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1. Post to LJ more!

2. Write and finish the thesis. Yes, this is the end! My funding runs out around September, so I'd like to submit around then and have the viva before the end of the year. I am approaching this with a mixture of terror about all that writing/the viva and eagerness to have it finished, finally, and then deal with what to do afterwards (I don't know, but it's not going to be fucking academia anymore).

3. Get a bit of fanart done. I'm not expecting to have much time to do a lot because of 2., but I'd like to keep drawing regularly, even if it's just simple things.

On the whole, 2014 wasn't too shabby, and certainly better than the year before it (number of times I cried in the lab toilets = 0! I am successful adult!). Some of the highlights were: having [ profile] bauble come visit and getting to know her while trying not to drive into a loch, and then going to NYC to see her and eating lots of delicious pie, driving up California and Oregon while the rain failed to ruin the scenery, and seeing Cillian Murphy run around on stage clad in nothing but wet white Y-fronts. When I'm on my deathbed I'm going to think of that last one and die with a huge smile on my face.

I saw that Fic Year in Review going around and thought I'd tweak it for fanart, so under the cut, questionsssss:

Fanart year in review )
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My second [ profile] i_reversebang art prompt, which was claimed by the very excellent [ profile] bauble, who took on my rough sketch with no hint of any background ideas, and even less in the way of any story ideas, save that at some point Eames should get bent over that lovely motorcycle and fingered, preferably with Arthur leaving his gloves on. What a good thing she and I have similar interests. So, the fic!

Fic Title: Command and Control
Author: [ profile] bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5000
Warnings: Graphic sex, role playing, dominance and submission, dirty talk, violence
Summary: It turns out that Eames finds the combination of Arthur and a life-threatening situation rather arousing.

Motorcycle, leather gloves, and stolen Catholic relic )
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For this year's first [ profile] i_reversebang prompt, I dug up an old idea for a pirate AU where Arthur is rather excited about plundering the high seas and Eames is the unfortunate overgrown cabin boy. The original plan was to spend lots of time diligently researching pirate clothing and ship rigging and making everything as accurate as possible, but I just ended up replaying The Secret of Monkey Island instead. Good enough.

You fight like a dairy farmer )

And the story that goes along with it!

Title: A Sea Chantey of Sorts
Author: [ profile] truthismusic
Summary: Eames is marooned by the Captain of the ship he's been a part of, after breaking one of the rules of the pirate code. When he's looking for a way to make it back to civilization he's found by another crew. Now he has to deal with a new captain, a new ship, crew, and a new set of rules because that's just his luck.
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So much beautiful bad art and fic, or at least I think there might be, I'm too fixated on that perfect fanart of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fucking Thor in the ass to look at anything else.

Mine is supposed to be anonymous but I'm sure you'll all guess which one I did immediately because it's clearly the best (hey, I can't help being the most talented artist in fandom), but if you really need another clue, that those hot dogs are made out of rude people.

Now, to go leave wanky comments about being triggered by the wrong character topping in fandoms I don't know anything about!
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Art dump time! Here are a handful of little things from the last month or two that I've drawn for various people's birthdays (and if I've missed yours, I am most sorry! Doing these regularly now has been very enjoyable but also made me paranoid about accidentally offending someone, so you should tell me and I can make it up to you next year). Under the cut: Star Wars, Nolanverse Batman and Inception fanart (NSFW).

Star Wars, TDKR, Inception )
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I'm probably overdue a lovely boring update about my RL adventures that I know you're all riveted by, but until then: more art! I had the idea of Arthur as a paramedic suggested to me by [ profile] anne_jumps and it was a most pleasing idea. Turned out into quite a pleasing thing to draw too - I had a lot of fun painting this and coming up with the lighting, but the most fun was had when checking out hot paramedics for, uh... uniform research, that was it.

EMT Arthur )

And because my superpower is using art to trick people into writing things, [ profile] anne_jumps wrote a lovely story whose title has kept me amused all day to go with the art! \o/
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I've been having great fun with that palette meme going around Tumblr where you get people to pick a character and a palette number and then have to make some kind of sense out of them. I consider myself quite unadventurous when it comes to colour schemes so being forced to use combinations that I'd usually never consider was quite an adventure, and I rather like the results, even the ones with excessive amounts of retina-searing vivid colours. Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts, I've really enjoyed coming up with these!

