerated her using my hands and feet as claw-and-teeth-sharpening material if she wasn't. I would have smuggled her home with me and let her trash my apartment and make me incapable of ever doing anything productive for the next 18 or so years, but Goblin's bag checks are very thorough.

Look at that face!

Here be lots and lots of kitten photos. You have been warned. )

Oh yeah, you guys remember that post I made about a month ago where I rambled for a bit about the mphil and the experiment I needed to work in order to confirm the interaction between my two proteins? IT WORKED. I HAVE AWESOME DATA OR SO POST-DOC TELLS ME. You have no idea how excited I am about this - one postive result can get ripped apart in the viva, but two makes me so much more confident about things (and hey, could possibly mean a publication eventually). Oh hell, now I have to write it all up for the thesis. Next week's post: "Oh god, god, god, I don't understand anything HELP ME, WHAT DO ALL THESE NUMBERS MEAN?"
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Yeah, I am an idiot. I got my first roll of film back and my reaction was: "what the hell is going on? I was using black & white film! THESE ARE IN COLOUR!" and was horribly confused and frightened for a good ten minutes. So, apparently you should read stuff, like what is plastered all over the box. I'm a clever girl, yes I am!

But hey, photos. Here are some shots from my weekend with [ profile] ainsoph15 and our visit to Calleva that I'm putting up here mostly because I'm excited about my first use of the old film camera (lesson for next time: learn how to focus the damn thing), and not because they're particularly artistic or impressive, although maybe one or two people in Eagle fandom might get a kick out of seeing where Uncle Aquila goes shopping. [ profile] ainsoph15's suggestion for the title of this post was "Calleva: We went here so you didn't have to" though that's maybe slightly unfair - while it is just mostly wall, there is a lot of it, and it makes you realise it would have been a big place, much larger than I thought it was originally. So, maybe visit if you're in the area, but don't start booking flights to the UK just to see it.

This makes the Forum in Rome look like a sad little pile of bricks )
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I took a short wander around Manchester's old northern quarter yesterday and found this huge mural on the side of a old warehouse. I can't find any information online about it, but the front of the warehouse still has the 19th century shop sign (used to be a Fancy Goods store) although it doesn't look as if anyone is taking care of the building now.

Two more photos )
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1. Articulate is not a good game to play when everyone is in various states of inebriation.
2. The rumour is that my first ever boyfriend, who I lasted 2 weeks with before breaking his heart, is now a heroin addict in Hull.
3. The girls who bullied me throughout high school are now all living the kind of lives that qualify them for an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show. Quite a few are working as strippers. I'm not gloating, reall- haha, no, of course I am.
4. Trotters World of Animals is not actually as shit as it sounds.

Proof of number 4:

I swear this is the last lot of photos, and that I will piss off and do something not involving my camera now )

Yay, weekend!
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Because I don't know any children nearby, any attempts to fill this prompt the obvious way would probably end up with me being arrested. So here's one from my Lake District weekend that just about fits it if you squint a little.

While my high school friends and I may now be teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists, weapons engineers and RAF sergeants, the adventures of Rhino the hamster suggest that we haven't entirely grown up yet.

(that's a National Trust Jeep he's driving in the bottom right)

Couple of landscape photos from the weekend )
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The last batch!

At the heart of the medina is the Djemma El Fna, the main square and marketplace. During the day the square doesn't look busy or impressive at all, just orange juice stalls and people trying to earn money by posing for tourist photos - water sellers in their traditional red costumes, snake charmers and men dragging about chained Barbary apes (who got a very curt response from me when they tried to get me to pose with them). I hate being pestered for money (and I never seemed to have any coins on me), so I didn't try to take photos of any of them. At night though, the place really starts to get lively. Food stalls are set up and the square gets filled up with storytellers, beggers, henna artists, dancers and musicians. Who also harass you for money if you look at them, let alone take photos.

The Djemaa El Fna and the souks )

Uh, so when I said my massive photospam was almost over, I neglected to mention that I took the camera along to the Lake District this weekend, and we actually had really nice weather (though I don't have a huge amount of photos, because some people were more interested in beer than long walks). You'll have a short breather of a few days while I attempt to master Photoshop's HDR function and try to produce photos that don't look as if I do my post-processing while taking LSD.
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Not too far out of the old city is the Majorelle garden, a pretty little place designed by a colonial-era French artist and once owned by Yves Saint Laurent. It's small but very peaceful away from the noise of the rest of the city and is filled with yellow and cobalt blue pots, and a blue art deco villa. Also enjoyable if you've got a cactus fetish.

Lots of planty things )
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Here's the first lot of photos - I'm going to be that boring relative at family reunions who insists on sharing their thousands of holiday snaps, I'm afraid.

I'm a little disappointed by the photos I took - or rather, didn't take. The most interesting subjects weren't the buildings but the people there, but because I don't have the balls nor the charm required for street photography (and I took just my Giant Vacuum Cleaner lens, which is has neither the long focal length or the size to be stealthy) I didn't take any portraits. And judging from the response of the locals to other tourists sticking their cameras at them, I'm glad I didn't try to.