Eagle, Frontier Wolf, Rome and Inception art )
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] osprey_archer! I hope you have a lovely day and that there is lots of delicious cake. I have no cake for you as it doesn't go through the internet very well, but instead here is a little drawing for you of the gorgeous Giulia Farnese:

I also have a few more birthday sketches (Inception, Star Wars and The Eagle) that I put up on Tumblr recently, so here they are for everyone smart enough to stay away from that dreadful place:
Beards, swishy gold capes and horsies )

Also! I am working my way through that palette meme that's been doing the rounds and enjoying it a lot, so if anyone wants to request something for it, go right ahead and do that in the comments! :) It's quite simple, the picture explains it all, although it may be a while before I work my way through all of them. So far the characters and palettes requested have been Arthur, Eames, Ariadne, Fischer, Saito, Hilarion and Marcus, and #1, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 14, so anything aside from those is fair game. Especially if it's a non-Inception/Sutcliff character! Make me draw Dark Knight Trilogy stuff, yes, or anything else, really.
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Several months ago I drew a couple of little sketches of university student Eames and his hot lecturer from the roleplay that occurs in [ profile] bauble's upcoming Sex Bucket chapter, and I rather fancied redoing Arthur properly with colour and his grey hair and also the eyes at a slightly more realistic proportion to the rest of him.

So here he is, and even better than this is a lovely new chapter that's just gone up! Screw working on my numerous WIPs or proofreading my end-of-year report, I'm spending my evening reading about kinky sex, feelings, and hopefully Eames finding lots of new and creative ways to be an asshole.

There's got to be a morning after Master Post (WIP) by [ profile] bauble

Dr Arthur (and a bonus sketch of an OC) )


Jun. 18th, 2014 10:38 pm
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Come and join [ profile] i_reversebang.
A challenge where artists create and submit art. Writers claim a piece and write a story based on it.

* * * * * *

Explanation and Rules
Sign Up: Artist | Author | Beta

If there's anything more enjoyable than rummaging through my box of Ridiculous Ideas, it's doing that then watching some poor author try to turn it into a story. :D
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Here are the things I made for this year's Sutcliff Swap - I was super productive this time and managed two extra treats alongside my main assignment. And there are so many great stories! I am trying to pace myself and only read one or two a day, and this year I'm going to remember to leave comments for all of them instead of being a lazy selfish little shit.

I received an amazing story from [ profile] riventhorn all about one of my favourite minor characters who might get only a couple of pages in the story but is such an intriguing and awesome character, and I've wanted to read more about her ever since I read the book. And my gift fic is so brilliant! Aunt Honoria is such a sharp, shrewd character in this story, blunt and direct, but still with a lot of kindness and fondness for her friends. And there's even a little cameo by tiny!Flavius, which is an adorable scene.

A Siren Call by [ profile] riventhorn (The Silver Branch, Gen, rated G)

My gift art for [ profile] opalmatrix was a handful of illustrations from the final chapter of Dawn Wind. When I found out which fandoms I could draw for, I knew without a doubt this scene where Owain finds Regina after 11 years apart was the one I wanted to illustrate. It's such a quiet, understated moment - they don't rush into each others arms or anything - but it's so full of feeling and emotion.

I had a hard time with this and had to scrap the first few attempts, but eventually I hit upon on the idea of using a pencil-like brush and liked the effect (ALL the details in the backgrounds were done with that brush, not blocked in with a larger one), but ow, that really hurt my hand for days afterwards. I also tried to capture the emotion of the scene and not fuss too much about getting all the background details correct, mostly because I'm lazy, but things like the lion fountain and the three steps are all from the book. Also, Regina's dress - only right at the end of drawing did I discover that russet does not mean red. Oops.

The Garden of Kyndylan's Palace (also on AO3)

I am still here for you to find me )

For treats, I drew two quick sketches, one of Aunt Honoria from The Silver Branch for [ profile] bunn, and one of Cunorix from Frontier Wolf for [ profile] isiscolo. They were a great deal of fun, and seeing as I'll probably have to sit next year's Swap out due to it being the Year of the Thesis, I might do a few more like these as treats instead.

Aunt Honoria and Cunorix )
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Oh Star Wars, you are the fandom I can never leave, even if I am decidedly unexcited about the upcoming films.

This is a for the lovely [ profile] sneaqui, who wanted a wallpaper of Chewbacca (this is it cropped down a bit, because so much empty space scares me, and also makes it shrink when I post to Tumblr) and was very nice and patient while I took about 6 months to get it finished, but it was a really fun experiment in trying to keep things a bit looser than my usual neat, overworked style. A thing I learnt while drawing this: there are lots of really bizarre photos when searching for Chewbacca references, my favourites of which are seductive Chewie, Wookie nail art, and the most adorable baby Chewbacca. Aww.

Laugh it up, fuzzball )
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Aside from the PhD, that is. I'm still horribly busy with it, but here's some of the other things I've been doing when I'm allowed to briefly escape from the lab (rather boring things, but it still helps keep LJ alive, yeah?)

Drawing: Sekrit Sutcliff Swap assignment, which after two weeks of weeping, gnashing of teeth, wailing about how I am the worst artist ever who should never draw again and seriously contemplating defaulting, it's finally getting to the stage where I think it's going to turn out fairly nice. Even if there are no doggies or horsies or dinosaurs in it, which I think is a terrible shame.

Playing: Beyond: Two Souls. Hm, I'm not sure this is much of an improvement on Heavy Rain, which might not have been perfect but really impressed me the first time I played it. The graphics and the acting (ELLEN PAGE ♥) certainly is, but it feels much more like an interactive movie but with even less opportunity to direct how the story unfolds than Heavy Rain. And jesus, the heavy-handed LOOK HOW SAD AND HEARTRENDING THIS ALL IS that you're constantly being beaten over the head with! A few tragic moments in the story would have had a much bigger emotional impact, but when the misery never, ever eases up it sort of feels like you're reading horrible whump fic where the author puts their designated woobie through every torture they can imagine, except there's not much chance of getting a smutty healing cock scene at the end.

Watching: The X-Files, from the very beginning. My feelings so far can be summed up as: SCULLY :D :D :D ♥ !!!! In those first few episodes she's just so awesome and competent and confident that she makes me completely forget Gillian Anderson was only 24 at the time, and I even adore her slightly frumpy suits. Okay, so I knew how brilliant she was already - Scully was after all the reason I became interested in science as a teenager, and I suspect I wouldn't be here doing a PhD in biology without her influence - but I'd forgotten just exactly how much of an incredible female character she was. Mulder, on the other hand... oh, I do love him and he does have fantastic hair, but good god he's a shitty partner who doesn't tell her important stuff, ditches her constantly, and comes up with these ridiculous theories based on pretty much nothing and it's so infuriating when he's proven right each time. I don't know why Scully doesn't just shoot him already-- oh, wait, she does.

Reading: The Terror, by Dan Simmons. I felt like another Arctic expedition that goes horribly wrong after reading Dark Matter (which I loved and highly recommend) and this is... well, not terrible, but has some pretty major flaws, the main one being STOP SHOWING OFF HOW MUCH BLOODY RESEARCH YOU DID, MAN. Seriously, I felt like I knew enough to launch my very own Arctic exploration by chapter 3, and by my current placement of page 750 out of 900, I'm pretty confident I could have done that, turned around and come home in the time it's taken me to slog this far through. Brevity, Dan Simmons, try it some time! Mind you, while the monster that's picking off men isn't anywhere near as scary as I think it's supposed to be, the horrible way everyone dies from other causes really is, and it's not even like there's much hope for any character, given this is based on the doomed 1845 Franklin expedition. Now I'm going to go make myself a gin and tonic with about 5 limes in it, just to make absolutely certain I'm not in any danger of coming down with scurvy.
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In meeting strange creepy people off the internet news, I had [ profile] bauble come visit me last month and she was every bit as delightful and easy to get along with as I'd hoped, and now I miss her terribly. I took a few days off work to drive her all around Scotland (islands aside, very nearly literally - I'm not sure there's much left here for me to see now), only coming close to killing us both with my wobbly driving once or twice, doing all the touristy Scottishy things while she pronounced everything to be "adorable!" which was very charming, at least until she accused me of being adorable too because I'm aiming for scary and intimidating, dammit. Stupid dimples of mine. Alas, she managed to escape my nefarious plot to imprison her in my attic and force her to write perverted filth for my entertainment, but now I know where she lives and can track her down later this year and make her drag me around all the NYC shows that have copious amounts of male nudity.