The medina - the fortified old city )
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Another of my closest friends has gotten engaged to her ridiculously posh and wealthy boyfriend (I'm a bit annoyed that I found out through fucking facebook. I hate that website). I think I've started a trend. It's funny, I always imagined getting married in my mid-thirties after going through several partners, and thought the same would happen to my friends. Instead we're all settling down by our mid-twenties with the first guy we've entered into a serious relationship with.

I'll refuse to join in if they start getting broody though.


Yesterday I met up with [ profile] clara_swift and [ profile] inyadreems for a walk in Hardcastle Crags. I left the landscapes to them and took just my macro lens, which meant I ended up doing a lot of rolling around in wet grass and mud. You should have seen the state of my jeans afterwards.

More under here (and in colour!) )
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Yesterday's weather was absolutely lovely, so we made the most of it and visited Chester Zoo. It wasn't quite as impressive as the one in Singapore, and there weren't any areas where you could walk through the enclosures, though from the behaviour of some of the children there I can see why they don't trust us with their animals (also, I probably would have stolen the baby mandrill. SO CUTE). Still, it was a pretty good zoo and the animals looked fairly content.

No child-molesting baboons this time, though I did spot a young chimpanzee that was sticking his finger up the backside of his adult relatives. I love simians.

Things with wings )
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...but it's more green foresty stuff than gold hotpants, I'm afraid.

Hardcastle Crags, West Yorkshire )
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But first, a very happy birthday to [ profile] the_little_owl! I was hoping to get a nice owl photo at the zoo to turn into a card, but they were all out of owls. So you'll have to make do with a naked Roman-themed one from one of my older photos of Herculaneum.

Onto the rest of the photos )

Zoo photos

Aug. 8th, 2010 07:12 pm
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Back home, finally! My bed, my very own lumpy uncomfortable bed, I've missed you. And the hot shower - I've been having freezing cold showers for the last week, and I don't care how hot and humid Singapore is, I NEED my daily scalding shower.

Now, time to relax and recover spend next three weeks frantically finishing up the literature review and writing a million thank you cards and going through all the hassle and expense of getting my name changed. Eh, that can all wait until tomorrow, today is for sorting out all my Singapore zoo photos.

First up, monkeys.

More monkeys and apes )
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Well, feeling much better and back to sleeping normally (now that the holiday is mostly over, har). I'm doing what Singapore is best for: eating masses of food, lazing around waiting for the next mealtime, then eating masses of food. I am going to have such painful cravings for hawker stall food when I go back.

The final wedding party is over and done with, hurrah. This one was probably the least fun of them all - the most entertaining part was watching my very drunken brother (currently a rancher on a cattle farm in Australia, soon to be a trolley dolly for British Airways - interesting career path) try to hit on my cousin's underage friend. That was certainly better than when he started telling me about his other sexual conquests in graphic detail. What is wrong with my family?

So, onto the obligatory photo part of this post. )
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Okay, 10 days of jet lag is getting ridiculous. I'm not even still stuck on UK time, I'm just unable to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time. And then I picked up a wretched cold which hasn't helped - between that and the sleep deprivation (and the puking up purple liquid - not quite sure what caused that) I've felt completely out of it ever since I left the UK. I've been living off painkillers, decongestants and strepsils, and tonight I'm adding sleeping tablets to the mix, plus antihistamines when I get back to Singapore. Ah, I love drugs. :D

I need a holiday after this holiday. Do I sound like a whiny little bitch if I say I'm not really enjoying this trip very much? And why are the wife and I not on holiday somewhere pleasant by ourselves like every other normal newlywed couple? Ah well, back to Singapore tomorrow. I can eat myself better, at least.

We did get to spend a couple of days in the city center, but the combination of rain and feeling crappy meant I only ended up with a handful of unoriginal photos. I'm still inflicting them on you though. )
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...where I am bored out of my mind. I hate doing nothing on holiday, and my camera is sulking because I've only taken it out once this week. But we've spent enough time with family now to be able to escape - tomorrow we'll take a train down to the city and spend it wandering around, taking photos and trying not to keel over and fall asleep in the street.

Ah yes, sleep. Bloody jet lag, a week should be long enough for it to go away and leave me alone. Mind you, the wife and I didn't exactly help by taking a nap this afternoon, sleeping through the alarm and waking up four hours later. Tonight should be fun.

Oh, and I've discovered I'm allergic to something at the house we stayed in in Singapore, and the symptoms are still hanging around after a few days in Australia. Which is odd, because I've made it to 25 without ever being allergic to anything.

Anyway, here's a couple of photos from our wander around Singapore's city center. I could do without the heat there (winter in Australia is lovely however, but I do wish I had packed at least one jumper) but the food makes it worthwhile. I introduced the wife to roti prata and he now fully understands why I've been bitching about not being able to get it in the UK for the past 6 years.

(not pictured: her older German partner who was wearing the most amazing pair of lime green trousers. Wish I'd got a photo of him, he was quite impressive)

3 more )

P.S. A very happy belated birthday to [ profile] sue_chose_this! Hope your day was lovely.


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