And talking of male (semi-)nudity, on Saturday I'm going to Edinburgh to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (yes, again, shut up, it was that good) with [ profile] goblin_dae! I am very very excited because it was one of the most amazing things I've seen when it was on in Glasgow a few months ago, and also because this time I've got seats on the side that has the guy who gets completely naked when pretending to be a statue, yes, yes I am shallow and an embarrassment to everyone.

In PhDing news, it is continuing to be not so disastrous! \o/ I can sort of see little green sprouts of data starting to pop up and bring life to the vast wasteland that is my handful of results chapters, and so the panic over not having enough to churn out a thesis is starting to fade. In its place, however, is panic over somehow managing to juggle the vast amount of things that need to be done in this final year - holidays and free weekends/evenings are going to become scarce - but it's a panic that feels manageable so far, I think. And I like being kept busy, for now. I don't mind having to work until I'm exhausted and only have time to go home, eat dinner, shower, fall into bed and start it all again the next morning, because at least it's work that is producing something rather than the stuff where you work for weeks and months and nothing comes out of it at all. And some of it is even exciting positive stuff that can go towards a publication, hopefully! I showed my supervisor some of my lovely data this week and for the first time in a long while he seemed really pleased by my work, and dear lord it was embarrassing how internally I was all YES I HAVE BEEN A GOOD DOG, RUB MY TUMMY. :D :D :D I am so shamelessly needy.

Anyway, it's another eight days left of another epic, exhausting mouse experiment, and therefore eight days until I can stop thinking about poo so much that when I go for a bowel movement of my own I'm unable to stop picturing a giant labcoat-wearing mouse looming over me as I sit there with my trousers around my ankles, a look of mild irritation on its mousey face brought about by my inability to defecate promptly. Sometimes I wish my imagination wasn't quite so visual.

In fandom news... well, I have none, really. I'm still very much married to Inception and Sutcliff and Eagle (I rewatched Eagle a few days ago and have been re-smitten with feelings for it, and the wife summed it up very nicely with his comment of "Jesus, this film is more gay than those gay internet stories where they have buttsex"), which I suppose is a good thing given I don't really have time to be taken over by a new fandom. Though I have tried! I even reluctantly went to go see the new Captain America after the fuss about it on my LJ/tumblr feed, and... I was so bored. The only things keeping me awake were Anthony Mackie's very pretty eyes and Frank Grillo being extremely hot and bad, but I couldn't see the appeal of everything else. I don't suppose fandom is ignoring all the Bucky/Steve in favour of writing Sam and Rumlow's fight scene ending up with them making out, and then punching each other a little more, is it?

And in arting news... well, see the PhDing news for why my output this year has been so dismal. I am drawing! I'm just drawing super complicated challenging things and drawing them very, very slowly, and I think I'm maybe far more interested in improving and pushing myself as an artist this year instead of being active in fandom and churning out things that will make me popular. Right now I'm trying to focus on Sutcliff Swap and up until yesterday I thought it was a terrible idea for me to sign up, what with my current glacial rate of putting down 3 pixels a day, but I've had an Idea and managed to get it down in rough sketch form, so fingers crossed it all works out by the deadline! When that's done I've got a commission to finish, and then two stupidly complex and detailed Inception pieces to finish off. Here, have proof that I'm not lying about still working on things with this small section of the mess of scribbling that one day will be Dinoception:

Whoops, this got long and rambly. Sorry.
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Dear Sutcliff Swap creator,

Thank you so much for creating something for me!

Things I particularly like: Friendships, character studies, backstories, relationships (both romantic and platonic) that start get off to a rocky start, historical and cultural details, difficult choices and decisions, older characters reflecting on the paths/mistakes/happy times of their lives, betrayal and its consequences, canon-divergent AUs. I like sad, bittersweet or ambiguous endings every bit as much as I like happy ones, and I'm fine with character death if you think your story calls for it (though I'd prefer the death not to be the whole point of the plot). However, I also really like being surprised by ideas and themes that I'd never have thought of, so please don't feel you have to include any of the above if you've got another idea that you're excited about!

Things I'm not so keen on: Non-con, explicitly detailed sex, underage sex (<16's), graphic torture (I am okay with violence if it's in something like a fight, but torture or even the build-up to it is something I'm very squeamish about). I'm not a huge fan of possessiveness in relationships that are meant to be healthy ones, so characters telling their partner things like "you're mine" is a bit of a turn-off (characters telling their partner "I'm yours" though, that's different and totally encouraged!).

If you're an artist: A lot of the things I'm mentioning in this post are probably easier applied to fic than art, so I thought I'd mention a few art-specific things I love. Portraits of any of the characters or an illustration of a scene they're in would be wonderful, as would any other scenario you want to imagine. I am quite a fan of lovely detailed backgrounds so that's something you enjoy drawing too, lots of scenery would make me very happy! I also love attention to clothing, so little details like embroidery or brooches are the way to my heart, and I'd also be thrilled by the addition of animals. But really, I would be delighted with any kind of art; what I'm most interested to see is how you picture and interpret the characters.

The characters and canons I've requested are:

Aunt Honoria (The Silver Branch)
Rowena (The Lantern Bearers)

Blai (Warrior Scarlet)

I think I would love pretty much anything that explores one of these three women. (little more to come here!)
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A very, very late bit of art (very hastily coloured when I realised how close Sutcliff Swap was!) for [ profile] riventhorn's Sutcliff Companion's Comment Fest: The Shining Company's Luned and Gelert, looking windswept and wistful (well, maybe Gelert just looks like he wants a biscuit), all on their own after Prosper and Conn have left to... uhh... I actually can't remember? Someone borrowed my book a long time ago and still hasn't returned it, which also explains the very boring title as I have nothing to steal phrases from. Ah well. Doggie!

Luned and Gelert )
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(the one with the elephants and the disagreements with Romans, not the one who likes to eat people)

The most excellent [ profile] pronker alerted me to this and I figured it may also be of interest to one or two of you: Darkness Over Cannae, which looks like what will eventually be a heavily illustrated novel about Hannibal and the Battle of Cannae and oh my god, where do I send every penny I have in return for a copy? The art is incredible and has all the things I love - there are battles and elephants and Alpine crossings and angry Roman senators and damn, Hannibal looks pretty dashing. You can also find a few more sketches on her main art blog, including the most adorable earlier version of Hannibal. I do not care if the writing ends up being the worst ever (although I very much hope it won't be!), I just want all the gorgeous historical art, yes please.

In my own arting news, I have decided to ignore all the wookies, dinosaurs, fluffy domestic nudity, and wolves staring longingly at cupcakes in my WIP folder for a few minutes while I whip up a quick thing of The Shining Company's Luned and Gelert looking pensive and windswept for [ profile] riventhorn's Sutcliff Comment Fest... except whoops, this isn't looking like a quick thing at all. Well done, self! Yet again you are demonstrating why it's a really good thing that you went into science instead of trying to pay for food and the mortgage with art. Expect something for the fest in... oh, maybe about 4 months if I work hard?

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I would make a boring and terrible travel writer, so my three weeks in the USA are going to summarised in a handful of photos, with minimal droning on. And a couple of sketchbook pages, except those are entirely unrelated to anything I saw on holiday, because I refuse to pretend to be a Proper Artist.

San Francisco to Portland, Hawaii )
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This is not [ profile] bauble's birthday present. [ profile] bauble's birthday present is a tastefully explicit, yet movingly tender drawing of Eames being spitroasted by Arthur and Robert Fischer. Unfortunately, because I am finding said spitroast trickier than anticipated / have been eaten by work lately / am a bad, lazy person, it's going to have to be a late present.

Instead, here is a hastily-drawn card that will have to do for now, which is horrific in both quality and subject matter. It, um, may have been inspired by one of our IM conversations about what happens in a future chapter of that Sex Bucket fic, and... yeah, it's Arthur and Eames and fursuits. Never thought I'd find myself drawing that. At least it's not so bad if I'm not responsible for the idea in the first place?

(still traumatised by the 0.4 seconds I spent image-researching furry sex, by the way)

underneath the Cut of Shame )

Anyway, I hope it amuses you, [ profile] bauble, because I don't know who else could possibly appreciate it! I hope you have a wonderful day, hopefully one that heavily features awesome food and male nudity, you pervy old woman.


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